7 thoughts on “A Massive Political Lie

  1. In support of Pat’s report, I’ll say again that the muslim world will have to have its own Hiroshima moment to force it to return to normal, civilised thinking and behaviour. Until that happens, it will be more of the same.

  2. Oh please Pat, do you really believe that by defeating Hamas the ‘Palestinian people’ will be liberated for jihad-focused islam? When all the children have been brainwashed and islam will remain an essential part of the ‘Palestinian’ culture? I’m not so hopeful…

  3. @Anonymous #1,

    Sad to say, I predict that it will take more than one Hiroshima moment, along with a Tsar Bomba moment or two as well.

  4. I see Utube has removed the Video.

    Shame on the political correctness

    It seems thar we are not allowed to comment on the state of political and religious tyranny that reigns in Gaza, or the plight of Gazans who are publically executed and then mutilated.

    These are the people that the left wishes to promote, the of the left would, of course, would have the whole world succumb to this type of tyranny, is it not exactly what the left has historically achieved in the name of ‘equality and social justice’?

    Only one problem, I suspect that Islam will turn on the left as soon as it is expedient to so do. They can do without useful idiot infidels.

  5. “Article 13 There is no negotiated settlement possible. Jihad is the only answer.”

    lmfto – humorous, informative and cutting as usual Pat

    Peace, as if that wasn’t too much to ask


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