The Truth is Irrelevant

The following subtitled audio is from a phone call made by Kent Ekeroth, a member of parliament for the Sweden Democrats, to a Swedish reporter for Sveriges Radio (Swedish state radio, equivalent to NPR or the BBC) named Sofia Thermaenius.

Ms. Thermaenius had reported that members of the Sweden Democrats’ youth organization (Sverigedemokratisk Ungdom, SDU) had threatened participants at a PRIDE event. She neglected to mention that only non-white people were allowed to attend the event, and that no SDU member ever made anything resembling a threat.

She also admitted that the truth didn’t matter, and that reporting it was not actually her job:

2 thoughts on “The Truth is Irrelevant

  1. Wow, unbelievable!! I guess we should be grateful that at least she’s admitting it. Does anyone know how popular this station is, how many Swedes are likely to have heard this?

  2. It was posted on the web site of the state financed TV/Radio stations in Sweden. By far the largest media channel in that country.
    Sveriges Radio P3

    There was no “threat” (later changed to “disturbance” in the article), except from the fact that the two SD members where “white”.

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