Mugged by Reality in Rinkeby

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Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends a translation of an article about a recent enrichment incident in Sweden. The translator includes this note:

This brief article concerns the happy state of affairs in Modern Multicultural Sweden. It seems that members of the state-sponsored propaganda machinery, SVT, were culturally enriched by the very people they so vociferously defend.

It reminds me of a Norwegian joke:

Two Norwegian female social workers are walking in a park in Oslo. All of a sudden they come across a male robbery victim who has been knocked unconscious and is covered in blood. This causes one of the social workers to break down in tears.

“Oh no — think of the poor oppressed person who did this to that man!”

The translated article from

Stockholm: TV news team from SVT [Swedish National Broadcasting Corporation] robbed at knifepoint

By Rubb

A TV journalist and a photographer from SVT were on an assignment in Rinkeby on the outskirts of Stockholm doing a story on the so-called “nystartszoner” (New Beginnings Zones) in deprived socioeconomic areas when they were threatened with a knife and had their camera and tripod taken away from them.

At approximately 1 pm two young men walked up to the SVT photographer and demanded that he hand over the camera. Simultaneously the photographer was shoved by the other assailant. When he turned around he noticed that the man who had just shoved him was holding a knife. The knife wielding assailant then proceeded to grab the camera and the tripod from the photographer before both robbers ran away.

The head of the news department of SVT, Mikael Hvinlund, is saddened by the incident. Rinkeby is a place where SVT wants to keep a visible presence.

“It is a shame that our team had to experience this. Rinkeby is an area where we want to keep a high profile,” says Hvinlund.

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6 thoughts on “Mugged by Reality in Rinkeby

  1. When I hear stories like this I cannot help but feel a touch of Schadenfeude.
    Reminds me of an incident in Tower Hamlets, East London, UK.
    After reports of postal voting fraud in this highly enriched London Borough, an intrepid journalist from the Independent news rag went to investigate.
    The Independent for those who dont know is an ultra PC, ultra Lefty rag which has printed anti white hate articles in the past.
    Well the reporter Jerome Taylor was attacked by a mob of enrichers.
    Funny? I nearly choked on my Halal Lamb Chops. Ha ha ha.

  2. That poor prisoner of the multicults is “saddened” by this assault?

    What part of “private property” does he fail to understand? Oh wait. “Thou shalt not steal”. How retrograde of me.

    Maybe if he says “please” they’ll sell his property back to him. But if he lived in the UK he would be arrested for dealing in stolen goods. But maybe Sweden sees it differently??

    Ah, the Swedes, they are lilies of the field, they are. Their stems may be a little bent from the kevlar vests they’d be wise to don…

    They do have a higher class of thieves, though. In some places here, they’d take your equipment and stab you anyway.

  3. Yes I’m sure those multicultists would be made most welcome by the inhabitants of these new beginnings zones, if they chose to sell their homes and move there.

    I mean, those new beginnings zones are so cool and tolerant, why don’t those reports choose to live there?

    Why is that?

  4. The Swedes don’t get that displaying gutlessness to Muzzies only encourages them. For they are a primitive minded and debauched people and is why they have to be ruled by tyrants.

    So the Muzzies will only become more bold and brutal. Home invasions will be next. Expect rapes to skyrocket over the next few years.

    The sad thing is, the Swedes are like Dodo’s facing a invasion of wharf rats. Evolution had stripped the Dodo of brains and just about everything else. The same with the Swedes. In the face of human rats, all they can do is bleat.

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