The Bee and the Lamb, Part 7

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Left: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette, 1876
Right: George Grosz, Metropolis, 1916/17

The Bee and the Lamb
Part 7

By Takuan Seiyo

Hope of the helpless

Gallivanting as this work has, between Estonian poetry and the British patriotic songbook, Dresden and Baltimore, 13th century Prussians and 19th century Puget Sound Indians, there comes a point where one has to offer Ariadne’s thread to the reader. A corollary strand in this thread is the necessity to restore universal knowledge of the history, mythology and aphoristic wisdom of the Western peoples so that every high school graduate within the sphere of Western civilization “gets” the meaning of old and once ubiquitously understood cultural memes like “Ariadne’s thread.”

If I impugned in the preceding chapter the mental fitness of “Christians for Obama” it’s not because they are bad Christians but because they are gullible political bumpkins, so stupid that they are serving evil and unaware of it. But why speak of Christianity at all, particularly in a revisionist tone that puts reason ahead of faith? And if one removes sola fide as the sole basis for moral judgment, on what authority may an intelligent discourse proceed with strong words like “evil”?

We will get to all those points, but for now I will state that the Western West is immersed in evil and the Eastern West — the Christian countries once behind the Iron Curtain (ex Russia, always a separate case) — is not. Moreover, the rest of the world, where there are other kinds of evil, does not know this particular Western evil.

The East, i.e. Eastern Europe, has a good future to look forward to, if it avoids being crushed again by the Russians from the East, or infected by white man’s disease from the West. And here is a timely Reality Check:

“Sixteen months after it joined the struggling [euro], Estonia is booming, reported CNBC on June 5, 2012: “The economy grew 7.6 percent last year, five times the euro-zone average. Estonia is the only euro-zone country with a budget surplus. National debt is just 6 percent of GDP, compared to 81 percent in virtuous Germany, or 165 percent in Greece.”

The article goes on to explain that Estonia bounced back from a massive hit (18% contraction) by the global financial crisis because its people accepted severe austerity measures. They even re-elected the politicians that imposed them — quite unlike other eurozone countries where soft, socialist, decadent peoples have taken to the streets and toppled governments, for they have grown over three generations to expect an inexhaustible cornucopia of entitlements poured from above by ruling socialist oligarchs.

It was the Estonian people’s long apprenticeship in the School of Reality — of late under the brutal Bolshevik bear — that allowed them to choose the right course. This, plus Estonia’s smallness, and the strength of homogeneity. But one sample does not a trend make; for that we have to adduce other ex-Soviet vassals in the northeastern corner of Europe — all, like Estonia, graduates of the same school of terrible historical woes, traditionalist opposition to postmodern nonsense, and stubborn mono-ethnicism.

How about “Lithuania shows the way”? A May 2012 financial report of the Swiss IMD limns Lithuania as “The most improved economy in new global competitiveness rankings, proving that austerity measures can pay dividends.” In May, as well, the International Monetary Fund reported that Latvia’s gross domestic product will grow by 3.5% in 2012. No country in Western Europe will see such growth.

Here is another recent headline, from Germany’s Spiegel: “The Miracle Next Door: Poland Emerges as a Central European Powerhouse”. For anyone who knows that just as America was entering the most glorious chapter in its history, Poland was entering its most miserable, a misery that lasted from 1772 to 1989 — 218 years — and culminated in a Commie-Nazi-Commie apotheosis of horror in 1939-1948 — that headline is material for reflection. Why Poland up, but Spain down?

Concerning the austerity, a spat developed between the grossly deluded economic poobah of the New York Times, and the President of Estonia. In June 2012, Paul Krugman put down Estonia’s austerity measures in his “Conscience of a Liberal” column. To which Toomas Hendrik Ilves responded in these words: “Let’s write about something we know nothing about & be smug, overbearing & patronizing: after all, they’re just wogs.”

The average ratio of government debt as percentage of GDP is 41.4% in the nine formerly communist countries, ranging from 6.6% in Estonia (5.6% per IMF) to 79% in Hungary (75.5% per IMF). The average for the European Union is 83.4%, and 105% for the USA, i.e. twice and two and a half times the Eastern European average, respectively[1]. And so as freedom and prosperity increase in the East, they decrease in the West. Yet, set on a course by Keynesian socialist lunatics like Krugman, America in particular is set on printing, pumping and spending its way to sovereign default or hyperinflation — either one catastrophic and unnecessary.

Indeed, America should beg Estonia for an intensive cure session for the acute spongiform encephalitis that is ravaging the collective brain and soul of the Lilliputian heirs to the giants of 1776. This shows even in business — America’s traditional strength.

Skype, which was developed by three Estonian tech geeks, won the custom of over 600 million VoIP telephony users worldwide because it had been developed deliberately to frustrate government snooping. This was achieved via uncommonly strong encryption and connecting users directly, rather than through intermediate servers. But a few months after Microsoft bought Skype the following news item appeared in the Washington Post: “Skype, the online phone service long favored by political dissidents, criminals and others eager to communicate beyond the reach of governments, has expanded its cooperation with law enforcement authorities to make online chats and other user information available to police”.

We have here an Estonian business conceived to expand freedom, and freedom thwarted upon an American takeover. This in the “home of the free.” Love that continuum from political dissidents to criminals in a flagship American newspaper, too. But this decay has gone much deeper: from its second place in 2000 in the Fraser Institute’s world ranking of economic freedom, by 2012 the United States had slipped to the 18th, behind such traditional beacons of good governance and liberty as Mauritius and Bahrain. Thus can eight years of idiocy, followed by four years of intentional malfeasance, bring a great nation to its knees.

A country is known by its heroes, and so it’s germane that the founder of Microsoft, America’s top alpha businessman and one of its smartest people, Bill Gates, is an Obama tool who co-financed until July 2012 the Useful Idiot cable network MSNBC (motto, “Lean Forward”). Mr. Gates is known as well for pouring money into “fixing America’s schools” without a single indication he is aware that such schools are unfixable as long as America imports and then “educates” a sizeable share of the world’s sub-90 IQ peoples or lies about large, hereditary group IQ disparities among its own denizens.

Mr. Gates has, as well, donated US $1.5 billion for “minority scholarships” administered by the United Negro College Fund. I should like to hear of a rich Estonian, perhaps one of the Skype fellows, donating a proportionately smaller amount, say 1/300 of $1.5 billion, for scholarships restricted to Estonia’s long-suffering racial minority, the Gypsies.

But America won’t apply for a therapy session with Estonia. The size and diversity quotients are too different, the imperial hubris of the one dwarfs the quiet pride of the other, the overhang of past greatness and vast accumulated wealth is still too large to notice the Balt and Slav “wogs”. Nor could American or other Anglosphere patriots apply salutary lessons learned from their eastern cousins; it’s too late for that. A changed demography is a changed destiny.

Moreover, 50 years of an unopposed Long March through the educational system has cut off two Western generations already from all founts of wisdom and sanity. The Western young are merely ignorant fools if they completed high school, but zombies from space altogether if they attended a university. Their intellectual idols are hard core commies like Chomsky, Marcuse and Habermas, their most adored leaders are soft core commies in expensive suits like Obama, Hollande and Danny the Red, and their preferred towns are called Peoples’ Republic of (you fill in: Berkeley, Seattle, Cambridge, South London etc.) Not so in Eastern Europe, where people have actually lived in Socialist Peoples’ Republics and cultivate the remembrance of what a bloody, painful and miserable fraud communism is.

Decades of sheltered prosperity with a social safety net and “free market” lowest cultural denominator has frozen the West in a state of juvenile arrested development — what Diana West described in her book, The Death of the Grown-Up: How America’s Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization. Eastern Europe could not afford the luxury of juvenile “vibrancy” and self-indulgence — it had to stay adult, or perish. So now it’s grown up.

There is one lesson from Central Europe and the Baltics that may still help the Western peoples. It’s the different brand of ethnic consciousness prevalent east of Berlin. It consists for the average high school graduate of the strong presence of 1100+ years of national history plus a reasonable veneer of 2500 years of Western cultural heritage. There is a specific Christian cultural identity even among the non-religious but, paradoxically, Nature-based pagan folklore is deeply embedded in the culture, paganism having persisted here for centuries after it had bad been eradicated in the rest of Europe [2]. I defined that particular cultural mix in earlier chapters as JJJJ per its ingredients of Jhvh, Jesus, Janus and Jutta.

The third J, Janus, poses a problem for the Anglo diaspora and Northwestern Europe because they have had it so good, for so long, that they are too soft and degenerate to be able to go back to classical Greek and Roman virtues, let alone under a code of patriarchal Christian morality. That such virtues may still be found in the upper classes of Eastern Europe is because they largely descend from the nobility of the sword, and developed fortitude after centuries of persecution and dispossession by occupying foreign powers. In contrast, the WASP equivalent in Great Britain and her overseas diaspora is gone: lost to cowardice and country club, the debutante ball and the regatta, sex and psychoanalysis, single malt scotch and the Anglican/Episcopal congregation of pink lambs. In its place is an aristocracy of tattooed black ballplayers and rappers, white compulsive thieves in pin stripes and piranha morals, and people with great cheekbones who can learn a page of dialogue by heart.

The fourth J, Jutta, also poses a problem for the European diaspora, as it was formed by Christians emigrating from Europe long after nature-based paganism had been extinguished there. Hence one of the reasons for our detour to a deist-infused brand of Christianity that was once of pivotal importance in America.

But then, again, why Christianity? Many opponents of the worst of the Ten Plagues of Europe, Islamization, are secular liberals involved with feminism, homosexuality and other alternative lifestyles, atheism etc. In almost every European country there is now a small, secular political party rallying the people against Islamization and other plagues: unlimited immigration, costly absorption of barbarian refugees, yielding of national sovereignty to EU, rewriting of European history, etc. In the United States, there is no such party, the Tea Party being much too timid on all but economic issues. But both Islamization and Socialism have vocal, secular American opponents, Socialism being the second major plague that far too few Europeans recognize. Another powerful resistance, unique to the United States, comes from a movement of defiant patriots, largely retired military, committed to defend the Constitution with arms should the ruling elite’s depredations develop farther.

None of that will suffice. To start at the end, even in the United States the government has significantly pre-empted the chance of success of an armed insurrection (more about that later), while in Europe the people have been disarmed and psychologically gelded, or nearly so, outright. And even if this were not the case, Jefferson’s tree of liberty cannot be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants except when the patriots have leaders of the caliber of Jefferson, and have the support of the population, too. This is not the case now.

The Progressive Left has been seeding its people in government bureaucracy, public education, academia, mass media and mass entertainment for decades. It has achieved extraordinary levels of both control and universal mind penetration. Its psychotic ideas and values are the mental baggage of almost all Westerners under the age of 50, partly because they have been packaged by high-IQ people who are drawn to this ideology and promoted by almost all the pretty faces and fetching bodies in show business.

In America alone, and it’s a pattern repeated in Europe, the Dark Side has Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashley Judd, Anne Hathaway, Gwen Stefani, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and many, many more including older by still potent stars like Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Tom Hanks and so on. From securing B. H. Obama’s grip on the White House, François Hollande’s on the Élysée Palace and the Mexican patriot Antonio Villaraigosa’s on Los Angeles, to homosexual marriage, to the senatorial campaign of the faux Cherokee useful idiot Elizabeth Warren, to Hugo Chavez and Hamas, this Hollywood high wattage provides enthusiastic public support and funds for the vile and the insane. To countervail, the side of salvation and sanity has Clint Eastwood, 82, and Jon Voight, 74.

The Dark Side is for orgasm for all, any which way, from infancy to senility, sponsored by the state including free condoms in schools and prisons, Viagra for pensioners, sex change for prisoners, and, the holy of holies, indemnity for the ovulating part of the Big-O festival against Nature’s pesky consequences of pregnancy.

The sane side is for making and raising babies. It’s no contest; no contest at all.

A coalition of powerful business, labor unions and other organized looters — the legal system being particularly insidious, hostile racial and sexual identity groups, conquest-minded Muslims, white guilt-ridden voluntary dhimmis, poverty and equality-obsessed Christian and Jewish idealists, militant feminists and Communist true-believers has been tunneling under everything for a long time. They are financed lavishly by many subversive American centimillionaires, by compulsory trade union fees, and by the Inverted Reality 50-50 StateTM. In the latter category, to which all Western social-democratic societies belong, the state expropriates its taxpayers in order to employ or underwrite an equal or greater number of tax eaters. Such a state consumes the future of its own people in order to maintain the delusions and hold on power of its ruling elite.

In Western Europe the tunneling has been completed; no linear projection is possible showing redemption from the chute of descent. The possibility that’s still open is a quantum shift — an epiphany that comes to idiot humans after a long-foretold holocaust or, rarely and only through an act of divine grace, due to a spontaneous spiritual awakening, led by an extraordinary, charismatic figure.

What the Huns, the Mongols, the Umayyads, the Almoravids, the Turks, the Tatars, the Nazis and the Comintern could not accomplish by sword and fire, Europe’s Progressive pashas have implemented to the tune of Beethoven’s 9th with the bribes of socialism and feminism and feelgood “diversity” brainwashing. Even Huns and Tatars are part of the package, except they now come from Somalia and Morocco. The time will come too when they will show the white useful idiots-in-charge that their usefulness has expired.

The United States is also beyond the tipping point. This is no longer a 50-50 State but a 53.5%-47.5% State. As relayed by Forbes in August 2012, in a 308 million population (2010 census), 165 million are dependents of the state: 22 million as employees and the rest as beneficiaries of public assistance. 50.6% of voting-age Americans do not pay income taxes. The Founding Fathers’ warnings about the perils of democracy have come to life. The consequences may be projected.

Some parts of this huge country may endure nonetheless, where the people are assertively Christian and liberty-loving, and reject servitude to the state. Yet the array of forces lined up against them is formidable, for the Long March has succeeded beyond its instigators’ wildest hopes.

It’s not just that “conservative” forces that were supposed to countervail against the Progressives’ “progress” have been outplayed, outfoxed and just tucked tail at every stage of the great shift leftward. Much more than that, the Order of the Universe has been stood on its head. Apparently only, of course, for inverting social reality can no more change the Order of the Universe than standing on one’s head can invert Earth’s gravity. But it’s a road to disaster nonetheless, one of the four or five worst in all recorded history.

Few of the few who sense that something has gone terribly wrong understand either how much worse than their expectations the consequences are going to be, or how insufficient their resistance is. Liberals who think the Left will choose to protect their liberal values in preference to growing and protecting Islam, have a surprise coming. The Counterjihad activist who is not an anti-Third World immigration activist — i.e. “racist” per the prevailing nomenclature — will see his country swamped by Uttar Pradeshis, Polynesians and Zulus even if his position on Islam prevails. And if he is not an anti-statist activist as well, even if he prevails on immigration, the state will still crush him. Conversely, an anti-statist, anti-tax “conservative” activist who is also a pro-Muslim activist, like Grover Norquist, takes more with the left hand than what the right hand is giving.

The defender of capitalism who screams at the commie Occupiers but does not scream with them at the banksters, may save his country from ruin by the commies, but not from ruin by the banksters. The economic freedom activist who is not a reactionary cultural activist will be crushed by the open borders and free trade he advocates, and will see the lowest barbarian common denominator regnant. But the social conservative, family values warrior who is not a white ethnic activist may win the abortion fight but will still end up living in Haiti even if he lives in Maryland.

The French woman who fights to keep her country French but does not care whether America remains white and conservative will lose France even if she subdues jihad in France — for US Marines of Rainbow Coalition allegiance will land in Marseille to help her foes. But the American patriot in his fortified hideaway who thinks he can rebuild his country after implosion (popularly known as SHTF) but has no interest in his European cultural legacy will one day wake up on a barbarian steppe.

This is a global war of epic proportions, and the side under attack acts as though there is no attack. In another work, I called the opposing forces Equalitans and Freedomians. The Club of Crooks, Loons and Looters that leads the Equalitans is the most powerful institution in the aggregate West and in each of its constituent countries. The Freedomians are led by no one, except in a few countries such as Great Britain where freedom is a distant memory and serfdom of the autochthons is so advanced that most of the crucial issues may no longer even be defined, on penalty of imprisonment.

The disparity between the deranged Left’s offenses and the meekness with which the serf population receives them is astonishing. The PC-Multiculti Inquisition is still scouring the globe for any published dissenter whose name is iterated in Anders Breivik’s “Manifesto.” Norway, as demented a Progressive nation as exists in our galaxy, is collectively restaging the 19th century play of its great Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People, with a peaceful Norwegian dissenter, Fjordman, in the protagonist’s role. Meanwhile, the “Kill Mitt Romney” Facebook page remained online for 17 days before an outcry by some Republicans forced its removal. And Hollywood celebrities routinely express their wishes of violent death for — as the actress Ellen Barkin put it lately — “every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB.”

The New York Times publishes columns with titles like “Romney and the neo-Neanderthals.” The Yahoo News chief opined that Mitt Romney is happy to have a party when black people drown. A political blog at Esquire Magazine headlined a recent article, “Paul Ryan: Murderer of Opportunity, Political Coward, Candidate for Vice President of the United States.” Which a California Loonparty commissar, John Burton, topped by comparing Ryan to Joseph Goebbels.

Not to fall behind the zeitgeist, the gauleiter of the Teamster-Mafia union not coincidentally named Hoffa likened the sadly limp-liberal Republican Party to Pol Pot. And as soon as it transpired that Clint Eastwood would speak at the Republican convention, Huffington Post called Eastwood ditzy, hypocritical, deceitful, shameless, and, via his films and abode in Carmel, California (“too white”), vigilante reactionary fascist racist. In fairness to Mr. Eastwood, the HuffPo then published “The Hypocrisy and Deceit of Clint Eastwood’s Romney Endorsement,” by the author of that enduring classic, “The Lies of Sarah Palin.” And there are no consequences for the homicidal lunatics, because they are from the Left in a Leftist state — Progressive even when Tweedledee, i.e. “conservatives,” is in charge.

To raise an open cry for freedom under such circumstances requires what Jeanne d’Arc had and Wilhelm Tell and George Washington. A fierce, aggressive fire burning within; still common among Muslims, leftist ideologues and hateful American blacks replaying in their minds long-gone 19th century scenarios. The Left has had this fire for a long time, which is why it prevailed in the French and Bolshevik Revolutions, and persevered in the very Long March under unfavorable circumstances — to victory, finally, everywhere. But the side of sanity and redemption, a beleaguered minority already, gets limp George Bush clones as leaders year after year, when it needs its Moses.

The Crook, Loon, Looter, Malignant Narcissist, Traitor and Useful Idiot camp — in brief, the Progressive Left with its brood of clients — has passion, creativity, intelligence, and sex appeal. The passion comes from the Left’s conviction that it represents righteousness while the Right is evil. It also comes from fear, for the somnambulist sheeple in most Western countries are clearly, if very slowly, waking to the looming consequences of the long trail of malfeasance and misgovernment by their overlord improvers and shearers. Lastly, the Left being the camp of Yin, the fear comes from female hot flashes, flooding feelings, frivolous fantasies, and facile fatuities.

Come with us and enjoy the beautiful flower of “progress” — or take our hard punch to the face, says the logo of Socialist International and, with small variations, of all Socialist parties worldwide. But where is the symbol of the Freedomians and the expression of their will to power? Where is the moral case for liberty and a blazing condemnation of forced diversity and equality? Where is the oath of unrelenting fight unto victory?

Red rose and fist

Here is a hint: the cover of the Spanish translation of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Liberty or Socialism. This is the first time I have seen the clenched fist used in the West as a symbol of the struggle for liberty, and not for equality[3]. For the huge disparity in size and power is the lesser disadvantage of the Freedomians. Their most important handicap is lack of passion and commitment.

Hoppe: Libertad o socialismo

That passion, particularly in view of the bad odds for regaining liberty, can be found only if it finds a transcendent anchor, just like in days bygone. It can spring only from a spiritual identification with the force that makes the atoms spin and collapses (multi)universes into black holes the are gateways to more universes, which are gateways to more black holes[4].

It’s only this kind of fire that can provide the warmth and the light for rediscovering man and society built into a transcendent hierarchy under Nature’s God, with man’s natural rights unalienably etched in all that. It’s only this fire that can carry one’s lonely and reviled conviction that the transcendent hierarchy, as the word itself implies, is built on inequality, always and forever, between the sexes and the races[5] and the cultures and the individuals and the molecules themselves, in the known Universe and probably in all the unknown ones too.

It’s only this fire that can feed one’s conviction that the modern state’s sinister sabotage of man’s natural rights that inhere in the natural order, and the state’s fanatically enforced and unnatural equality, and its ruling elite’s ideology that powers the related social engineering, are a supreme evil — the Ultimate Blasphemy. Indeed, per Eric Voegelin — one more Germanic thinker who will help in our task here — the ideology is based entirely on “demonic mendacity” in service to “pneumopathology” — i.e. sickness of the soul.

Looting, loathing and resistance

We will leave Voegelin for later, but for now a few words about Hans Hermann Hoppe. Hoppe has written ten books and countless articles in German and English. He is Professor of (“Austrian”) Economics at University of Nevada — which is congruent with Eric Voegelin’s employment as professor at University of Louisiana. Non-leftist thinkers of this caliber have no place in premier American universities, where Dr. Ludwig von Mises and Dr. Samuel Francis were also unemployable but twaddle economics from the likes of Bernanke and Krugman reign at Princeton, and gibberish-spouting racial minorities like Luis Gates and Homi Bhabha hold the most exalted professorial chairs at Harvard and other Ivory Towers.

Hoppe focuses on the fatal flaw of Western democracy. The popular voting franchise allows parasites to help themselves to the income and wealth of the producers, or per my terminology, in the Inverted Reality 50-50 StateTM the tax eaters consume the tax payers. The latter group is constantly shrinking and the former increasing, for the Western state steadily imports more tax eaters while discouraging with its Socialist policies business activity and breeding by the taxpayers. It’s a spiral of doom that Hoppe sees as an insidious form of communism run by a band of robbers.

The government must violate property rights by armed force in order to confiscate from one group the loot that it redistributes to others for the sake of the politicians’ re-election and the continuing employment of the controlling bureaucracy. The theft is carried out also by planned inflation, i.e. money “printing,” which gives the government more funds to distribute to the parasite class[6] while devaluing the value of the producers’ income and savings

In Democracy: The God That Failed, Hoppe explains that, over time, this leads to lower levels of capital accumulation and durable consumer goods and therefore causes impoverishment and de-civilization. “Formerly provident providers will be turned into drunks or daydreamers,” he writes, “adults into children, civilized men into barbarians and producers into criminals.” Hoppe is not bashful about any of it either; the title of the interview he gave to the Wiener Zeitung is, “Der Staat ist eine kriminelle Organisation”.

As an alternative to the modern democratic state, Hoppe proposes a confederation of “a thousand Singapores” based on total freedom of association (which implies the right to discrimination), freedom of rightfully acquired property (i.e. no redistribution), free trade, rejection of all egalitarian ideologies, rejection of interventionism, militarism and of compulsory do-goodism. Leftists and parasites, which for Hoppe include all democrats, must be separated and excluded from society. So excluded must be promoters of alternative sexuality and hedonistic lifestyles, as the basic covenant of a healthy society is to protect family and kinship.

I find some flaws in Hoppe’s theory, common to libertarians. “Free Trade” is a self-defeating libertarian obsession and a road to impoverishment in a global context in which the major Asian exporting nations are mercantilist, and a predatory industrial — military giant, China, is chief among them. As well, to the military tactician it might not be that clear how a league of 1000 Singapores can arise and defend itself effectively against a Chinese or Russian or UN-US-EU attack or even prepare itself for one. But, to his great credit, Hoppe at least skewers the open borders twaddle that permeates libertarian ideology.

In his “Secession, the State, and the Immigration Problem” Hoppe explains the state’s motivation for both forcing domestic racial integration and dumping the most alien aliens upon its populace in imposed multiculturalism as “a means of breaking up all intermediate social institutions and hierarchies such as family, clan, tribe, community and church and their internal layers and ranks of authority.” The state does this to isolate the individual and weaken his power of resistance to the neoconservative-socialdemocratic elites that control state governments in the U.S. and Western Europe. Particularly so with regard to their agenda of subsuming and supplanting nation states in supra-national bodies such as the European Union and ultimately, One World Order.

Hoppe takes his analysis to its inevitable conclusion. Due to the state oligarchy’s “breathtaking sociological naivitee” — that I call plainly, insanity — instead of the promised comity of a New World Order there will arise fear, loathing, strife, murder, massive impoverishment and, at last, an all-out civil war. Hoppe therefore challenges the state’s right to import foreigners, based on strict interpretation of property laws.

All property, including state property which is acquired by the state with funds confiscated from its citizens, belongs to the citizens. The state’s legitimacy derives from its claim to protect its citizens and their property from invaders and trespassers domestic and foreign. Contrariwise, it promotes the invasion of millions of aliens who are not wanted by the true owners of the property — hence another basis for questioning the legitimacy of Western governments.

“A state is a contradiction in terms,” Hoppe writes, “a property protector who may expropriate the property of the protected through legislation and taxation. Predictably, a state will be interested in maximizing tax revenues and power [snip] but disinterested in protecting anything except itself. What we experience in the area of immigration is only one aspect of a general problem. States are also supposed to protect their citizen from domestic intrusions and invasions; yet [snip] they actually disarm them, encircle them, tax them, and strip them of their right to exclusion, thus rendering them helpless. Accordingly, the solution to the immigration problem is at the same time the solution to the general problem inherent in the institution of a state and public property. It involves the return to a natural order by means of secession.”

Secession. That’s the sticky point. May Virginia secede from the United States? Can it secede? In times far less demented and tyrannical, the answer was no, with lots of shooting. European secessionist movements, some of which may succeed, are not a valid template, for all of them are driven by long-established principles of ethnonationalist self-government. But to separate for the sake of personal liberty under God, to abolish the legitimacy of the social-engineering and expropriating looter state, to regain the rights of free association — i.e. “discrimination” and “exclusion” — that is a modern abomination. No one has tried it before except Jefferson, Madison et al. It died aborning already in the Federalist-influenced Constitution and is now anathema in its country of birth.

Hoppe does not present a viable way for transiting from the soft tyranny of the modern state to 1000 Singapores. He speaks of a “revolution” yet firmly rejects violence[7]. But he does dwell on one aspect that is central in my work as well: peaceful secession and noncooperation, “withdrawing from the compulsory union.” This is essential, but as argued in these pages, insufficient by itself.

Withdrawal is a cold endeavor. Unsupported by fire from within, after a period of hardship it dwindles to nothing. It’s still premature to plan the 1000 Singapores. For now, the issue is how to regain the Western peoples’ will to live, starting with ceasing to hide under the bed when the term “white people” is invoked. The next task is to reignite Westerners’ yearning for liberty under a non-sectarian yet Christian God instead of under a mad ruling class.

If Buddhism has four noble truths that explain the earthly suffering of man and propose its cure, I believe the path to Western redemption has seven. They proceed from awareness to recognition to rejection to resolve to implementation:

1.   The Progressive Left is clinically insane[8].
2.   The Western State is controlled by the Progressive Left.
3.   Ergo, the Western State is insane, and the West as a whole is insane and bent on suicide for insane reasons.
4.   The Western State wages an unacknowledged civil war against its autochthon population, with nearly omnipotent means at its disposal.
5.   Therefore, it’s misspent energy to struggle against the Progressive Left and its spawns of multiculturalism and euphemistically defined racism, diversity, inclusion, equity, peace and justice. Madness cannot be cured by argument anyway. The state and its acromegalic extensions like the European Union are the main and the more important foe.
6.   Personal energy is better spent on attaining clarity about the modern Western state, shedding related illusions, practicing withdrawal from the state’s schemes, cultivating inner freedom, maintaining a spiritual practice for charging one’s will to live in freedom, building community and support networks among the like-minded, biding time until the state collapses and preparing to rebuild from the wreckage.
7.   The state will collapse. A fall from a cliff is the inevitable destiny of any entity that marches blindfolded on a road paved with lies while asserting that it’s progressing with open eyes toward a blazing light.

In the next chapter, we will sum up why they whom the hearty American vernacular calls “libtards” are insane, and will then segue to the bolder task of showing that the state itself is insane. This is prima facie obvious, but in an age when white middle class Americans vote for Obama and the Dutch vote against Geert Wilders, when gender is a matter of choice and race is a social construct, when bankers steal, financiers plant bombs of mass destruction and journalists and teachers misinform on purpose, nothing can be taken for granted anymore.

Challenging and beating the Progressive-Statist juggernaut is no task for the average person. The case for gross violation of the transcendent basis of all life and its self-evident rules has to be made on the basis of belief in transcendence, but channeled through reason, not faith and 3rd century dogma. The reason for the reason is that a cadre of wise and educated leaders and proselytizers has to be mobilized to this task. Without them, the endeavor will do no better than the rebelling American colonists could have done without Franklin, Jefferson and Washington.

Lucidity is required to acknowledge that a lot of small-p progress good for all has been made; life is better than it was 100 years ago, yet the same road is now prey to declining marginal utility, too much of a good thing, and highly skewed Yin — Yang balance. Consequently, to lay the moral basis for rejection of the current social arrangement requires the ability to synthesize what appear to be two opposing theses to a conclusion that the West is close to a cataclysmic and perhaps irreversible self-destruction.

The task is not for the weak, fragile and cowardly either. Active opposition to one’s state and society and culture, and to the spirit of the times, and often to one’s wife and children who support the New Order, calls for awareness that by denouncing and opposing the Sea of Troubles one becomes instantly a scorned Jeremiah, a ridiculed Cassandra, a pariah for the very people one is trying to save. Alone and athwart the path not only of the Left and its many clients and sympathizers, but of almighty Leviathan itself.

The Christian revisionist subcurrent in this work is perhaps clearer now. For despite the centrality in Western civilization of the story of Jesus of Nazareth’ rejection by (the majority of) his people, and despite the insight that Jesus died for our sins, religious teaching has failed to transmit the notion that every generation, in every nation, repeats a similar story with its seers and patriots and mad poets.

The consequence to the victims is no longer crucifixion, but it is always dire. And so is the consequence to the community that throttles its coalmine canaries.

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1.   Averages calculated per data provided by Dr. Richard Rahn in “The Success of Eastern Europe”, Brussels Journal 9/6/2012. IMF figures differ slightly, as indicated. The 105% US ratio for 2012 has been widely publicized in the MSM.
2.   This statement is inaccurate with respect to Poland that converted to Christianity in 966 AD. However, even in Poland, many ancient pagan practices related to the change of seasons, harvest, water, fire etc. are consecrated by church ritual or coexist in close proximity to it.
3.   I am aware that various aggressive graphic symbols are used by White Supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. I ignore them by necessity, for the lies and pathologies there are as varied and deep as they are on the Left. They add to the problem and hinder its solution. To mention them would be to discuss them, and to discuss them would double the volume of this work.
4.   Per theory of University of Indiana astrophysicist Nikodem Poplawski.
5.   Qualifying a statement like “inequality between the races and the sexes” is necessary in a cultural context where a blanket assertion of the inferiority of the dark races and blanket discrimination against women were once the norm. The rational usage of “Inequality” does not connote superiority or inferiority, but difference. The difference is multifarious, hence qualitative statements can be made validly only in a narrow context. Comparing as aggregates, blacks to whites, is it about left brain talent or right brain talent? Masculinity or intellectuality? Same for women; are we talking child care or commando? Empathy or impartiality? Furthermore, in any such comparison, are we talking about averages or outliers? It’s the Progressives’ absolute rejection of any such differentiation that’s at the root of almost all modern societal diseases.
6.   Aid to legitimate victims of chance and fate, or to honest, hard-trying losers in laissez-faire economic competition, is another matter. I believe, as Hoppe does, that without the state’s meddling, increased prosperity would reduce the number of the needy, the incentive to choose welfare over unattractive work would be greatly reduced, and the much diminished number of those who have to rely on public assistance could be easily supported by private charity.
7.   This is a conditional statement. Hoppe has acquired by now an important enough intellectual status to have a whole institute, The Property and Freedom Society, devoted mainly to his ideas. I have not read all of his large output and therefore cannot make absolute assertions about all the facets of all of his ideas. This will have to suffice in the context of a panoramic tableau such as this work is.
8.   Not so the traditional Labor Left that pursues rational self-interest, albeit in a Lootist manner.

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan.

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13 thoughts on “The Bee and the Lamb, Part 7

  1. Wow! A lot of thinking has gone into this one. Well done on this most impressive lesson to be learned by those who are, by the standards of most who comment on this site, still at a crossroads in their understanding of what has gone wrong around them.

    Read up on all this man’s great essays and learn what life is really about!

  2. Exquisite. He’s one my favorite writers along with Victor Davis Hanson.

    It should be required reading for any social conservative and old school Christians.

    Beyond that, what Seiyo writes of his seven truths of Western redemption. Steps 6 & 7 are quite relevant for most ordinary people.

    Namely, the Leftist leviathan cannot be fought head on at this time. Look at Romney’s struggles or how every attempt at state voter ID and illegal alien control gets shot down.

    We have to wait until the beast dies and it’s enforcement arms wither away like the Roman legions did in the 5th century. Only then can change be enacted. But I doubt it will be pleasant. The U.S. is a ethnic time bomb due to massive welfare-propaganda state the Left has created. This aspect needs no further commentary, it’s rather self-evident as to the outcome will be when the welfare state ceases.

    Until that collapse go ahead and use the Leviathan for whatever services you can game from it just like the illegal aliens do. And in the meantime plan and prepare.

    Here’s Fred Reed’s take on steps 6 and 7. Warning he’s not PC/MC so don’t click on the link if old school commentary upsets you.

  3. There will come a time when those majoring in Wiccan Wymyn and immersed in The Vagina: From Gaia To Misogyny will seek out Aristotle and Burke. The moment will arrive when those with no more use for men than a fish for a bicycle will find men once again useful. Those who would put no stock in perpetual motion machines but stake their nation’s economy and their citizen’s future on perpetual debt stimulating economic growth (QE 3 to infinity) will have reintroduced the believers to reality. After all, those made fools of in the Tulip Mania included the educated; those left in penury by it included the prudent; but there remains always a remnant for proving – I don’t what – Oswald Spengler was onto something? The Wheel of life is more real than anything Progressives had ever marveled of in their Gnostic revelations?

    Hoppe’s confederation of a thousand Singapores is too much in the future, and perhaps a bit fabulist. I should like first to see the establishment of a community, and then a second and third, modeled on the extraterritorial enclave of Dearborn, Michigan’s Muslim sanctuary. But then, the settlers would have to exhibit as stubborn a passion for the human, albeit fallen but recognizing the good, as the muzzies for the inhuman, twice fallen and perdurably evil. It remains to be seen if this is possible in the short run and not just a last resort of the future.

    George Pal

  4. I would refer you to the article you posted about the president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus’s, assertion that the leaders of the EU are about to remove the last vestiges of democracy and sovereignty and create a Europe-wide non-democratic, totalitarian Marxist federal superstate. This from a man who has known Marxist totalitarianism for most of his life. Yes, our salvation may ultimately come from the anti-Marxists or post-Marxists in the east.

    Unfortunately, here in Britain, there is a great hope that Poland will finally recover economically so that the hundreds of thousands of Poles who are undercutting us and stealing our jobs will go home.

    As regards Latvia and Lithuania, they are mostly known here for sending us their criminals, people traffickers, prostitutes and the like; there is nothing positive to be said about them at all so far.

  5. @ Anon 3:02
    For some reason, not only Klaus but the Czechs in general have a higher dose of healthy scepticism and have taken more to “Austrian” ideas of liberty — and remember they used to be Austrian — than practically any other nation.

    What you mention about Eastern European immigrants in the UK is the fate of every Western country run by Progressive, “non-discriminating” retards. It’s exactly the same with the “Hispanics” in the U.S. Progressive-run Western countries are simply the dumping ground for the less valuable of the less-developed countries. The better caliber of people stay at home; they have it good there. Americans, for instance, think that all Mexcians are semi-literate, dark skinned-peons, 160 cm tall. Not so at all — except the other kind stays in Mexico.
    Takuan Seiyo

  6. Catalonia is only the biggest debtor province because it is the richest and most hard-working and is over-taxed. It probably pays for
    the Extremaduran deficit and more.
    The South of Spain was ruined by 800 years of Islam, and they are still ruined. Most of the people are descended from Moorish fathers and Spanish mothers and are consequently work-shy and a drain on the economy. Catalonia should go it alone even if it means a fight with the fairly useless central government.

  7. I just discovered your blog and love it! I was searching for an explanation for why the Paris airport had some sort of security problem when I was there on 9/24/12 when I somehow got here.I am from the U.S. but travel to Europe frequently. My experience bears out everything that you are saying on your blog. Thanks for being a voice of reason!

  8. There is millions of workers in Britain who have been rendered unemployed through A8 EU Eastern European open borders migration, £3.7 billion is sent back to Poland alone in remmitances from Polish workers here in the UK, then thee is the social housing they are given in before the locals, tax credits payed out, NHS these people use, and of course the other benifits claimed behind our backs such as claiming child benifits in the UK and in Poland at the same time and the false claims for children back in Poland who may or may not exist, same gos for Latvia, Slovakia,Romania,Lithuania etc etc, and why are such peoples eager to work minimum wage jobs in the UK, exchange rates and benifits given by the lony left UK government and councils, most of the Eastern Europeans coming over now are russified and ignorant and even hold their British hosts in contempt, whilst unscrupulous employers and ministers encourage this mass of cheap labour that undermines and puts in to poverty our own people and local communities.

  9. ” Leftists and parasites, which for Hoppe include all democrats, must be separated and excluded from society. So excluded must be promoters of alternative sexuality and hedonistic lifestyles, as the basic covenant of a healthy society is to protect family and kinship.”

    The difference between communism and fascism is that communism directly co-opts all mean of production. Fascism allows a certain degree of private activity, but only to the degree that it glorifies and supports the state.

    When we begin to exclude people from decent society not because they are parasites or destructive, or even non-productive, but simply because they have ideas and desires we don’t like, we are then subsuming the individual to the uniformity of the state, and entering a state of fascism.

  10. @RonaldB
    On the surface of it, your comment is fair and plausible. But underneath, it’s not. First, recall the title of the famous book by Richard Weaver, “Ideas have Consequences.” Second, it’s true that when the state dictates uniformity of ideas, there is a host of moral problems and bad associations from the past. But the lines you quote are not about that. They are about a self-selecting group of freedom-loving people deciding to form a polity together outside the framework of the state, and not denying the right to people who think differently to form their own polity. Experience shows that when you mix people whose No.1 idea is equality with people whose No.1 idea is freedom, equality overwhelms freedom. Hoppe goes deeper into the issue of differentiation by sexual preferences and he does so on the basis of economics; too much to discuss here. Lastly, “we” are not in the position to exclude anyone. It’s we who are being excluded – from the governance of our own countries, from any political influence, from a seat at the table of spoils, from a large part of the fruits of our labor, from constitutional protections such as free speech, etc. etc.
    Takuan Seiyo

  11. Thank you Takuan for another great & thoughtprovoking text!

    I think going to the countryside far up north (or south) will be the salvation for white europeans in the end. Africans and latinos won’t easily follow us into snow&iceland when times get rougher. Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Tasmania, Finland, Scotland, Iceland and Ireland are places to where true “freedomians” should relocate and work to protect the “true conservatism” still alive in those places and build on that for the future.


  12. If Takuan concentrated less on being clever and more on being coherent, his essays would be more effective. My advice is: Model yourself more on Nietzsche, Russell and C.S. Lewis, less on Plato, Foucault and Derrida.

  13. America, like the man sawing a tree limb when he’s on the wrong side and will fall with the limb, may well be too far gone. The coming monetary collapse, when the trust of money is gone, will eventually be overcome. The cultural collapse will not.


    Corry Oakes

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