Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/10/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/10/2012Prince Harry of Great Britain, who was recently returned to duty in Afghanistan, has been threatened with kidnapping and death by the Taliban. They say they will make an all-out effort to abduct the young prince. There’s no word on whether Harry will be clothed while on duty, but presumably he will at least be wearing body armor.

In other news, the Western powers in the International Steering Group granted full sovereignty today to the new nation of Kosovo.

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  1. I thought I heard that Prince Harry had been provided with two armed bodyguards who will be with him at all times. He is a brave young man with a lot of feeling for his comrades in arms, especially those who have lost their lives or been injured. I can’t see any of our bunch of slimey politicians neither this pm nor the previous two doing the same. Why aren’t Tony Blair’s sons out fighting? So this is one in the eye for those who believe that the monarchy should be abolished. President Blair, don’t make me squirm. I see Desmond Tutu wants him impeached over Iraq and plenty of others would like to see him brought to justice for the mass importation of more muslims and other third worlders to boost his store of votes.

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