A Message for our Dear, Dear Leader

Barack Hussein Obama, our Dear Leader

Mr. President — or, if I may be so bold, Comrade President — let me be the first to congratulate you on this joyous occasion. I delight in the reaffirmation of your leadership by the millions of citizens who have come to rely on your wisdom, courage, intelligence, and boldness. Together we can look forward with confidence to another four years together — or, if it be the will of the sovereign American people, even longer!

You could not have earned a more ringing endorsement of your place at the helm of the American ship of state. The earnest citizens of the great democratic people’s republic of America have indeed spoken!

The workers and the disabled; the children and the aged; the men, the women, and the transgendered; the many-hued peoples of this land: all have raised their hands in support of your enlightened governance. Even the beasts of the field lifted hoof or paw in recognition of the wisdom of your guidance!

Thanks to you, we are no longer divided by race or class. Together we live under your inclusive example as one color, gender, and lifestyle choice in our devotion to the common good!

Thanks to you, Americans of all occupations and all types of federal assistance stand as one, determined to forge a mighty future under your leadership. Together we will take a great leap forward along that shining path that leads to the golden dawn of a radiant future!

Thanks to you, we are no longer bound with the chains that heretofore shackled us. We once were slaves of money, but now we are free! Together we will happily give of our wealth, finding ourselves no longer in need of material goods, since we enjoy the gratifying privilege of striving with you for spiritual fulfillment!

Today we live in a new kind of America. An America without strife. An America without partisan divisions. An America whose people truly live as one.

Our country has outgrown acrimonious dissent, since all reason for disagreement has vanished with your elevation to the position of supreme leadership.

We can be confident that you will be the President not just of these fifty states, but of all the peoples of the globe who look to you for relief and sustenance. We know that you will be there to defend the downtrodden victims of injustice and oppression wherever they may be found, whether in Kashmir or Ramallah, in Tunis or in Kosovo, in Marseille or in Dearborn.

You, Barack Hussein Obama, are our rightly-guided Dear Leader.

I am confident that I speak on behalf of all Americans when I say: “Peace be upon You!”

17 thoughts on “A Message for our Dear, Dear Leader

  1. Baron, didn’t know you’ve been reading letters to Ceausescu.

    we have a word in Romania that fits in perfectly with this day:
    ‘ I’m really sorry for you, but when I think about me, it breaks my heart!’

    bye-bye USA, wellcome back Mother Russia!

  2. This is hardly injustice, more like insanity.

    What happened to the sensible, well-educated Americans that carried the country upwards in the generations before us, who were able to distinguish common sense from hot air, and who would not hesitate to throw out incompetent politicians?

    What happened to the hard-working, self-confident Americans who could be relied upon as an ally, and who would in turn rely upon themselves rather than saviour figures with no other skills than the oratoric?

    In Danish media, the 0bama victory was also hailed as an approval of the easy money & cheap credit policy of the Federal Reserve. Are Americans never going to be fed up with the money-printing follies? Or do they really believe that producing money rather than physical goods is the road to salvation?

    Worse, what is going to happen now – more Islamic infiltration of Gods Own Country, more senseless wars abroad, more inflation, more suffering?

  3. Good Morning, Comrades. A message from the new U.S.S.A.

    Some positive news, despite the presidency remaining in socialist hands, a significant portion of local and state races are being won by real conservatives.

    At local and state levels, many moderate Republicans and some Democrats have been replaced by true Conservatives.

    House of Representatives Republican members have increase somewhat and have gone more conservative as well.

    Senate Democrats have increased but mostly by replacing Moderate left-leaning Republicans, so conservatives didn’t really lose anything political here.

    The ‘fly-over’ regions and southern regions experiencing the best economic recovery are all leaning heavily conservative in local and state elections.

    So while Obama may have won a second term he has done so in a heavily divisive political environment of his own making. He’s going to have a very tough term as consequence of his own manipulations.

    The nation will suffer through this, setting up another contentious election in 2016. Maybe thinking people will have learned their lessons by then.

  4. To all of you mourners out there, I say, “Get over it.” The Republicans lost this election because they did not field a worthy candidate and they did not have a platform that was sufficiently inclusive. As Obama said in his acceptance speech, America is the most diverse nation in the world, but when you scan the crowds at Republican events they were virtually all white. The demographics for the Republican base will continue to erode unless they widen their vision. Now is not the time to mourn, but rather it is the time to reboot the Republican party for 2016. There is much work to be done.

  5. It is not over. We need a leader in the House who will say NO to Obama. NO to a raise in the debt ceiling. NO to spending like a drunken sailor. NO to everything Obama wants.

  6. If Romney struck more economic populist tone he would have won. All he had to do is bring up off-shoring and out-sourcing and pledged to reverse it. Ohio and Michigan would have been his.

    In regards to being inclusive – that’s code word for pandering to moochers, ethnic and sexual identity groups. This is also the core demographic of the Democratic party. The Demoncrats have a lock on the parasite classes.

    Blacks voted for Obama because he was black. It’s a race thing with them and they admit it.

    The Hispanics vote Democratic because the welfare party that gives them and their illegal alien friends free medical, free housing and free food for life.

    The GLBT loves Democrats because the Demoncrats turn them into a super class of citizens with special rights the normal straight doesn’t have.

    The young college educated women love Democrats because of their sex in the city life style requires them to visit the abortion clinic on a monthly basis. They also know what they have kids out of wedlock the Democrats will give them free housing, food and medical for life.

    The same applies to drug addicts, stupid people, fat people and the transgendered.

    Muzzies love Democrats because the Democrats pander to them and give them all sorts of special access to the highest levels of government and both share a hatred of Christianity and the 1st amendment.

    State workers love Democrats because they keep them rolling in fat cat city with lifetime jobs, lavish pay and early retirement packages the people in the private can only dream of.

  7. The Republicans could have won this election simply by having a candidate that had sufficient ability to deliver more than one debate win, a candidate that is smart enough not to make schoolboy gaffs, and a candidate that speaks to a wider audience than the current base about the choice to be faced.
    Romney did not lay out sufficiently clearly what that choice is. The choice is not based on an immigrate here or a tax payer less there, but the choice is between two widely different narratives for America. One where increasing wider swathes of the population become de facto dependants of the state. And with this dependency comes loss of freedom of determining ones own life and community.
    And the other America that is confident about the core values, independent of creed, of the freedom of the individual through enterprise, and that these core values are the unifying DNA that makes America unique.
    Alas, such a candidate was not fielded by the Republicans and the Obamazobies roam for at another 4 years.

  8. – Great, BB!

    “Romney did not lay out sufficiently clearly what that choice is.”

    I think Romney thought he spoke to the American’s intellect, not taking into account all the lesser gifted.

    “Not over yet”
    – The fat lady didn’t sing, did she?

  9. Golden Dawn

    “Together we will take a great leap forward along that shining path that leads to the golden dawn of a radiant future!”

    – Just sayin’

  10. Anonymous @11:30pm —

    I take it you think I was unaware of what I was saying? Of what those various components of my sentence meant?


    Fascism is fascism. You can have national socialism or international socialism.

    In either case, the jackboot enforces it.

    I call ’em as I see ’em.

  11. In response to Anonymous at 11/07/2012 12:20 PM.

    As a Hispanic who legally immigrated to the U.S. and became a naturalized citizen, I would like to partially counter the myopic view you and many other conservatives have of Hispanics. Over the past four years many Hispanics, as is the ethnic label used to define us as non-part of the majority group, have increased their determination to be part of the conservative movement, yet obstacles remain. Many non-white citizens are conservative, but their concerns for a better collective future are undermined by ethnic, racial, religious, and ancestral country of origin labels used to define us. Americans from all walks of life can be conservative in their political, social, and economic views, but if white Christian conservatives continue to lump all individuals from a particular group with the view and behavior of some in that group (as you pointed out that Hispanics are parasites getting free housing, medical care, and food for life from the welfare state) the conservative movement will not succeed in attracting more non-majority individuals. I have a few Hispanic friends and we all vote Republican because we believe that liberal ideals cannot sustain the health of the socio-cultural, religious, economic, and political environment, so we think of the future of our nation as Americans first and any other label second. Moreover, we are hard working people that live by our own means and not government handouts.
    Like all of you, I mourn for our nation’s future because the unrelenting attacks to our Constitution, laws, and individual rights will keep coming; I foresee the increasing influence of Islamic supremacists in all spheres of power worldwide and our government will continue to accommodate their demands at the expense of our rights to free speech, freedom of religion, and right to bear arms.

  12. “The ‘fly-over’ regions and southern regions experiencing the best economic recovery are all leaning heavily conservative in local and state elections.

    So while Obama may have won a second term he has done so in a heavily divisive political environment of his own making. He’s going to have a very tough term as consequence of his own manipulations.”

    I wish I could share in your optimism, but apparently Obama considers Congress and the Constitution as just another “fly-over” region. This was a naked take over of power. The American public has put Chairman Hussein on probation with the mid-term elections, but what is the people’s will for the anti-American in chief? He’s done it before and he’ll do it again.

    This is a heroine addiction rendered into a political career; “4 more years” is “one more fix” writ large.


  13. I think, mr “Hispanic Anonymous”, that the myopia is with the MSM who reduces the conservatives to “angry White Men”.

    Good for you and your Republican friends who are more Americans than many who had the fortune of being born into that country but don’t understand what it is to be an American and how much it is worth defending with tooth and nail from any enemy, foreign or domestic.

    In any case, I think you are taking that skewed vision from the MSM and projecting it onto us.


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