Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/12/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/12/2012East London experienced its largest fire in many years today. Some reports say the burning building was a factory that makes swimming pool chemicals; others refer to it as a recycling center. Despite the large numbers of firefighters called to the scene, officials say that coverage of the Oympic Stadium by emergency service personnel was not affected.

In other news, billionaire George Soros has announced his engagement to a young woman some 42 years his junior.

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  1. Quote:
    Under the Establishment Clause of that amendment, the government is prohibited from establishing a state religion or conferring preferential treatment on one religion over another.

    The 1st Amendment forbids the government from establishing a religion.
    It does not, however, forbid a religion from establishing a government that can, like a virus, supplant the functions and institutions of secular government.
    That is why Imam Rauf says, and accurately, that the U.S. Constitution & Amendments are Sharia compliant.
    He’s right.
    And that should worry those of us who don’t want to be conquered and forced to submit.

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