Bullhorns, Bobbies, and Brickbats

Vlad Tepes has compiled the following video from the EDL’s official footage taken last Saturday at the aborted demonstration in Walthamstow.

In it you’ll hear Kevin Carroll speaking over the PA to the “anti-fascists” throwing bricks and bottles at the EDL. You’ll also see Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston confronting a police officer with the failure of the Metropolitan Police to do their duty and stop the UAF from throwing missiles — or even to arrest anyone who did so.

Watch the stop-action footage as the bottles, bricks, and pieces of wood come flying over the heads of the police to land among the EDL people.

WARNING: Salty language may be heard on occasion in the audio track of this video:

One thought on “Bullhorns, Bobbies, and Brickbats

  1. Unbelievable, check @2:20 the police officer pointing and directing the police video surveillance officer to film the EDL members while all sorts of missiles are being launched behind their backs at the EDL from the UAF line.

    Jolie Rouge

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