From Benghazi to Aleppo

Now that the Benghazi debacle has become more fully exposed, it is clear that one of Ambassador Stevens’ major tasks was to collect weapons supplied by the United States and its allies to the Libyan mujahideen, and send them to the Syrian mujahideen, possibly with the collusion of the Turkish government.

The following news report from Russian TV discusses the provenance of these weapons, which are being amassed in Syria by Islamic fundamentalists — including Al Qaeda affiliates — to bring down the Assad regime and install a Salafist government.

Many thanks to Russkiy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   The Russian General Command has stated today that Syrian opposition is using weapons
00:05   of foreign origin, including American. According to the head of the Command Nicolay Makarov
00:10   the opponents of the Assad regime are in possession of transportable rocket launchers,
00:15   including American Stinger missiles. The administration of Barack Obama denies the accusation that it arms the rebels.
00:20   Nevertheless, the Russian military wants to determine how the rebels came into possession of such powerful arsenal,
00:25   as according to the decision of OSCE, the sale and supply of rocket launching devices is strictly controlled.
00:30   Member States that support the treaty including USA have the responsibility to deal with only legitimate state governments.

6 thoughts on “From Benghazi to Aleppo

  1. Member States that support the treaty including USA have the responsibility to deal with only legitimate state governments.

    Mexican drug gangs, jihadists… what’s the difference?

    Obama just makes me sick.

  2. That is the moral level of the Western civilized world of today. Behind the façade of justice and high standards lie a group of liars and terrorists. While the US and its lemmings propagate the virtues of democracy, they incite rebels to overthrow their leaders. Good !

  3. Obama isn’t the only one to blame. McCain and every other U.S. Senator that has vigorously supported the overthrow of Assad has blood on their hands. This includes Romney and his staff of Neo-Con experts who also have supported the overthrow of the Assad and arming the rebels.

    They either knew Steven’s was funneling weapons and Jihadis to Syria or turned a blind eye to it.

    Plenty of blame and blood to go around.

    And how stupid they were. They thought they could use the Jihadis like proxies and not have to worry about any blow back. Well we got and it the Jihadis are armed to the teeth with manpads thanks to the U.S.

  4. Good that ‘we’ now also have a russian translator. Hope to hear much more from him and his country in the future – a country which should be our natural ally, and I sincerely hope that things will develop in this direction. And I’m not talking about a short WW2-type alliance.

    Michael Laudahn

  5. This finally makes perfect sense of the Benghazi fiasco, to me at least. Posted on HOtair tonight by “flicker”.
    Okay, now I got it. I hero of mine, Nonie Darwish, had already cast a
    jaundiced eye on President Obama’s loyalty. Now she says that a snippet of a
    video from the beginning of the Benghazi attack shows the “terrorists”
    coming in through the conjectured unlocked front gate and the guards
    lowering their weapons at them, at which point one man says, “Don’t shoot,
    don’t shoot. Morsi sent us!”

    Mrs. Darwish concluded that President Morsi of Egypt, a member of the Muslim
    Brotherhood, (of which Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff and personal
    assistant, Huma Abedin, is also member emeritus) who has called for the
    release from US custody of Omar Abdel-Rahman, the so-called Blind Sheik, as
    a gesture of good will, sent the terrorist-affiliated attackers to capture
    Ambassador Stevens and hold him hostage for the release of the Blind Sheik.

    Now we see why Ansar al Sharia took responsibility only hours into the
    attack. The only mistake was that Stevens’ was injured worse that they had
    anticipated. Morsi approved a state abduction identical to what would have
    been accomplished in Pakistan if bin Laden had been captured rather than
    killed. And as it happened Stevens was killed rather than captured as well.
    But this explains why those who pulled Stevens’ half-dead body out of the
    consulate were praising Allah that he was still alive: they were not
    friendlies, they were hostage takers, and a dead hostage is no hostage at

    This is why Libya President Mohamed El-Magariaf said that this was a
    “preplanned” attack conducted by foreigners that entered Libya weeks before
    from countries including Algeria and Mali. How he could know this so quickly
    was hard to fathom. One knew from the start that El-Magariaf’s description
    of the attack was, in some way, ultimately self-serving. It turns out, he
    was just explaining what was common knowledge within his circle.

    That is why Obama called for US agents at the scene to stand down: it was
    all a charade; the objective was to only capture Stevens, not to kill him.
    That is why we haven’t gotten an October surprise yet: Stevens was
    accidentally killed and so there is no hostage to have returned to
    victorious praise in the last weeks before the election. (The only course
    left for an October Surprise is to attack Steven’s supposed murderers in the
    week before the election.)

    This is why the post-attack narrative was confused for a couple of days: the
    outcome was not the pre-scripted one. No one was supposed to be looking at
    the delay in sending military assistance to a murdered amabassador, they
    were all supposed to be watching breathlessly for the tense negotiations for
    the ambassador’s release.

    This is why the film was cast as the cause: it was the preplanned flashpoint
    to remove blame from both Morsi and his Obama administration
    co-conspirators. This is why Nakoula is held in prison incommunicado: so
    that he cannot muddy the new narrative.

    If Stevens had just had the gumption to man up and live long enough to be
    ransomed home, the sun would be shining today. Obama was just waiting for a
    call from Morsi to heroically mediate Stevens/Abdel-Rahman exchange. And it
    was just a matter of time before the abduction would be announced and all
    parties would stand down.

    Both Obama and Morsi would have been heroes to both the Western world and
    the Muslim world. (Don’t think Hillary was not a willing co-conspirator in
    all this. It was part of her deal with Obama when she took office: play the
    game with me and I’ll support your Presidential bid in 2016. And, of course,
    Huma approved, too.) But Stevens blew it. Who gave him permission to “stand

    Next? Capture Hillary in Mali in return for the Blind Sheik.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<< Ticks all the boxes for me!

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