A Muslim Protection Racket in Calgary

The Muslims of Calgary have found the perfect solution to the Mohammed movie crisis: they are going door-to-door to explain to the kuffar the necessity for respecting “all religions”.

It’s a blatant threat — “Respect Islam, or we will burn cars and blow stuff up” — but for some reason the Canadian state broadcaster sees the initiative as a gesture of “peace”.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this CBC report:

I asked Vlad why the municipal authorities in Calgary are willing to bend over and take the clenched fist of Islam in their tender regions so readily. He reminded me that the mayor of Calgary is a Muslim.

Since Calgary has nowhere near an Islamic majority, we must assume that many ordinary, native — dare I say it? — white Canadians voted him into office. As you sow, so shall you reap.

In its report, the CBC parrots the standard Muslim Brotherhood talking point about the “delicate balance between freedom of expression and respect for religion”.

This is nonsense. There is no such “delicate balance”. If I don’t have the right not to respect a religion in my utterances, then I have no free speech whatsoever.

It’s important to remember that when a devout Muslim refers to “a religion” or “any religion”, he means “Islam”, since the sacred texts of Islam clearly state that Islam has abrogated every religion that came before it. Mohammed was the final prophet of Islam; therefore there is no religion except the Islamic religion.

Sultan Mahmood engages in a bit of sacred misdirection when he discusses the issue:

“We cannot let this keep happening and keep continuing, whether it is Islam or any religion…”

But Nasir Mahmood Butt lets slip the truth — notice that he uses only the singular form of the noun:

“I think they will realize that the peace of the city, and the peace of our country — beautiful country of Canada — is lies in uh, that, uh, we should give proper respect to every founder of the religion.”

The message now going from door to door in Calgary is quite clear: if Calgarians want peace in their city, they must never, ever show any disrespect for the world’s only religion.

8 thoughts on “A Muslim Protection Racket in Calgary

  1. Google Lame Cherry and read every word – especially about Scytl.

    The voting systems of every free country have been compromised by rigged computer voting which is presaged by polls that are rigged to indicate the results desired and manipulated by the New World Order.

    As computer voting fraud is now standard for all winning parties, it is completely impossible to say who is voting for anyone anymore.

    I think that we MUST stop blaming formerly free peoples for their enslavement at the hands of evil foreign Marxists.


  2. This is Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ? And I do not see a single white face on the screen ?

    One Indian-looking presenter, one African reporter, and plenty of brown-faced Muslims filmed and interviewed ?

    What is that country, exactly ?

  3. This is a bit of a surprise for those of who thought that Canada’s cultural enrichment was confined to Toronto and Vancouver. I always thought that Calgary was cowboy country, the Calgary stampede and all that. This is total insanity.

    As regards all the reporters etc being non-white, this is just like Channel 4 news in Britain where there was just one white face, even the chap doing the weather was half-West Indian.

    Don’t think there’s any hope for countries like Canada and Britain now. Wasn’t the multiculturalisation of Canada all down to Pierre Trudeau wanting to dilute the majority of British – mostly Scottish – extraction. How culturally enriched is Quebec? Looks as if he’s won then.

  4. While Imam Butt looks to be a regulation Deobandi, Mahmood is an Ahmadi. Once again the group severely oppressed in their home countries are speaking up for their old oppressors. Also interesting to note that most of the Pakistani immigrants to Britain were Ahmadi’s but that many of their children have become Sunni, or other mainline Islam, and of course many have “radicalised”.

    I saw a video of David Wood’s the other day where a Muslim (who later converted to Christ) was overjoyed when a family member became a Christian – he hated Ahmadi teaching as a Sunni that much.

  5. Well over one million souls live in Calrary but the same over-respect to
    minorities especially Moslems is evident as in the whole of Canada. It
    comes from the gullibility of
    northern peoples. Even talking quite mildly about other groups/races
    can get you into a heap of trouble
    in Canada.

  6. mohamed obviously was balding, that´s why he ordered to cover the head and grow a beard. Ageing man´s fate when trying to be the alpha male for too long is to become a freaking decrepit bald camel driver, unless you claim to talk with god, no disrespect intended. Just logic and facts.

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