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A petty quarrel between two teenagers in a Hamburg school escalated into an attack with scissors on a classmate who tried to intervene. Is anyone surprised that the assailant’s name is Abdoul?

Notice that at least one serious incident involving rape or violence occurred every single day last year in the schools of Hamburg.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from Die Welt:

Student stabbed classmate with scissors

As the 15-year-old student attempted to mediate in a dispute between two classmates, Abdoul B. attacked him in his back with a pair of scissors.

A 16-year-old stabbed and severely injured a classmate during a lesson in the District School “am Hafen”. The 15-year-old victim had engaged in a mediation [between two classmates], but then the attacker thrust the scissors into his back.

The youngster had come to blows with another classmate and had thrown a chair at him. After committing the aggression, the 16-year-old escaped from the school, but was detained shortly afterwards in his home in Billstedt. The injured youngster is being treated in a hospital.

The [female] teacher could not stop them

It was not clear why Abdoul B. (16) and his coeval classmate Aresh R. began to quarrel during the German grammar lesson. It was said in the afternoon that it must have been an issue of “minimal importance”.

What is certain is that the quarrel between them escalated. The teacher intervened after a chair flew, but she was unable to control the two students.

What happened next was explained by the witnesses as follows:

Abdoul B. wanted to go for his opponent again, and just as Tunay S. (15) began to intervene in the dispute, he then became the target of violence. Abdoul B. took the scissors and used them to attack the 15-year-old in then back, after which the victim fell down [severely injured].

The perpetrator, who until that day was unknown to the police, fled using a fire escape. Aresh R. was brought to another room and eventually treated by the emergency doctor before being carried to the hospital. He is not in serious danger.

221 serious incidents per year in the schools of Hamburg

The teacher and the students who witnessed the events had to be treated by the crisis intervention team. Violent incidents happen continually in the Hamburg schools. Just last June [a youngster] stabbed another during a football match in the sports field of the School of Foreign Languages at Barmbeker street.

Last school year 221 especially serious incidents were reported in the schools of Hamburg, incidents such as sexual assaults or violent/dangerous physical attacks. This means that according to the statistics there was no school day in Hamburg without a serious incident involving aggression.

The names of the schools specially affected by this trend are kept secret by the authorities in order to prevent them from being avoided. The school on Neustädter Street (as it is called by the security services) had not drawn attention in the past.

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  1. Also of note is that Aresh and Tunay are not German names. I can’t say that they’re Turk or not, but I’m guessing they’re Turk or Kurd.

  2. There was no need for a crisis intervention team when I was growing up, being educated at a non-culturally enriched school in the UK in the seventies.

    We had the belt in those days.

    And teachers used it – I know!

  3. The question is what to do when there is constantly noise and threats in the classrooms

  4. The New World Order uses juvenile barbarians to degrade the safety and education of everyone.

    If you are worried about the low level creeps killing you, then you are distracted from the high level crooks who are stealing you blind.


  5. The schools with the worst records are kept secret, our kids just become multicultural cannon fodder, or more succinctly , collateral damage of the great mulitculti project. Is there enough rope in all the world to deal with these traitors?

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