Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/10/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/10/2012Several American special forces soldiers in Afghanistan were invited by an Afghan policeman to an Iftar dinner at his home. When the soldiers arrived at the dinner, three of them were shot to death by one of the Afghans. The killer was dressed in a police uniform, but officials are not certain that he was actually a police officer.

In other news, vandals desecrated a mosque in Gatwick, south of London, by throwing eggs and alcohol on the outside of the building while worshippers were inside.

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/10/2012

  1. Our military officers O-4 and above are sell outs. Not one has had the cajones to resign and condemn the idiot fraternization policy created by Patreus and other military losers to appease a gutless Congress.

    No integrity, no respect, no honor, just a life support system for a methane generator. Been like that since Vietnam. Then the Army wonders why it’s losing it’s most combat experienced officers. And when polls show the lower ranked officers don’t trust the uppers, well that cinches it.

    And yeah the Green hats knew the guy, they trained him. Bet they were ordered to visit him as well and were disarmed too. Look the SF guys aren’t dumb and know they have a bullseye on their backs. This wasn’t volitional

    Get our people out and let those Muzzie savages slaughter each other.

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