The Mounties Bend Over for the Muslim Brotherhood

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have now followed the example of the FBI, the Pentagon, and the Obama administration: No more using the I-word or the M-word. And, whatever you do, don’t ever refer to what terrorists do as “jihad”!

Because jihad, as all true Muslims will tell you, means an “inner struggle”.

Vlad Tepes has uploaded two Brian Lilley videos from SUN TV discussing the issue. In addition to the oh-so-PC policy of the RCMP, the first one discusses some… ahem… delicate matters concerning those pesky “extremists”:

The follow-up video examines the RCMP policy in more detail:

6 thoughts on “The Mounties Bend Over for the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. canada sounds like one screwed up country. people like me, here in the uk used to regard canada as a nation to be envied. for while now i see it as just another western country, just like the uk, that can’t be bothered to defend itself.

  2. Misinformation about Islam and Jihad is also, of course, in British schools. My daughter once came home and informed me that when Mohammed came home from conquering Arabia and said he was passing from the lesser jihad to the greater, he meant he had mastered his outer environment and now he was going to master his internal self.

    I told her that what he really meant was today Arabia, tomorrow the world. She was a bit conflicted about this, and I blame surrender-worshipping Marxist teachers.

  3. When to step aside, when to bow, when to scrape, when to bend over backwards, when to bend over forwards… they’re going to have to issue laminated pocket cards – dhimmi etiquette for dummies.

    George Pal

  4. Many Canadians and indeed many around the world are familiar with the wonderful show Due South, which uses every possible stereotype of the Mountie as the good guy who overcomes everything to show that Canadian values always will overcome. This used to be a guide for Canadian culture, indeed the whole Free World. The good will be rewarded, the bad will pay.Unfortunately, now, we have this ridiculous RCMP guide called Words Make Worlds, oh, we are so impressed, what is he in Grade 6? written by a bureaucrat who conveniently is on vacation saying CANADIAN MOUNTIES are not to use the terms Islam or Muslim. Even when our own PM Steven Harper said last year that Islamism is the main cause of terror. What is a real Canadian to do? Bitch, we are good at that and call the Canadian government to account. It’s real easy, just call them, write them, twitter and Facebook them. Our Royal Canadian Mounted Police have taken some blows lately. Why hasn’t that S&M Mountie from BC with his porn boots been FIRED? The RCMP and their boss must come to account and state what the real problem is. Or just dissolve. I have seen Strathcona’s Horse do an excellent Musical Ride, if that’s all we need the Mounties for. I used to read Gates of Vienna and never see Canada involved but I feel ashamed by this. Keep Fighting For Freedom Every Day.

  5. @ justicia2012
    In other words, for older readers, Dudley Do-Right is now Dudley Do-Nothing? The shame is NOT yours, but the capitulation of Ottowa… keep your chin up, your brethren Due South fight by your side.

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