The Battle of Vienna

For more than five years I’ve been waiting for a movie about the Second Siege of Vienna. After several false alarms, one has finally been made — in Polish.

If I were scripting the English version, the opening voice-over would go something like this:

The year is 1683.

The place is Vienna. It’s the capital of the Austrian Empire.

All summer the city has been besieged by the army of the Ottoman Sultan under the command of Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa.

The city is exhausted and hungry. The Turks have all but destroyed the Löbel Bastion, the most vulnerable point on the ramparts. If they succeed in breaking through the city’s defenses, the whole of Central Europe will lie open to the predations of the Ottoman army. Fire, slaughter, rape, pillage, and forced conversion to Islam will become the everyday experience of ordinary European Christians.

Then, at the last moment, a great hero arrives, passing through the Wienerwald and descending from the heights of the Kahlenberg to take the Turks by surprise and break the siege.

The date is September 11, 1683.

The hero’s name is Jan III Sobieski, the King of Poland…

Many thanks to Green Infidel for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Translation of the text :

A city which cries for help

An army which does not know mercy

A king who will save Europe

A Polish victory, which will change the fortunes of the world

The Battle of Vienna

At cinemas from October 12

An English-language version is listed in IMDb. It will have the title September 11 1683, but there doesn’t seem to be a trailer yet, nor have any screenings been announced.

So if you happen to understand Polish and are in Warsaw next week, check it out. Most of us already know the plot, and for those who don’t: it has a happy ending.

15 thoughts on “The Battle of Vienna

  1. @ Juniper in the Desert.

    Ya, even islam have a sense of drama!

    But the real issue is that they NEVER forget and neither should We.

    muslims of today think they have something to offer the world but as most westerners know they dont and it is up to us to convince them one way or an other.

  2. Will this be downloaded online! DVD format? How will one obtain this movie? Hi Dymph! Hope you are doing well. Regards, Frankie the Crip

  3. ChristianInfidel says:

    Now THIS is a film I want to see. I can hardly wait for its release in the U.S. Thanks for telling us about it!

  4. Thanks to Baron and Vlad for the link-back to my blog! Am in Poland and due to see the film… Will tell more about it after I’ve seen it later this month.

  5. Interestingly, King Jan Sobieski after the Battle of Vienna was well-respected by the Ottomans, and known as the “Lion of Lechistan” (Lechistan being Turkish for Poland). And such was the respect of the Ottomans that when Poland was partitioned in the 1700s between Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary, the only country to recognise an independent Poland was the Ottoman Empire!

    I know of only one other European/Western leader commanding such respect among the Religion of Peace – King Richard III of England (Richard the Lionheart), the main adversary of Saladdin. When Richard III was ill, Saladdin sent a doctor to his camp.

    Therefore – even if one’s aim is to win respect from the Religion of Peace and coexist with it (as most leaders of today profess to do), is the way to do it by being a submissive apologetic dhimmi? Or a strong warrior against Islam, like Richard III or Jan Sobieski? The likes of Tony Blair, David Cameron, Karen Armstrong, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and all the other Westerners of today proclaiming to want “peace” and “respect” should take note 🙂

  6. Interested to read the comment from the American waiting to view this film in the US. I would bet my last farthing on the fact that they will never allow this film to be shown in Britain for being anti-islamic, pro-Christian, pro-white and racist. Never in a million years will this be shown. After all, our children are now taught that the Crusades were all about making filthy lucre at the expense of those noble muslims.

    Heard a bit of the Sunday programme on Radio 4 on the BBC today. It used to be wholly Christian but now of course it has to be multifaith to reflect our vibrant and exciting multicultural society. The piece was about Morrocan builders who had been left high and dry in Spain after the collapse of the Spanish building boom. They could not possibly return to Morocco as their children spoke Spanish and English ( Oh God they’ll be heading for the UK ) and in Morocco they would need Moroccan ( think that’s Arabic isn’t it? ) and French. A bit of a pathetic excuse.

    Never mind Allah would provide for all their needs the man said. I think Allah is the Spanish government, totally broke but unable to kick these people out. More interestingly is the fact that it displays a typical islamic attitude. You don’t do anything to help yourself, you just keep praying to Allah all day whilst sitting on your backsides – until Western Christians come to your aid of course.

  7. The Muzzie people will thrive in the West as long as the welfare state exists.

    Pray that the welfare state ends and soon if you want to save the West.

  8. Here in the UK the government is now proposing that families who are long-term benefit scroungers will not receive child benefit if they have further children. They will have to finance their further offspring themselves, if needs be, God forbid, by finding a job.

    This will affect about 50% of muslims living here. But if you think they will just leave and go home dream on. They will not. My suspicion is that Saudi Arabia which is financing the islamification of Britain if not the whole of Europe will step in cash to ensure that they can continue to outbreed us.

  9. I would dearly love to see this movie in US, but it has no more chance of getting here than in UK. Here’s how they respond:

    I can’t even watch this because the broadcaster blacks out foreign ISPs. This battle and storyline is one of THE most inspiring in all of human history. It should be mandatory teaching in every non-Muslim locale. If more people understood the same is at stake today, maybe someone would rise to the occasion. But they aren’t fighting using the same tactics so neither can we. The next war is with the pen, not the sword and I fear we’re not even in the fight. Europe has already crossed the point of no return and its only a matter of time before the population minority/majority flips and Islam will win without one shot being fired.

  10. Richard the Lionheart (who took part in the 3rd Crusade) was Richard I – not Richard III.

    Richard III was the last of the Plantagenet Kings of England: he was defeated by Henry VII (the first of the Tudor Kings of England) at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

  11. The film will never be released in the movie theaters. In the U.K. they didn’t release it because they are afraid of what the mussies might do, the same in the U.S., and the rest of Europe. Probably be released on DVDs, if that, because people are afraid of the mussies. And, every country let them in. Sooo, forget the free speech thing, it’s passe”. But, it’s interesting this actual battle occurred on 9/11 & 9/12.

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