Enricher vs. Enricher in Copenhagen

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In the video below, you can see four foreign-looking boys push an asylum-seeker onto the train tracks at the main station in Copenhagen and rob him and his friend.

The footage is from Ekstrabladet on August 15, 2012: “Robbers in orgy of violence: pushed victim onto train tracks”.

Many thanks to Nicolai Sennels for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Here we see how one of the two victims are push down on the train tracks
00:04   and this is how his friend was treated.
00:07   It happened at the Copenhagen Main Station shortly before midnight, August 2nd 2012.
00:12   The attackers were four against two.
00:15   The victims were two asylum-seekers, who besides the harsh treatment
00:18   had their cash and computer stolen.
00:29   The police describe the attackers as being between fourteen and eighteen years old.

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5 thoughts on “Enricher vs. Enricher in Copenhagen

  1. As I understand it, an “asylum seeker” is generally an upper-middle class native of a third-world country who takes advantage of UN- and EU-mandated “refugee” programs to enter a Western nation illegally or under false premises, in order to receive free housing and generous social benefits for as long as he or she does not feel motivated to seek employment. This right of the “refugee” to be supported by the taxpayers is hereditary, and is frequently passed on to the offspring of said “refugee.” “Refugees” also enjoy full or partial immunity from the laws of their new country, are allowed to force their culture and religion onto the indigenous population, and tend to display much higher average rates of crime, poverty, educational underachievement, and other forms of social malaise than the local residents. Creating huge, violent ghettos composed of such individuals on the outskirts of European cities is called “progressive social policy.”

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