Bill Warner: Islam and the Golden Rule

Dr. Bill Warner appeared tonight on Michael Coren’s program to talk about what he means by “political Islam”, and why Islam is fundamentally and irreconcilably different from all other religions:

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8 thoughts on “Bill Warner: Islam and the Golden Rule

  1. This guy is so good at explaining the cult of doom. How can we get it shown at colleges and universities across the nation?

  2. Warner has fully sussed Islam and
    knows how evil it is as a system for life. The clear conclusion is that Islam cannot be allowed to just exist, it HAS to be destroyed or it will destroy the whole World.Islam
    cannot be toyed with or altered.
    Everything about screams CANCER.

  3. So succinct and clear. If only the left did not control the media, this would open millions of PC minds.
    His website has a video of the real history of European dark ages brought on by islam. A must see. Well documented.

  4. Anon @ 12:15. Bill Warner’s video “Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret” is part of Gates of Vienna’s Rosetta Stone efforts. A recent post illustrates the generous cooperation of this sites readership evident in all the volunteer translations of Dr Warner’s video. see

  5. One can so show dissent and defiance in numerous apparently trivial ways which nevertheless help to construct a bigger picture. One small way of making a stand is to stop describing Mohammedans in terms they have coined and, when it is necessary to use those terms, to stop pronouncing them in ways they have prescribed which confirm to their cultural norms and not ours. ‘Eesslaam’ is a case in point.

  6. PS: ‘So’ in the first line is redundant and ‘confirm’ should read conform. The preview function shows the post as a single line of text that runs outside the dialogue box and so is not visible. That’s no excuse though, I should have read through more carefully.

  7. Dr. Bill Warner is a great communicator. I shared the Coren interview and the “Why are We Afraid” video with my 2nd yr University daughter. She is now a proud Conservative. The Marxist environment in Canada’s Universities is shameful. If you have a kid in University, start talking to them and explaining the truth about this Religion of Peace BS. Like Mark Steyn says- The opposite of Diversity? is University. The kids are really taken by the Muslim Victim mentality. They are taught to think Politically Correct, and foolishly apply moral equivilance to all religions. Muslim’s learned well from the Homosexual’s struggle to invade every aspect of our life from schools, to marriage, in that they scream Islamaphobia whenever someone objects to anything they say or do. The Left instinctively recoils and attacks anyone who dares to take on Muslim behaviour.

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