Cop-Killing in Madrid

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According to this report from El Correo, the culturally enriched robber deliberately finished off a female police officer during a shooting in Madrid.

First published at Vlad Tepes:

Officer killed and a second wounded in Madrid shooting

A 59-year-old municipal police officer named Carmen was killed in a shooting on Eduardo Barreiros Street in the Usera District in Madrid. Her partner was shot in the shoulder and hospitalized.

The shooting occurred when two men, originally from North Africa, (Maghrebi) attempted to rob the post office in the area, and began shooting at the agents. It is thought the two robbers grabbed the police officer’s gun. The woman was aided by the emergency services at the scene of the crime.

Apparently, after one of the robbers grabbed the gun he shot the woman officer, and when her partner tried to help her he was also shot. After that one of the robbers finished off the woman in the floor. Some witnesses said they heard three shots.

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5 thoughts on “Cop-Killing in Madrid

  1. Aren’t we so fortunate to have had the opportunity to fight WWII in order to have societies like this.

  2. Swede was
    assaulted by immigrant females, one of them a muslima wearing a veil, on his way to buying a hamburger while his girlfriend was waiting nearby

    He later called the police from the girlfriend’s home to report the incident. Upon the police’ arrival, he added to the explanation that it’s too bad to be assaulted by muslims in the city, to which one of the policemen reacted aggressively, brutally attacking him physically.

    Having their injuries documented from the hospital, the Swedish couple are left shocked.

    – You wouldn’t think this could happen in Sweden, says Tony.

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