Rough Justice

The following article from Norway is a reminder that Islam is not the only component of cultural enrichment. Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer, who translated the piece, has this to say about it:

Highly mobile organized foreign criminal gangs have roamed Norway for years stealing whatever they can get their hands on, and the incompetent Norwegian pencil-pushing police force pretty much just twiddle their thumbs and look the other way.

The chances that the police will show up in the event of someone being burglarised or physically attacked are pretty slim. I’m not exaggerating; it’s true. The police are, however, notorious for setting up speed traps and issuing heavy fines to law-abiding and taxpaying Norwegian motorists.

It’s therefore refreshing to see Norwegians fed up with this travesty take decisive action when they catch thieves red handed. Romanian and Bulgarian gypsies are infamous for their thieving ways and they have in the last few years cast their eyes on wealthy and naïve Norway. I guess this time they were taught a proper lesson. Hopefully more will be handed out in the future.

Also, pay attention to the stupid remark made by the police officer interviewed in this article: “He is surprised that someone whose car is damaged chooses not to contact the police.”

Well, duh! Why would anyone contact the police after being caught stealing? I’ll bet the van is probably stolen too, so it makes perfect sense for the thieving gypsy not to report this incident to the police.

But I suppose this type of reasoning is too complex for a pencil-pushing Norwegian police officer these days. It really tells you all you need to know about the Norwegian police.

The translated article from today’s VG Nett:

Claims Romanians stole aluminium — smashed their van

(VG Nett) The truck owner claims Romanians have stolen from him for months. Friday, he took both the law and the gearshift in his own hands. The truck owner from the Ålesund area, who prefers to remain anonymous, claims that his company has been plagued by thefts of diesel, car batteries and other valuable items for months.

“There isn’t a truck that they’ll leave alone. They steal everything. They have broken into my yard several nights in a row. Today they struck in the middle of the day,” he tells VG Nett.

“The cargo hold of the van was jam-packed with aluminium”

On Friday some of his employees caught two men in the company yard. When the two men were ordered to open the doors of the Romanian-registered van the employees discovered that it was full of goods belonging to the company, according to the truck owner.

“They came up with a thousand lies and pretended not to understand. The car was full of aluminium and other stolen goods. They were made to remove all the items from the van and to sort it. Before they were allowed off the site they had to watch their van being smashed,” he says.

The two allegedly Romanian males remained calm while the white van was smashed by a hook on a crane mounted onto one of the trucks.

“One of them uttered, ‘Oh, Jesus.’ Then they took their bags and wandered off. They probably realised that the train had left the station.”

“Could have been solved differently”

The truck owner acknowledges that his method is rather unconventional.

“This could probably have been resolved in a different manner, but there’s simply no point in reporting the incident to the police. The police are understaffed and we had to do something. I’m okay with people coming to Norway to work, but those who come here only to steal are not welcome. I did the police a favour,” he says.

The police, on the other hand, are not happy that someone took the law into their own hands. As of Friday evening they have not received a formal complaint from the owner of the van.

“To crush a car is vandalism and a criminal offense. It is difficult for us to have an opinion about a matter that we have very little info on, but to take matters into your own hands is not how things should be done,” says Einar Rostad, manager of operations at Sunnmøre Police district to VG Nett.

He is surprised that someone whose car is damaged chooses not to contact the police.

When VG Nett contacted the police on Saturday morning we were informed that a patrol was on its way to examine the damaged van.

“This is an investigation that we have decided to pursue on our own initiative having been made aware of the matter. A police patrol will arrive at the scene shortly,” says leader of operations Leif Arne Valderhaug at 11:30 AM Saturday.

He describes the crushing of the van as unbelievable.

“We have initiated an investigation after having been tipped off about the matter by others. We can’t accept this. This is a case of taking the law into one’s own hands,” he says.

Scrap dealer: Two Romanians sold me some scrap metal

The scrap dealer Jan Henriksen in Ålesund tells VG Nett that he has twice been contacted by two Romanians in a white van who had small quantities of scrap metal that they were looking to sell.

“They had some scrap and I assumed that they had come across it tidying for other people. They received approximately Nok 2000 for the metal I bought from them on both occasions,” he says.

He believes these things occur all over Norway.

“These are insignificant figures to us. They only sold me some debris. Throughout Europe, Romanians gather scrap metal and resell it. I don’t think they deserve to get their vans smashed based on that,” he says.

10 thoughts on “Rough Justice

  1. Gypsies take to crime like a duck takes to water. Smart people drive them out of their community. Foolish people like the British leave them be and regret it.

    As for the citizens, what else are they to do when their police are paralyzed by PC/MC. All they have left is to deal with the crime is themselves.

    It will be interesting to see where this leads. Because the police are creating a power vacuum and someone or some group will inevitably step in to fulfill those duties the police once performed.

  2. There is such a law as ‘Steal by Finding’ which simply covers those items of value that have either been lost by the owner or discarded by thieves as worthless to their financial pursuits.

    It’s basically a law to keep the citizen honest whenever he/she finds something that is of obvious value and is not part of the natural landscape.

    A lot of time is involved for police to check petty crime which also makes up the majority of cases that front line police will be required to investigate, while specialist police, such as Homicide Squad Detectives, will be tasked with solving murders.

    It’s a thankless tasking, and a chore, when a front line cop who has mountains of unsolved cases to investigate, is called out to the boonies to take a report of stolen scrap metal and a maliciously damaged motor vehicle that no one claims ownership for.

    But for the local cops to ‘burr up’ because damage to a motor vehicle was done by someone they know is a native, in my opinion, is completely at odds with what a good cop should be doing to foster community awareness and empathy for the very difficult job that is demanded of them.

    No wonder they are not respected in parts of Norway.

  3. If this sort of thing would only happen more often, coupled with the public totally blanking the police should they come round to investigate, then some kind of balance may yet be restored in our societies.

    If thieving malcontents, or bearded males waving blasphemous and offensive placards, met with this kind of response – i.e. got their asses handed to them – on a regular basis, and the fuzz could do nothing about it, then the cultural enrichers may yet learn what they need to learn in order to live in our societies.

  4. I was a hair-breadth from being stolen by Gypsies when I was 7…

    In my opinion the issue of Islam itself has to be refocused from barbarity of Islam to the barbarity of those to whom Islam has stuck over the ages. They were no more acceptable when they were pagan… And the youtes (i.e. “les jeunes”) in the Francophone countries are usually not religious Muslims butjust semi-secular,tribal and aggressive barbarians from Muslim countries.
    Takuan Seiyo

  5. The notion that blasphemous placards should be met with violence is very, err, Islamic.

    Do we really want to implement a mirror image of Islamic law?

    Then again, Islamic law has its good points. “In other news, a British citizen from Yorkshire was sentenced to death in Indonesia for smuggling crystal meth into the country hidden in his suitcase.”

  6. “The chances that the police will show up in the event of someone being burglarised or physically attacked are pretty slim. I’m not exaggerating; it’s true. The police are, however, notorious for setting up speed traps and issuing heavy fines to law-abiding and taxpaying Norwegian motorists.”

    Change the ‘Norwegian’ to ‘Victorian’ and it sounds just like home.

  7. @anonymous 12.29

    I was suggesting that just as the pikeys in question got their stolen material taken back & their van taken apart in front of them, given a kick up the backside and told to piss off, so could the aforementioned bearded males be dealt with – their placards taken off them & broken, their black flag of islam torn down and destroyed, etc, etc.

    Of course the aforementioned bearded males, if they’re not dealing with drugged up underage girls, and the bobbies aren’t running to their rescue, I’d expect to run a mile rather than actually have to deal with members of the general public who have had enough of them. So apart from the point that I wasn’t actually advocating violence against them, merely suggesting that the policy adopted by the guys in the article might be effective, even if you wanted to go down that route I think you’d have to catch them first – and who even could be bothered doing that? I know I couldn’t.

  8. Funny that the police still pretend that ´taking the law into your own hands´ a bad thing; as if preserving some sort of justice and order is not more important than saving face for the impossible politicians. They know that the law is longer prepared to maintain order, and that officers are no longer allowed to act..
    They know full well that there is really no altenrnative for people but to take the law into their own hands, and they desert us even more by not coming out and acknowledging that we should be prepared to protect our own safety, or expect to be victimized.
    Cowards and pretenders all..

  9. Way to go.
    Good handling of the situation by the truck owner and his men. I hope the gypsies have learned their lesson and leave him and his alone.
    The Danish police are about as bad as the Norwegian. In Denmark gypsies have taken a shine to the overhead train cables (copper). They even steal them whilst they are powered. These people are a nuisance where ever they go, as they parasitise on others. I suggest they be given a homeland of their own. Then they can roam about there as much as they like. Until that has been realised, they must be returned to Romania, Bulgaria etc.

    PS.: Probably not all gypsies are creeps, but as with the Muzzies, most are, and hence generally we can not allow them in our societies.


  10. Sabotage stops train
    Once again this morning October 1 trains are standing in New Sweden – the preislamic country where everybody is stealing from everybody. There is total stoppage of train services between Eskilstuna and Arboga and it will continue until late afternoon. According to the Transport Administration it is due to sabotage. Unknown thievs have stolen the copper ground wires from the contact posts and this involves great security risks because the power can take other routes. Also when removing earth wires, the signal system does not work properly and trains must stop. Transport Administration has general problems with incessant thefts of copper.

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