September Eleven 1683

Last night I posted a subtitled trailer for the new Polish movie about the Second Siege of Vienna, The Battle of Vienna. Since then a trailer for an English-language version of the movie, September Eleven 1683, has been released. It’s slightly longer than the earlier one:

See last night’s post for the translation of the Polish titles.

Hat tip: Andy Bostom.

18 thoughts on “September Eleven 1683

  1. Trailer looks pretty good, but it’s difficult to tell what the original language should be (with some of the actors listed – F. Murray Abraham!) it might be like the old spaghetti westerns where everyone spoke their most familiar language and then got overdubbed for each market – although that’s a little less professional in this day and age ;p

    That said, while a theatrical release locally might not happen, I imagine there will be some film festival screenings (depending on the company) – and if you’re region-free capable it’s always possible to import the DVD/Blu-Ray without too much trouble.

    Still, a little surprising not to hear of this until a week before opening – not a lot of clips on youtube either – presumably they’ve done more local advertising in Poland for a release like this?

  2. I saw they got an “Allah Akbar” in there – and also flags with Islamic (Koranic?) script… enough reason for the “peaceful ones” to give an “Innocence of Muslims”-style reaction??

  3. One more supered caption on the screen:

    “Faith that produces miracles”

    Also, a dialog line of the Turkish commander addressing his troops: “On this [church] spire will hange your flag with the half moon.” It does hang on the spire in Europe now, after all; doesn’t it?

    For anyone who remembers F. Murray Abraham as Salieri in “Amadeus”, and his rib-cracking performance as District Attorney Abe Weiss in “The Bonfire of the Vanities,” this will be another treat for yet another reason.
    Takuan Seiyo

  4. Oh, I am so looking forward to this. The Poles still know how to produce great historical epics…if you’ve ever seen “With Fire and Sword” you’ll know what I am talking about. And they understand what the fight with Islam is all about. They fought to keep the Tatars and Turks out of Europe for hundreds of years.

    The Osprey

  5. Excuse old Frankie the Crip for being stupid and ingorant…but can anyone tell me when this movie is coming out in one piece, and where it can be seen or obtained, or do I have to continue gluing all these trailers together? My fingers are getting gummy…

  6. We are so stupid, heading towards disaster with open eyes. Next time we have to defend ourselves against the mohammedan hordes, we will again need the Poles to save our sorry asses.

  7. With the Anti-Polish and European sentiment that has been whipped up by the Turquoise Tories the misguided British audience would probably cheer-on the Turks.

    Jolie Rouge

  8. I.m Polish lad and i can tell that movie will be in english language only(All actors will speek in english, besides few words). They wanna make this movie only in english to show it in more countries. It will be a full movie in 1 part (there was a rumor about this movie “it will be a mini-series”, but it’s not true as I know). I can’t wait for that movie. P.S. Sorry for my english.

  9. Polish used to fight with Islam . After that with Hitler . After second war 40 years of Russian slavery . Is there any country in Europe who suffer more ??

  10. This is awesome and very heartening.

    The sleeping giant stirs. The rally cries are starting to go wide into pop culture.


  11. Thanks for the information Anonymous @ 10/8/2012.

    And no need to apologize for your English. It is very good, and about a million times better than my Polish.


  12. Thanks the king of Poland John III Sobieski we can use our national languages & Austria still exist. But Turks it is honorable nation and in 1772 when Habsburg Austrian Empire participate in the first partition of Poland and in 1795 (3rd partition) Poland was vanisher from map of the World, only Turks did not recognize partitions of Poland and they provided for the Polish ambassador

  13. Interesting, in the opening moments of the troops being encouraged to “defend their faith” the speaker is holding the broken cross which is a satanic symbol mocking Christ. Furthermore, the “cross” is a replica of the one carried by the current Pontif of the Babylonian Mystery religion.

  14. “You are defending your wives and children!”

    And so the West will die from the fruits of the recent evil sexual revolution where too many women are – even now – merely sexual concubines of Western men.

    Will Western men defend marriage from polygamy and pedophilia when they already copulate with young partners and/or multiple partners at the same time or over time – outside or despite the bounds of sacramental marriage?

    Will Western men defend women that they refuse to marry?

    Will Western men defend children that they refuse to raise?

    Already, too many Western men are HAPPY with sexual exchanges that are fundamentally compatible with the worst of Islamic treatment of women and children.

    Why will Western men fight against the Islamic system that is simply Western pornography come to life?


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