OSCE Warsaw: HDIM 2012 Wrap-Up

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In a series of articles earlier this month (see the bottom of this post for a complete list) we reported on the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM) in Warsaw.

The “Human Dimension” is one of three general categories within the OSCE. It gives governments, NGOs, and members of civil society in all the member states of the OSCE the opportunity to send representatives to meetings where human rights policies and initiatives are discussed.

Over the past few years Islamic groups have gradually taken over much of the HDIM proceedings. Working mainly through representatives of Turkey and the “’stans”, but also non-governmental Islamic immigrant groups from Western European countries, they have changed the emphasis from human rights as they are traditionally understood within a Western context to the “rights” laid out by the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam. The Muslim participants generally follow the strategies recommended by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), demonizing “Islamophobia” and demanding action to prevent “the defamation of religions”.

This month the extent of the Islamization of the OSCE was highlighted by the attendance of Salam al-Marayati, the founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), as the official representative from the United States government.

OSCE Warsaw 2012: The team

Fortunately for the Counterjihad, a team of seven dedicated opponents of shariah was dispatched to Warsaw this month to push back against the pressure from the OIC. They came from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Austria, and the USA, and represented ICLA, BPE, the Stresemann Foundation, and ACT! For America. The Islamic activists at the meeting seemed surprised by such intense resistance, and reacted with predictable antagonism.

Our team made presentations, issued responses, and held a side event to demand the abrogation of the Cairo Declaration. The presentations and responses were filed as conference papers, and all have now been officially posted as PDF documents on the OSCE website. A complete list of these documents is below.

International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA)
Official OSCE list of documents

Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE)
Official OSCE list of documents

The Stresemann Foundation
Official OSCE list of documents

ACT! For America
Official OSCE list of documents

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4 thoughts on “OSCE Warsaw: HDIM 2012 Wrap-Up

  1. I know a lot of our readers are suffering from MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) re the many reports on this year’s conference for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (alias, OSCE).

    However, it is most important to have some knowledge of OSCE’s history and make-up so we can see how groups like this are gradually (or sometimes less so) taken over by an Islamic agenda. It is happening to groups across the West and every time one of them succumbs we are at greater risk of losing out political freedoms.

    What the Baron has done in outlining in great detail the extent to which a dedicated group of volunteers can effect pushback and prevention of that outcome – at least in this case.

    This record he’s compiled is of historical importance and will prevent a distortion of reality in the future. These volunteers quietly turned it around, despite the anti-semitic Muslim that America’s president saw fit to send to Warsaw to represnt the U.S.

    The work the volunteers did will be of lasting importance, especially if others pick up the baton in the future and carry it forward. It is awe-inspiring to see what unssung heroes can accomplish in spite of the defeaning silence of the elites.

    BTW, a factoid for you: the training course for U.S. candidates for OSCE, put out by -ahem- The United States Institute of Peace:

    An Online Training Course for US candidates to OSCE

    Anybody know anything about USIP?? Sounds like one more “You Sip the Kool Aid” to me, but then the last few years have raised my paranoia. I’ve been busy knitting tin-foil hats for the good guys.

  2. I know one thing about the USIP; that is that their recently constructed building cost more than $350 million to build!
    I watched opening day on C-SPAN and thought to myself these guys deserve a couple of cubicles in the basement of the State Dept…

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