The Partitioning of the Western World

No-go zones: Youths on fire

Our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy sends his translation of an analysis of the future of ethnic separatist movements in Western countries that originally appeared in German at Politically Incorrect. The translator includes this note:

Below is an essay by W. Schmidt entitled “The Partitioning of the Western World”, originally posted on 6 September 2012 at Politically Incorrect.

The essay contemplates the Balkanisation of the West, an overview of future immigrant nation building in West Europe, North America and Australia. Based on the current levels of policy-driven ethnic fragmentation in the West and the settlement of immigrants into large swaths of territory, a corresponding territorial fragmentation is emerging in countries which were once demographically homogeneous. The new immigrant majorities, eventually nested as national entities within their Western hosts, will develop foreign policies oriented toward their countries of origin, and these in turn will reciprocate with economic and military aid. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement to thousands of approving Turkish immigrants in Düsseldorf on February 2011 may anticipate a development such as Schmidt sketches:

“Yes, integrate yourselves into German society but don’t assimilate yourselves. No one has the right to deprive us of our culture and our identity” (Spiegel Online).

Paul Weston, leader of the British Freedom Party, recently gave his own examples of monocultural partitioning in his essay entitled “Multicultural Defenders of Monocultural Islam” (18 September 2012) posted at Gates of Vienna:

So vehement is the animosity shown by monocultural Islam toward all other cultures and religions that entire geographical regions have been physically broken up. In 1947 the partition of India was a direct result of Islamic monoculturalism, as was the partition only recently of Sudan, albeit after the deaths of close to half a million non-Muslim Africans.

Fjordman has also introduced several scenarios for “post-religious and post-nationalist Europe” with the expression “the Multicultural World War”:

Multiculturalism and uncontrolled mass-immigration destroy the internal cohesion of the decadent West, which will slowly fall apart as it has lost the will to defend itself and the belief in its own culture. The wars in the Balkans in the 1990s will in hindsight be seen as a prelude to the Multicultural World War. Rather than a Westernization of the Balkans, we get a Balkanization of the West (“The Fall of France and the Multicultural World War”).

At least two other essays of this genre of trend analysis, but with a different focus, have appeared on Gates of Vienna: “Northern Europe: The Battleground of the Future” and El Inglés’ five-part series comparing and contrasting the Troubles in Northern Ireland with the anticipated Muslim Troubles in Britain. The full five part series is available in a single PDF format on Vlad Tepes.

The translated article:

The Partitioning of the Western World

By W. Schmidt

No-go zones: Whites out of RavensthorpeThe continuation of the current, radical immigration policy will lead inevitably to an ethno-national structural transformation of the Western world. Other ethnic groups or nations will demand regional majorities and these majorities will carry with them national-political claims. The end result of their demands will be their own states, oriented to the interests of their national motherlands. The frequently-cited political high treason of the political class does not arise from the ethno-national sprawl on its own account, but ultimately from what goes with it; namely, the political class’s shattering of their own territories and their support for a politico-colonial sphere of influence on behalf of foreign states.

Western Europe

In Western Europe today five areas can be discerned which in the foreseeable future will develop into regions wherein the local European indigenous population will be pushed well into a minority position as a consequence of state “immigration policy”:

  • In the part of southern France that is on the Mediterranean, as well as the industrial region in the northeast (Marne, Moselle, Lorraine), both of which areas have a rapidly growing Arabic population;
  • In Great Britain the industrial region of the Midlands (Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham) with their Arab-Pakistani-Bengali population;
  • In the Netherlands, the whole of the south around Rotterdam, a long-since Arabised region, which stretches into Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels);
  • In Germany the Ruhr area and portions of the central Rhineland extending to Mannheim and Ludwigshafen with its ever more strongly-stamped Turkish population, which is solidly loyal to Turkey.

Arabic demands for autonomy in France were already becoming audible in the course of the first great ethnic riots of 2005; in a few years it will hardly be possible not to hear them. If the French government is to maintain domestic “peace” in the country, they will one day have to give in to these demands; and beyond the usual intermediate stage of autonomy, set in motion the process of state-building. Even today in the south of France one can easily see Marseille as a future, independent ethno-political state, similar in situation to that of Danzig in the interwar period. Along the German border in the French northeast a strongly Islamic-Arab dominated state will emerge which, step by step, will whittle down its French ethnic minority. The development in the Arab areas of Flanders and Holland will unfold according to a comparable pattern: whether accompanied by open violence or only by open threats of violence will scarcely represent more than a tactical question of detail. These Arabic state entities in today’s France and Flanders-Holland will strongly follow the foreign policies of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States will provide extensive financial and military developmental assistance. A foreign policy wedge will have emerged in the middle of Europe.

The future trajectory of the trend in England will depend on the future domestic situation in Pakistan and Bangladesh. If both countries remain geopolitically somewhat without influence, the Mohammedan South Asians established in England will also be deprived in future of the foreign policy support of their own mother countries. An independent Islamic state in the Midlands would therefore be quite achievable in view of the growing Islamic population there and the unmistakably aggressive collision course of the Islamic political leadership with the British government, but without an effective threat potential from South Asia it would be a construction highly dependent on England. The situation would appear different if the Taliban were to assert themselves in Pakistan. Pakistan, as a radical-Islamic nuclear power, would directly take on the role of an atomic protecting power over any Islamic state in Great Britain, a prospect which does not augur well for the remnants of England.

In Germany an independent guest-worker state [Gastarbeiterstaat] will arise under permanent Turkish protection. Cities such as Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen and Cologne will be strongly Turkified within the next generation, especially after the introduction of visa-free travel which is just on the horizon. The demand for political independence of recognisably Turkish-dominated regions in North Rhine-Westphalia is already being lauded today in Turkish Internet forums and in the years to come will penetrate to highest political levels. There exists not the slightest doubt that the Federal government will accede to these demands, not least since even the Federal government in the coming years will be very much more strongly Turkified than heretofore. As a result our descendants will have to live with a Turkish colonial state controlled by Ankara on former German territory; there remains only the question of precisely where its borders will run and how far to the south such a state will stretch (the catchword is Mannheim / Ludwigshafen). Supported financially and militarily by Turkey, this entity will very quickly develop a national momentum. Whether this state in the long term will have peaceful or hostile intentions in relation to the rest of Germany; how it will collaborate with the emerging Arabic state entities in France / Belgium / Holland; and whether an attempt will be made, for example, with or without violence to close land bridges which stand in the way of the formation of a great cohesive Turko-Arabic region in Central Europe — all remains to be seen.

North America

After decades of eager toleration of illegal mass immigration from Middle America the USA has since turned into a de facto divided land. The Spanish-English linguistic border, which will become solidified in the coming years, extends from Miami to Los Angeles. Today, Mexican nationalists among the immigrants are already making territorial claims to parts of the American south which were formerly Mexican, including oil rich Texas — a development which is being observed with great favour in Mexico. In the long term both of these political trends — increasing Hispanic [hispanischer] nationalism and eager support by Mexico — will intensify, since, owing to domestic political power distribution in the USA, a determined containment of the Hispanic immigration is not to be expected in the near future.

The growing Mexican and pan-Hispanic nationalism in the USA will also find its way into a political mass movement which, with its separatist demands, will place the government in Washington under pressure. This movement will certainly find support in the USA through the Democratic Party and from an entire army of artists, activists and media representatives; to wit, it is not only conceivable, but it possesses a certain likelihood of success. The USA will incrementally lose her southern region: in stages she will broaden her political and institutional concessions to Hispanic nationalism, continually widen the ethnic gulf and thus cement the de facto partitioning of the country by degrees. Whether and by what means it will come to a formal separation in the final phase also depends not least of all on the future condition of the U.S. Army, which is armed to the teeth. This army can certainly act very effectively against a common external enemy. But whether or not Hispanic soldiers in the American army will ever shoot at Hispanic insurgents in Texas, who demand an annexation [Anschluss] with Mexico, or even fire on Mexican tanks, which come to the insurgents’ “aid” — on that, those in the Pentagon ought not to place any bets.


The ethnic structure of Australia will shift during the coming years considerably in favour of the Asiatic population. Already today the European “white” Australians are clearly in the minority in the streetscapes of Sidney, Melbourne and Perth. Contrary to accepted opinion, however, the growing Asiatic population of Australia consists not only of the Chinese. Japanese, Koreans and Indonesians provide large, distinct segments of the population. Immigration to Australia is considerably more heterogeneous than for example the almost exclusively Arabic immigration to France or the Turkish-dominated immigration to the Rhineland. This ethnic diversity of immigration makes it more difficult than in Europe for individual foreign states (in Australia people like to refer to China) to assert national politico-colonial interests.

Another fellow player for the future of Australia is Indonesia. Even today a tense calm prevails between this Islamic country, with a population soon to top 300 million inhabitants, and neighbouring Australia (22 million inhabitants). At the same time the Australian government has been strengthening the Indonesian power position inside Australia for years through mass settlements of pro-Indonesian Mohammedans. Without doubt they will continue to do so even despite the lip service they pay to making immigration difficult. Curiously, one hope for the European Australians is China: China has its own ambitions in Australia and has no interest in an Islam-informed Australia which is domestically under the political influence of Indonesia. In the long term, the powerful Chinese lobby in Australia will therefore politically support containment of Mohammedan immigration.

In whatever way the complex interaction works out between the government-driven seeding of foreign nations in Australia and the mother countries of these foreign nations, it is certain that a highly attractive, appetite-whetting mixture is already quickening the imagination of military strategists today; namely, the inexhaustible mineral resources, the lack of atomic deterrence and the very thin population density. Western Australia in particular necessarily calls for tactical military exercises given its wealth of raw materials, its largely militarily unprotected position and the complete geographical isolation of the city of Perth. A potential aggressor from the Asiatic region need in effect wait only until the Australian army has become ethnically so Asiatic that it is no longer possible for it to wage an effective defence of this giant, albeit sparsely–populated continent against an Asiatic opponent. Nowhere else in the world has such a great incentive for an offensive war been created through state immigration policy than in Australia.

8 thoughts on “The Partitioning of the Western World

  1. Or as I like to call them, scores of Gazas and West Banks all across Europe.

    The 68er generations grand children wont be thanking them for creating this situation foolishly…nor the gigantic debt burden.

    The long view of history will condemn the European Left and the narcisist Baby Boomers.

    I predict that after things settle down, that the Western Left will be ostracized like Neo-Nazis have been since WW2. They will be clearly seen as traitors to the well being of European Christendom, and will find little welcome amongst the European Christian population.


  2. Lumping “Middle America” immigrants with Turkish, Pakistani, and other Muslim immigrants is uninformed. Mexican and Spanish speaking immigrants stay in their own areas for the convenience of language, buttheir culture is not hostile to Western (American) culture. They share the same religious beliefs and there is no barrior to intermarriage. The children of these first generation immigrants are spreading out and advancing economically. There is no long-term balkanization of Spanish- speaking immigrants in the U.S.

  3. Does anyobdy want to make any predictions for Canada?

    I suspect Vancouver will emerge as a new Singapore, the prairies and north consolidate as a de facto caucasian republic and the east carries on it’s current path.

  4. IMO the US in 2030 will look like Belgium today. It will still be one country, but it will be a divided country, just like Belgium or Canada are. It is simply impossible to have stable bilingual country. Strong separatism is always present in such countries. I would also expect increased turkish interference in the Balkans, since these countries are going to be swamped by their own muslim/gypsy minorities, or in the case of Greece, by migrants. The situation in Spain will be very interesting as well, since at a certain point the Arab/Muslim world will openly express its desire for reconquest of Spain, yet the arab/muslim minority there is not that big (compared to France), so war is possible.

  5. The general picture painted by the article is correct but it certainly won’t be a case of living with or under Islam , it doesn’t work like that in Moslem countries. The non-Moslems always go to nothing, in other words EXTINCTION. Look at Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia or any of the ‘Arab Spring’ countries.The 8 million Copts in Egypt are hanging on by their fingertips as dhimmis in their own country.
    Mexican Americans or Chicanos are a different case as pointed out by another poster, they are totally assimilable in one generation. The only point about them is that quite a lot of them are converting
    to Islam [ male privilege ] and this will eventually play a roll
    in the painful destruction of the US as we know it.

  6. Balkanization is a reality in the U.S. The Blacks have their neighborhoods, the same with Armenians, Hispanics and Muslims, etc. If you’re White you don’t enter the Black or Mexican neighborhoods, they are crime and gang infested.

    These are also the people responsible for most of the crime in the U.S. Go read the FBI crime stats.

    In regards to our Hispanic population. They’ve ceased integrating, they don’t see themselves as Americans but Mexicans thanks to our open borders and corrupt political parties. They no longer have to speak English but can speak can their native language all their lives.They have their race warriors from Mecha, Atlzan, La Raza to promote their ethnic identity. They practice ethnic cleansing against Blacks who live in their neighborhoods and really don’t like Whites that much. Their culture does not value education in the slightest hence the horrific drop out rates in high school. Our welfare system encourages them to have children by gross whereas Whites because they work can’t afford children.

    The whole system in the U.S. is skewed against people who work for a living. All they end up doing is support a mass of parasites from foreign countries.

    The sooner the welfare state collapses the better. And no it can’t be fixed politically. The people on the dole have achieved parity with those who work.

  7. Glad to see that the student rioters of 1968 and the baby boomers are now finally being held responsible for Marxist multiculturalism. They are also costing the NHS in Britain a fortune now they are pensioners because of their selfish self-indulgent lifestyles.

    The baby boomers were spoilt to death by their parents who had had to suffer the deprivations of the 1920s and 1930s
    Depression and the Second World War. As a consequence, rather than absorbing the wisdom of their parents and grandparents, they thought they were better and knew better than them. Their over-indulgence resulted in a case of arrested development, coupled with their easy lifestyle, which resulted in their failure to mature so they remain trapped in their teens and desperate never to mature or grow old. The result is that we have a world fashioned by the childish and grossly immature.

    Surprisingly, although most of us thought that this trend would just be duplicated and exacerbated in succeeding generations there seem to some amongst today’s young who, realising that they are going to have to live with the consequences of their grandparents’ immaturity and realising that human nature cannot be altered and has to be taken account of are now heading off in the opposite direction. So there is hope.

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