The EDL in Stockholm

EDL in Stockholm #1

“As expected, there was a hateful feeling when some of the most prominent from the Counterjihad movement visited Stockholm.”

That was the description posted by EXPO of today’s rally in downtown Stockholm organized by the English Defence League, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller.

The event went off without a major hitch, according to reports from the scene. The following account was collated from live reports by Henrik Ræder Clausen, Nilk, Fjordman, and our Swedish correspondent LN.

The Stockholm police are quoted as saying that the SDL and EDL were peaceful and caused no trouble. Initial Swedish media reports were relatively even-handed, calling the demonstration “Anti-Islamist”.

The police reported that there were about a hundred Counterjihad demonstrators. They also stated that “tens” of counter-demonstrators were arrested, and more arrests are expected in the coming days, due to public order violations. Accounts at the scene said that police employed horses against AFA/Antifa.

The antifas and EXPO had been preparing for today’s event for weeks in advance. Anti-EDL posters appeared all over Stockholm:

EDL in Stockholm #2:

This one refers to the EDL as “Breivik’s foot-soldiers”.

There was a gay pride parade in Stockholm this weekend at the same time as the EDL/SION rally:

EDL in Stockholm #3: The counter-demonstrators

The Gay Pride people were saying “not in our name” to the EDL. Was anyone aware of the irony of celebrating gay pride alongside a gathering of jihadis and antifas who protested the Counterjihad?

According to reports from the scene, Tommy Robinson’s speech — in which he quoted Winston Churchill — was well-received.

Messages on Twitter said that the violence erupted at the “far-right demo” in Stockholm, and that anti-racism protesters threw bottles at police. In some of the photos, the flag of Imperial Iran was visible in the crowd.

The antifas had coordinated the sale and distribution of large numbers of vuvuzelas, which were to be used to drown out the “fascist” speakers:

EDL in Stockholm #4: the Vuvuzela Brigade

Fortunately, the police kept the counter-demonstrators far away from the Counterjihad rally, making it perfectly possible to hear the speakers. It seems that the Swedish media reporters didn’t want to give that impression, however, and focused on the vuvuzela noise.

EDL in Stockholm #5: Isak Nygren of the SDL

Isak Nygren, of the Swedish Defence League, sported an “Islamophobic and Proud of It” button when he appeared on camera at today’s rally.

More photos, including one of police restraining the Vuvuzela Brigade, may be found at the EXPO website (text in Swedish).

Final assessment: today’s event saw less trouble than occurred in Aarhus a few months ago. There was better sound, and less disorder.

Antifa FAIL!

Islamophobic and Proud of It

15 thoughts on “The EDL in Stockholm

  1. What a relief. I have been filled with foreboding all week – especially when I heard about the vuvuzelas to be employed against the speechifying.

    There are pictures on the EXPO site, and a few videos up here and there which give you an idea of how far away the counter-demonstrators were kept from the speakers. A dozen vuvuzelas at most, and the noise couldn’t carry far enough to affect the speeches.

    Just knowing what work went into the recent Brussels Conference, I know the organizers of this event must be both glad it went off well and relieved at the same time.

  2. The vuvuzelas are the most potent symbol of the leftist fascists: a mindless white noise designed to short-circuit any and all thought processes. The fascists now have the perfect tool for advancing what passes for leftist thought.

    Of course, one wonders if the presence of the vuvuzelas is necessary at all. The “Queers Against Borders” are either not queer, or so stupid as to not know that the more Muslims come into Sweden, the more violence there will be against homosexuals. This is not a subtle concept. The Taliban in Afghanistan publicly debated whether the proper treatment for a homosexual was to kill him by toppling a wall on top of him, or to kill by by firing squad. Even for leftists, it is amazingly stupid to embrace people who publicly proclaim their intention to kill you.

    These guys must tape vuvuzelas to their mouths when they sleep: there’s no other explanation.

  3. There is a clip on youtube of Tommy speaking, but it’s from Swedish TV (so far as I can make out) and there’s an announcer talking the whole time and you can hardly make out what Tommy’s saying. I recognised the quote from a certain Mr. Churchill straight away however.

  4. My guess is this; that the more the same anti-fascists and homo-pride people attend these anti-fascist protests the more who will finally recognize that the counter-jihad protestors, by their peaceful protests, are not their real enemy at all.

    I’m not suggesting this will occur in large numbers, however, I believe the truth of any subject makes itself quite apparent to those who can still think for themselves.

  5. Most excellent!

    I hope that the SDL finds more support among the locals, especially gays and women. Since these two groups are often the first targeted by Muzzies. Hopefully they’ll get wise and do asap.

    I don’t want to read about more Swedes being beaten and killed by these tribal lowlifes.

    And the vuvuzela. What a apt tool for the Left, it symbolizes the utter nonsense emitted when they speak.

  6. I looked at the Queers against Borders website, and it seems to be one of those extreme anarchist queer groups. Queer anarchists definitely don’t represent the gay community as a whole, in fact, groups like this routinely cause trouble for moderate gay groups.

    Don’t expect anyone from queer anarchist groups to see the light, but there are a lot of gay people who are aware of the dangers of Islamism.

    In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see a consistent pro-Israel slant at the mainstream gay website, They’ve posted a few pro-Israel articles, especially re: the Pride parades in Tel Aviv, and gay friendly policies in the IDF, etc., and although the usual anti-semitic trolls show up in the comments thread, there is strong pushback from ordinary gay people, Jewish and non-Jewish, who support Israel and are Islam-critical.

  7. I was following the Swedish press coverage from Aftonbladet. While it seemed decent at first – using the term “anti-Islamist” about EDL, for example – when the speakers started, the Swedish journalist found it more appropriate for her viewers to hear her own prejudice and recycled rumours than to show what people on the stage were actually saying. She drowned them out with her commentary at first, then when the speakers kept making sense and were easily audible (Swedish police kept the vuvuzela noise away), the camera team had to resort to the emergency solution of filming police cars instead. We sure saw a lot of those!

    I believe the Swedish press was profoundly disappointed to not have a lot of street battles to show. They went to the hatecrowd for some screaming, returning only to the EDL stage when the demonstration was over and people packed down. All in a friendly atmosphere radically different from that in the Antifa crowd.

  8. Thank you for this report. I never understand leftist women supporting sharia law. The first thing that would happen if it came to a town near them, is that they would all be forced to wear ugly, non-name brand black things and some would be stoned for adultery or whatever.

    Women are slaves under sharia. I wish the leftist girls would actually read the hadith. And, the gay community does not seem to get this as well. Anarchy causes a lack of rational thinking.

  9. Not one BEEP in the Swedish State controlled Public Service Radio P1 about yesterday’s so called counterjihad manifestation in Stocholm.
    The islamfriendly state-sponsored culture-marxistic organization EXPO depicts the event here. Visit the site to see a dozen of good pictures of Geller, Spencer et al.

    Here follows a translation of the EXPO-presentation.
    – – –
    War Rhetoric at the anti-Muslim Meeting
    Published 2012-08-04 in ‘EXPO Today’

    On saturday in central Stockholm the counter jihad movement helt a manifestattion. Several central figures of the movement gave speeches. A recurring theme was the alleged war between the West and the Muslim world, but also against the media.
    – Media is at war against you, they are at war against freedom,
    said Pamela Geller, spokesperson for ‘Stop Islamisation of Nations’, SION. Pamela Geller had together with Robert Spencer, SION, traveled to Stockholm from the U.S. to speak at the anti-Muslim meeting under the slogan “For freedom and democracy.”

    Spencer and Geller are prominent profiles in the U.S. within the anti-Muslim environment. Besides these two, the English Defence League, EDL, the German party ‘Die Freiheit’, and several more anti-Muslim organizations were represented at the meeting. The theme of all speeches was the alleged threat to the West, which, according to the speakers come from Islam.
    – They want to enslave you and your children, said Geller. Pamela Geller claimed in her speech that the counter jihad movement stands for truth.
    – The media and politicians are spreading lies and the lies are evil, she said.

    Geller also praised the EDL. – All credit to the EDL, I stand with the EDL, she said. EDL is notorious since several of their demonstrations degenerated into violence. Geller, however, claims to ‘Expo Today’ that the EDL is not violent and that she would never ally herself with a violent organization.
    – You talked about the war in your speech, what is this war?
    – It is an ideological war. It is a war about our minds, says Geller.

    EDL-leader Stephen Lennon described Islam and Muslims as an internal threat of the community. He also argued that it is “a battle that will last a long time.”
    – The Muslim ideology is invading the country and rape your women, said Lennon. Both Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll has recently come into the party leadership of the British Freedom Party, BFP.

    Paul Weston who is leader of the BFP said in his speech that it was time for the EDL to be politicized. Paul Weston called for a unified “struggle” and warned of a coming civil war.
    – We are at war, we must unite. I do not know if that will happen in my lifetime, but I guarantee you that there will be a deadly struggle between Islam and Christianity – a war we can not afford to lose, said Paul Weston to ‘Expo Today’. Weston also said that he is totally convinced that “Islamists” in the future will start a civil war.
    – Most Muslims are moderate, but the moderates will be forced to choose sides.
    – I think most Muslims will choose the Islamists’ side.

    – Does that mean that you see all Muslims as a threat?
    – They are a potential threat, says Weston to ‘Expo Today’.

    ‘Die Freiheit’-member Michael Stürzenberger explained in his speech that he had visited Rosengård in Malmö. He claimed that there was “Sharia law” there.
    – We saw many Muslims.
    – They believe that they determine their own laws. If they want to live here in the West they must follow our rules.
    – The Quran is the most dangerous book in the world, said Stürzenberger.

    Daniel Vergara (@DanielVergara26)

  10. Hoorah for the EDL and the SDL. Isn’t it amazing how peaceful one of these rallies can be when the Muslims and the Communists are kept away from the rally?

  11. It would be nice to see Pammy G admit she got it wrong about the EDL.

    And Gates of Vienna got it right.

    Never happen though. The whole ego thing. Pammy G is impressive in some ways, extremely disappointing in others.

  12. There was coverage on Yahoo but it was the usually politically correct Marxist NUJ line about Neo-Nazis and gave the impression that they were being violent. It spoke of the rising tide of anti-immigration and anti-Islam movements in Europe but no mention of course of the high rate of rape in Sweden or the Muslim anti-Semitism. My Methodist minister has “come out” by expressing concerns about the advance of Islam. He told me about the presence of British muslims in Syria and that the whole uprising was being fuelled by Islamists and could not understand what the British government was doing ( I wanted to say reading from the one world hymn sheet). You can understand the reaction of China and Russia but not that of Western Europe and America to Syria unless it is all part of the Globalization/one world/Marxist Muslim alliance and the creation of Eurabia. I said that the Muslims were now able to continue what they began 1500 years ago and remove the last traces of Christianity from the Middle East and North Africa. He replied that Islam has always been spread by the sword and when I said Europe would be next he agreed. I don’t think there was any mention of this demonstration on the Marxist BBC. As regards the vuvuzelas, this is a physical symbol of their methods of control, terrorise with sound or psychology and supress freedom of speech and even speech at all totally so there can be no rational resistance. The policies of multiculturalism as forced on Europe from Ireland to Austria have no rational explanation as the process is wholly irrational as that master of reason, Enoch Powell, tried to explain but was silenced by a vuvuzela blown by that Marxist conservative, like our present pm, Edward Heath.

  13. On one side, hypocrisy, the groups that demand special treatment as a ‘protected minority’ at the expense of the majority.

    On the other side, the forces of reason.

    Poor things, they don’t really stand a chance.

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