Movie Madness

The government of Pakistan officially declared today to be the “Day of Love” — love of Mohammed Pbuh, that is. The citizens of Peshawar showed their love by rioting, firing their guns, torching two cinemas, and engaging in other zany capers that form part of the rich tradition of Islamic culture.

The torched cinemas hadn’t shown the offensive Mohammed flick, but, hey — movies are movies, right? All of them are the work of Satan, anyway.

The Telegraph posted the raw news footage below that was shot in Peshawar today. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying Telegraph article:

Pakistan Cinemas Torched on Day of Rage Against Anti-Islam Film

Protesters torched two cinemas in north-western Pakistan on Friday as clashes broke out in several cities at the start of a nationwide day of demonstrations at an anti-Muslim film.

Expat workers stayed at home, mobile phone signals were turned off and security forces sealed off roads leading to diplomatic missions and government offices in the capital Islamabad as the country went into lock-down. The demonstrations began even before Friday prayers, which usually mark the start of trouble. A crowd of several hundred angry demonstrators armed with clubs and bamboo sticks set fire to two cinemas in the conservative, northwestern city of Peshawar, police and witnesses said…

And from Reuters:

Pakistani Leaders Play Religious Card as Protests Boil

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) — Pakistan shut down Friday in a government-sanctioned protest over a film made in the United States that mocks the Prophet Mohammad, highlighting the power of religious parties to shape the political agenda. Protesters incensed by the film and inspired by influential Pakistani religious parties set fire to a motorway toll booth just outside the capital and a cinema in the north-western city of Peshawar in images broadcast live on television. Pakistan’s government, wary of widespread frustration over its failure to provide basic services, declared Friday a day of protest over the film in an apparent bid to exploit anger which has inspired violent protests in several Muslim countries…

Hat tip for the articles: JP.

4 thoughts on “Movie Madness

  1. I am so sorry for these people but, I no longer care for them. They are illiterate mentally juvenile individuals that I don’t think we will ever be able to reach.
    My thoughts were very different a decade ago.
    The WOMEN in sharia nations are the only ones able to turn the tide of Islamic insanity. Until they do so we are stuck with this.

    I advocate the following:
    Stop all immigration from rioting nations. Those that wish to study, immigrate or visit their relatives need to stand up now and support western values. If not, they can be educated or do business in Islamic countries.I don’t want them here no matter how much they contribute to our “education economy.”
    Immediately start energy exploration in North America. I would buy Canadian oil all day and all n8ight. Start the pipeline and drop oil prices overnight.

    It seems very obvious to me. Maybe I am missing something…

  2. @babs,

    “The WOMEN in sharia nations are the only ones able to turn the tide of Islamic insanity.”

    A dangerous western feminist misconception of sharia WOMAN and their social exchange compliance and relationship with islam.

    Try parachuting into their neighbourhoods and lecturing western feminist equality while the sharia WOMAN take the leadership in beating you about the head and dragging you through the streets.

    In that sense they are not as oppressed as the western mind is tricked into thinking.

    Jolie Rouge 🙂

  3. Babs, when I read your first paragraph I thought you were referring to international socialists/Marxists. This must be why they have embraced Islam, they are all equally mentally retarded and juvenile so have so much in common with the Muslims.

    Plus this: when I heard of a day of love for the prophet I immediately thought of the beloved leader, Kim Il Jung, the beloved fuhrer, beloved Jo Stalin etc. Could it possibly be that Islam is a similar form of totalitarian fascism to those of North Korea, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia
    ( all of the left )? Heaven forfend!!

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