Prescribed by Sharia, Part 1: Honor Killing

This is the first in a series of instructional videos put together by Vlad Tepes to help anti-sharia activists better understand and counter the misdirection and outright lies propagated by Muslim spokesmen in the West.

The video below deals with so-called “honor killings”, which are really sacred executions mandated by the Koran, as lucidly explained by Major Stephen Coughlin:

2 thoughts on “Prescribed by Sharia, Part 1: Honor Killing

  1. I saw Michael Coren’s noggin pop up about half way through. He must have thought it very interesting to be at a discussion where the speaker was claiming there is no such thing as honor killing in Islam! Canada has had a couple of really brutal cases in the past few years.

  2. An “Honor Killing” is murder, and no “religious” excuse excuses it. An “Honor Killing” should be rewarded with a death penalty. That doesn’t work here, the only thing the First Amendment allows is to practice your own religion/free speech, so long as it harm no other. Lies aren’t covered, nor is murder.

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