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We just received this email from one of our regular readers in Scandinavia:

Hi Baron,

I just noticed that Wikipedia has an article about Gates of Vienna. It only comprises a few lines, and it is obviously biased against GoV. They have used Norwegian references, so it was quite possibly written by someone in Norway.

Maybe some of the regular GoV readers could rectify the bias in that article and make it more objective?

I’ve seen the entry in question before, but never paid much attention to it. It’s well-known that when it comes to political issues, Wikipedia is dominated by leftists and dhimmis. Resisting the progressive slant of wiki articles is like trying to clean up after a mudslide with a teaspoon.

However, any doughty and/or masochistic readers who are authorized Wikipedia editors may wish to give it the ol’ college try.

By the way — you’ll notice that there is no link or URL for this blog in that Wikipedia entry, just the title “Gates of Vienna”. Very strange.

10 thoughts on “Sticky Wiki

  1. Must be written by a little tiny leftist mind! Narrowmindedly thought and seen by someone with an enourmous need to build up knowledge both about culture and history, as well as news from around the world, near and far.

  2. Anybody that would use the term Islamophobic (devised by Muslim Brotherhood Islamists to deflect criticism of Islam by insinuating it is analogous to racism) is a complete moron.

    But, I suppose, that makes it a fitting term to describe GoV.


  3. And few hours later: Proposed for deletion

    “It is proposed that this article be deleted because of the following concern:
    Blog’s author was recently deemed not noteworthy and deleted”

  4. My entry was gone after ten minutes. Luckily I have a screenshot.

    Bye all, gotta go back to vhurk.

    Outlaw Mike/Belgistan

  5. Been working with this for the last couple of weeks. The mud/teaspoon analogy is apt. The text itself is now somewhat less biased, and that seems to be sticking. But the application of “Islamophobia” and now “Anti-Turkism” keeps going back and forth. Any additional help would be welcome.

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