Debbie Disses DHS

The MSM and Drudge are definitely way behind the curve on this story…though at least the one of the former outlets had the courtesy to name their source.

Or perhaps, since their source is a lawyer-with-a-website, the two newspapers decided discretion was the better part of journalistic valor here. Amend that: the MSM hides behind the curve, hoping that none of the particularly egregious stories they already cover over like a cat in a litter box will ever see air and light.

These guys regularly kill more lively stories than your neighborhood abortionist ever dreamed of snuffing. And when those stories finally begin to walk and talk anyway, these same swell fellows pretend they don’t exist — just phantoms created by the meanies on the Right. That’s their meme and they’re sticking to it. Doing otherwise would require looking for work.

Thus we come to a Truth doctor, one who has no qualms about bringing these reports to life:

Among many other things the MSM doesn’t touch, Debbie Schlussel has been reporting on the waaay strange and quite bent appointments emanating from the Obama administration since at least 2010 — her information probably goes back further, but that’s as good a place as any to begin before moving on to her current series of stories on our Department of Homeland Security. Her work will not make you feel more secure.

I learned two new things on that post. The first is the word “tranny” for transgendered persons. Ms. Schlussel is not sparing in her details of their surgery. Thus, the second thing I learned was that in order for Mitch to become a more credible “Amanda” he had to have his forehead ground down and his Adam’s apple removed. Shudder. No wonder Islam thinks we can be rolled without a problem. I don’t know the critical point for a culture which promotes such decisions as a good, but sometimes it seems our little barrel is tumbling way too fast toward the Falls.

The Big Story

But those stories are merely firecrackers compared to the latest, the big artillery of her latest revelation.

Schlussel ‘s accounts detailing the hostile atmosphere toward men at the Department of Homeland Security are startling. Apparently, since Janet Napolitano became head honcho at DHS, an anti- testosterone poison gas has been oozing from under her office door.

[Question: where does our President dig up these people? This administration must have by now far exceeded the numbers of incompetents hired by any president since Grant’s time in office.]

I’d love to know how Ms. Schlussel got a hold of this lawsuit, but her sources don’t matter. What is important is her willingness to investigate and report. And I love her headlines, just like real newspapers used to do it. Makes me nostalgic:

EXCLUSIVE: Top NY Homeland Security Cop Sues Napolitano; Alleges Obama DHS Officials’ Anti-Straight Discrimination, Demands for Oral Sex — “J-No Appointed Lesbian Girlfriend, ICE Chief of Staff Harassed Male Agents”

And then, when the New York papers finally picked it up, she headlined:

NY Daily News, NY Post Credit Schlussel for Breaking Napolitano Lawsuit Story

There, she notes their lack of integrity:

But only the New York Daily News’ reporters did the ethical thing and made sure I got credit within the article in the print edition. I called and e-mailed the New York Post reporter, Bruce Golding, and his editor to complain, and in response, they belatedly gave me credit within the online article at 10:47 a.m., after the article had been published online for over 10 hours and the print edition cuts me entirely out of my story. They’ve promised to “make it up to me,” but I’m not holding my breath (since I don’t know how you can possibly make up to someone breaking their big scoop and cutting them out of it, now that the cat is out of the bag and already old news, by their doing).

[see the links in the above at her post]

In one of her posts — I’ve now lost my bearings amid all this information she has gathered — Ms. Schlussel explains what the career guys think:

Agents suspect this pan-gay discrimination is why Beth Gibson, a lawyer with no law enforcement experience, is Obama’s Assistant Deputy Director of ICE and was recently granted Senior Executive Status (SES), which means she will make well over $200,000 a year plus benefits. Gibson is the woman who killed ICE’s successful worksite enforcement and fugitive operations that used to make illegal aliens fearful of getting caught (now they laugh). Gibson lobbied ICE Director John Morton and Jim Dinkins, the Director of Investigations to give her girlfriend an ICE Special Agent position for which she is not qualified. The girlfriend, agents say, could not pass the Special Agent Exam (which is a pretty easy test . . .

Political cronyism squared and queered while the rest of us are screwed.

The stone wall of silence erected by the MSM to keep out any bad news for Barry isn’t a surprise. But the fact that this reticence continued even after this lawsuit was filed on May 21st.?? Color me Baffled. They can’t touch it till some website does, and even then it’s with reluctance and disdain. This is just one more sadly predictable example of the sleazy practices used by the MSM with their ongoing “investigations-for-thee-but-not-for-me” attacks on conservatives.

Were they not so dim, they surely would have figured out this was going to break eventually. Maybe they thought it could be safely buried in the District Court Clerk’s office till after the election? Lame, I know, but at this point one is left rummaging for reasons.

By now we know all too well that the contents of such a filing would have made The New York Times front page were it to occur in a Republican administration. You’d have to go back to the paranoid days of Nixon to find the like on the right; he was an exception and his flimsy little “Enemies List” is small potatoes compared to the huge cross-referenced data base kept by the current gatekeepers, all in thrall to the rigors of the up-the-ante Chicago Smear Machine. And it turns out Nixon’s paranoia, if not his actions, was spot-on.

Well, the dike is starting to leak now; can’t but so many jornolists put their fingers in all the holes. Thus, TWO New York papers are telling the story Debbie Schlussel broke ALL BY HERSELF. I don’t doubt more than a few jornolists and jornolistas were sitting on this one. Their reasons? Either too lazy to look or too afraid of their peers if they go public. Can you think of another reason a well-substantiated story remained behind the wall of silence? One of the papers links her, but both mention Ms. Schlussel as the source. Drudge? Nope. He doesn’t deign to stoop that low. Lucky for her because a Drudge lanche can bring down your site.


Obama’s group is setting Olympic-level records for incompetent political appointments, and for Democrat vengeful retaliation against professional, career bureaucrats. Not to mention attacks against private citizens who fail to love him. See the IRS investigations into the Tea Party — just hassle and hatred and stalling in hopes of disheartening them — us, in fact, since we’re members of the Tea Party in Virginia, though I am too disabled to attend any more. Oh — how about the immediate IRS threats against the casino owner in Las Vegas who had the temerity to give lots of money to Mitt Romney?

Clinton was real good at this; just ask The American Spectator or those Arkansas state troopers. Or recall what Hillary did to the professionals at the White House Travel department (ruined their careers and impoverished them) for no better reason than using the place as a favor for her political pals. And then there was her illegal use of confidential employee files to dig for information on her “enemies”. Feh. Nixon was an amateur compared to Bill and Hill but that didn’t stop those Washington Post reporters from getting rich off peddling Nixon stories for years while ignoring much of the criminality and sleaze of the Clinton years. They all liked Clinton and he liked them back as long as they remained useful.

But Obama demeans the office of President in ways even President Clinton wouldn’t have. Sure, Clinton would rent out beds at the White House, sell last minute pardons, and his minions would destroy their offices in the executive branch on the way out the door, but he and his ilk were just Arkansas common place trash. Ask any Southerner what the epithet “common” means. Most of ‘em will point to Bill and Hill. No, she wasn’t Arkansas-bred, but Hillary always was a quick learner.

In fact, what Janet is doing in DHS is similar in style to what Hillary did to the permanent bureaucracy in the White House travel office, just so she could put her friends in place. Ruin lives, I mean. That goes for her underhanded access to supposedly private personnel files.

But that was then. This new snake charmer, Obama, is more snake than charm. Bill schmoozed everyone all the time, not just when he wanted money. Sure, money was the goal, but Billy loved the process of pressing flesh. Lots of flesh for various reasons. He called people, he knew how to massage egos and fannies equally well and he loved it all.

Obama? Not so much. Sometimes one could almost mistake him for an Episcopalian — or as we say amongst ourselves, “God’s frozen people”. Obama loves to campaign — must be his preacher genes (is that racist?) — but begging rich donors? Enh. I figured it out: that’s why he had to have Joe Biden do his sudden clumsy shtick about being in favor of gay marriage, apropos of nothing. Due to Obama’s previous support of DOMA (Defence of Marriage Act) in order to attract the middle vote in 2008, the very wealthy gay-lesb community weren’t stepping up to the plate this time. So here comes Joe, stage left, to make his dumb-sounding statement in favor of gay marriage. And then, stage right, Obama could slink in reluctantly and say his set piece about gay unions being cool after all — leading the larger middle-of-the-road traditionalists to think he’d been politically cornered into it by Flappin’ Lips Joe. Now that’s transparency for you. Final result: the gay spigot finally turned on.

Obama is selling not only his soul in his quest for money, but his family time too. Wanna eat dinner with the First Couple? Pony up. And while you’re at it, send us your wedding presents to pawn for campaign cash. No one has offered up her first-born yet, but I’ll bet that’s not off the table.

That lawsuit Ms. Schlussel has on pdf is dynamite. The plaintiff has requested a jury trial which leads one to conclude he would rather trust his peers in such a proceeding than whatever judge he might draw in that district court. This demand is proof regarding the advice to hire a lawyer when possible: they know where the landmines are in our increasingly dangerous judicial pastures. A jury’s presence will likely temper the inclinations of a political judge.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
The Department of Homeland Security remains one of George Bush’s greatest mistakes.

He ought to have refused the pressure to add another horrifically dense layer to an already bloated federal government. I liked Bush (and there was much to like, so don’t start with the Bush hate in the comments — he’s not the point of this sordid story. Choose a harder target) but the final accounting of history — REAL history — may not be kind, given his many wrong-headed decisions. I mean specifically his “headed in the wrong direction” toward bloated, opaque central government Ditka.

On the other hand, when I line up his many sins against conservatism, I have only to consider his two opponents to realize the political establishment is the real problem. I look at his two opponents and feel relief that he won both times:

The first was a life-long politician, a zealot who wrote about our need to eliminate the internal combustion engine and whose life has since come apart in sleazy details about his sexual proclivities and his obscenely humungous carbon footprint. But never mind about those; we’d never have heard about them had he not become eventual fair game for our jornolists. That’s what happens to the loser.

The second was even worse: a mean-spirited man who lied about his service in Vietnam, who made his “hate America first” credentials part of his agenda — an inclination he inherited from his daddy who was a career time-server in the State Department. Daddy’s book is still available in the bowels of the internet. Kerry, too, was safe game for the jornolists when he was found to be hiding his yacht in another state, safe from the tax-crazy Massachusetts residents he is supposed to serve. A story that never would have seen the light of day had he won.

Third time lucky: we now have Obama to realize the failed dreams of both those leftists and to do it with even more mean-spirited spitefulness than either of them possessed.

Janet Napolitano is just one of Obama’s grossly unfit appointments. Surely she is matched by tax-dodger little Timmy Geithner at Treasury and race-baiting Eric Holder at the Department of Justice. There are dozens of others in this grim administration and collectively they represent our ruination. Re-elect Obama and the plunge into incompetent degradation will be full tilt..

As for George Bush, his attempts to rein in the worst of the housing greed during his last years went unheeded, and for that attempt on his part, History will be kinder.

Meanwhile, I hope his work with orphans in Africa serves as a kind of expiation or solace for seven years in Hell.

Ah, the pity.

13 thoughts on “Debbie Disses DHS

  1. Dymphna: Funny how one may identify the writer from just a few lines. As soon as I began reading this article I recognized you as the author. Of course nothing can be certain in this world anymore so I had to check the credentials at the bottom just to be sure. Ha!

    Your dissection of the current crowd inhabiting the White House is both insightful and depressing. I guess anyone who has an inkling of Obama’s real history can no longer be surprised at what he brings to a once looked up to Icon and aguardian of freedom and justice.

    We have our own sordid story to tell here in down under land with out present unelected government headed by an unelected prime minister, but you have so much more to lose than us in the immediate future, that will eventually, and if left unchecked, will come to ruin the whole world.

    Hats off to Debbie Schlussel, in my books she is a heroine!

  2. Sorry, but it’s true: Transgender people are mentally ill, and “gender reassignment surgery” is NOT the cure for whatever ails them. Neither is government employment.

  3. It’s not incompetence, it is malevolence…that is at work by the minority identity politics New Left radicals that are currently running the show in Washington.


  4. The Anchoress has some good lateral back-up for this tale of tyranny:

    A Female Frathouse at DHS? I Believe!

    It is disappointing to see that she links only the two MSM stories and not Schlussel, though.

    She says she expects the story to go down the media hole quickly, but I don’t. A court case is coming and only exists because the plaintiff exhausted all the other options open to him for redress within the system.

    The court case will be carried, beginning with the conservative websites, moving on to a “kill-the-victim” attack on this man by the left, and eventually working its way up the food chain.

    Meanwhile, despite her oversight on the origins of this important story, the Anchoress has some good stories to tell, stories of the times we live in and similar to ones I’ve heard from other men. She says:

    That totally rings true to me, because a couple of male friends of mine have shared humiliating stories of being targeted by members of the gynocracy who — perhaps feeling their privilege entitles them to a bit of feminist payback — played “jokes” on their male subordinates that should rightly have brought lawsuits and some miserable publicity their way. What protected them? The unwillingness of the men to publicly acknowledge the figurative castration they were undergoing by the miserable women they worked for, who played their games and then pretended it was all a joke

    Her take-away summation:

    People who lack character become tyrants when they have more power than they should, and that’s just as true for any woman as for any man

    I’d say this was MORE true for “a woman without character” because the hole where character should be is often filled with huge hatred and grievances galore. This is surely the case with those who convince themselves they’ve been unfairly, personally oppressed and it’s payback time…wimmen, gays, minorities, short people,etc.

    Whatever category a purported victim can squeeze herself into will do just fine for a jousting costume.

  5. A friend who sent me the link to Schlussel’s story defined the subject as “More on Big Sis, Dyke Honcho of Sapphic Spankers & Flamboyant Fellas–all Praetorian Towel Holders in waiting for our steamy Prezzy”

    I want to put in a good word for Schlussel here. She is a brave woman writing under her own name and she has been the gadfly of US Dept of Justice and of ICE for years — not the safest tack to be on. Moreover, she is a Jew living in or near Detroit in Muzchigan, and she is highly critical of Islam’s inroads in America, which gets her a daily stream of hate mail.
    Takuan Seiyo

  6. Regarding Debbie Schussel.

    While all credit is due to her reporting this story, and I commend her for it. Ms Schussel thus has issues that must be addressed.

    1. She constantly attacks any and all women in the counterjihad movement. She has made vicious personal attacks against Brigette Gabriel, Pam Geller, Michelle Malkin, etc. She attacks their looks, makes wild claims about their motives, and calls them liars. When asked to define her vicious attacks she skits the subject or ignores it. Her typical response is to claim she already addressed it (when she has not)

    2. If you EVER disagree with her about her beloved Israel she calls you a bigot and anti semite. She refuses to address the issue & instead calls names.

    3. She has made vicious and rude comments about lower ranking members of the military & veterans. While claiming to support the troops, in response to a comment in july 2009 she called a disabled Iraq veteran names such as “loser” “a whiner” “part of the loser generation who just happened to serve in a useless war & is now trying to get someone to kiss his boo boos” I happen to be the Veteran who she is insulting.

    I am sorry I wrote more than 500 words but I think this to be an important comment to let people see both sides of Ms Schussel & I do not own my own blog.

  7. With this kind of story you’re losing track of the main problem: islam is at our ‘gates of Vienna’. Plenty of us concerned about islam are quite left wing or middle of the road, don’t consider abortion murder, don’t mind transgender people having sex change operations, support gay rights and don’t want to be identified with all the elements of right-wing conservatism. We want to focus on islam because it threatens our freedom. There needs to be a place for people like us to understand the threat that islam poses without being bashed with anti-gay crap!

  8. @L. Baker
    I heard the same negatives about D. Schlussel from a reliable elsewhere. Where there is smoke there is fire. I think my positive comment and your negative one must stand side by side. A similar exercise could be carried out relative to more major figures that contibuted mightily to the common good yet had repellent, contemptible personal flaws. You could start from William Buckley and go back to Mozart.
    Takuan Seiyo

  9. @Anon. anti-anti-gay
    Dymphna must have a lot to say about your comment, but as one whose writing has beeen feautered here and who is against most everything you seem to favor, I’d like to give you my response.

    Islam is not at the gates of Vienna but inside Vienna already, though not dominant yet. It is where it is because progressive liberals opened those gates. You remind me of a diabetic in advanced stages, his legs already blue, and lashing out at a nutritionist criticizing the consumption of sugared soft drinks. “I don’t want to hear about this anti-Cola crap,” he rails, “I come to this forum to read about the dangers of ice cream!”

    Dymphna’s post or Schlussel’s for that matter are not anti-gay, nor is my writing though I am a fierce critic of the “GLBT community.” I don’t think you’ll find negative comments here about such homosexuals as Bruce Bawer, Alan Bloom, Noel Coward, Tammy Bruce, Camille Paglia and others of that cut. It’s when homosexuality becomes the center of one’s identity rather than one of its secondary features, and a flaunted in-your-face movement is born to rend the biogenic tethers of society asunder, that it becomes an enemy of people who want to save the West.

    Transgender is much worse than that, though. It’s a spit in the face of the Order of the Universe, i.e. God (and that’s not necessarily the God of the religious right). Raining Muslims and other Thirdworlders onto the home countries of the Euro-origin peoples is exactly the same rebellion against the Order of the Universe — an order respected by all lieving species, even the protozoa.
    Takuan Seiyo

  10. Takuan —

    As an aside to this issue…

    Dymphna and I have a good friend who is gay. He has been one of my best friends since we were both young, years before he was “out”. I have no problem with him or what he chooses to do in the privacy of his bedroom with other consenting adults.

    He once told me that gay activists — members of what I think may now be called the “Queer” movement, not sure what the preferred terminology is — refer to straight people as “breeders”. That is, we exist to provide the raw material to be recruited into Queerdom. We’re repugnant, but necessarty to the movement.

    That exemplifies what I object to about gay activism. The world of people who think like that does not intersect with mine, and I prefer to keep it that way.

    As for my gay friend, he’s fine with me, as are numerous other gay people I’ve known over the years.

    I’ve met a few strident lesbian feminists that I would be glad to avoid, but mostly the lesbians and homosexuals I have known have been apolitical, at least as far as “gender” is concerned. Thank goodness for that!

  11. @Anon 4:53 PM

    You might want to check out Harry’s Place.

    But at base you are in a untenable position. The reason why Islam is waltzing into the West, is because of teh situation of cultural doubt and shame that has allowed all the minority groups to walk all over European Christians. The anti-dote is the re-imposition of Euro-Christian dominion and cultural confidence. That doesnt necessarily mean persection of minorities, but it does mean that they wont be enjoying the diversity promoiton and subversion of majority traditional culture that has brought us to the place of Gay Marriage, and transsexual operations being performed on pre-pubescent teens.

    You are between a rock and a hard place. You have a tough choice to make, Caucasian Chirstian normative society or Islam.

    Choose wisely.


  12. Oh, Baron! So we have our token gay friend, huh? He’s only on your mind because we’re planning a reunion with him at the end of the month.

    What happened to your memory? I know mine has been eaten through by fibromyalgia, but YOU are our historian, our People Keeper. How about Tiny Tina with her soft voice? I still miss her…or my former boss? In fact, two former bosses. Petunia? Not so great, but for a long time her predecessor was fun and a good friend.

    Or how about the ones we can’t name because they’re not OUT – unfashionable of them, fer sure.

    We never did have a great big social circle of any sort after moving to the country -and gay folk flee the confines of these narrow country roads asap – but I’d say the percentage of gay-lesb friends is about equal to their numbers in the larger population.

    I agree with L’s assessment of us straight folk though: we’re breeders. In the same vein, the GL’s tend to ghettoize themselves for whatever reason. And that ghetto is on the Left. Rare are the gay or lesbian conservatives, and I admire their rare courage in coming out TWICE.

    Gay Patriot

    Gay Conservative

    Tammy Bruce

    I found Bruce’s book in an airport – that’s how long it’s been since I haven’t seen the inside of an airport in years. She interviewed us on occasion way back when, but I think we’re pretty much untouchable by now. Not to mention boring.

    Bruce Bawer is a fellow traveler of convenience. After reading The New Quislings: How the International Left Used the Oslo Massacre to Silence Debate About Islam I got the clear sense that if Islam came out with a fatwa approving of gays, the fellow traveler would choose them without a qualm.

    He has a mean passage about Fjordman in that book, an anecdote at variance with the man I know. I checked with Fj and he says the conversation didn’t go the way Bawer described. BB is one of those “guilt by association” folk. He stiff-armed Fj because of his “questionable associates”. Now I wonder who those could be?? And he urged his readers to look up the issue at Little Green Footballs since CJ had “proof”. Sign of a careless thinker – he never bothered reading the other p.o.v., which was heavily sourced. His unseemly focus on American uber gay Andrew Sullivan in a book about Norway was strange.

    At 2.99, I felt cheated. Not a chapter heading in the whole thing.

    OTOH, I love David Sedaris precisely BECAUSE his chronicles of the triumphs and tragedies of a gay man of a certain age are wonderful. While I “found” Bruce in the airport, I discovered Sedaris while waiting to be drugged prior to my mastectomy. I went into the OR laughing…Naked by David Sedaris

    I stole that book from the hospital. Or rather, I traded it for a pound of flesh.

    Gay, shmay. Tyranny ought always to have a large dose of sunshine. Good on Ms. Schlussel.

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