Norway’s Love Affair With Communist Thugs

Utøya memorial

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends his translation of an opinion piece about one of the admirers of Lenin and Che who played a prominent role at the recent commemoration ceremony on the island of Utøya.

The translator includes this note:

This op-ed was published a couple of days ago. It’s about the official first anniversary commemoration event on Utøya, and the Swedish musician who was invited to perform at the service. Wikipedia has some background info on Mikael Wiehe, the musician in question.

It is no secret that the AUF to a certain extent is a Marxist organization that has previously given their wholehearted support to various dictators and terrorist organizations. However, one would expect that they had re-evaluated their views on autocratic regimes and the use of terrorist tactics as a means to achieve political goals in the wake of the mass shooting on Utøya.

Unfortunately it seems that no such lessons have been learnt.

The translated op-ed from Dagbladet:

Glorifier of violence on Utøya

By Einar Kristian Steffenak
Lecturer and political commentator

Is it really appropriate to invite such a museum custodian and friend of dictatorships to be the main guest at the official one year commemoration event of the July 22 tragedy?

Many of us felt profound sympathy for the AUF members when we followed the televised commemoration from Utøya one year after the fascistic mass murderer went on a rampage there. Great speeches were delivered; great songs, great turnout and a moving speech delivered by Eskild Pedersen in which he also included those who were murdered at Government Square in Oslo. However, and unfortunately, I am left with a rather bitter aftertaste.

And this is due to the choice of the principal musician to perform on Utøya, an excellent artist, but also an old friend of communist dictatorships from the ‘70s, Mikael Wiehe. He still is by the way, but I wasn’t aware that the AUF share his views and I would rather prefer to believe that it isn’t so. Let’s take a look at the past and let’s shed light on some things that young people in Norway know very little about, and which has been underreported and neglected by the schools.

In the wake of the July 22 tragedy few TV reports made a stronger impression on me than the young leading member of AUF who was talking about the sheer hell on Utøya. Hanging on the wall behind him was a large picture of the violent communist Che Guevara. The picture was Alberto Cordes’ iconic “Guerilla Heroico” from 1960, a false romanticizing of a man who sent gays to labour camps to correct their “inclinations”. He was responsible for hundreds of executions after the revolution in 1959. He was an ideologically rigid communist representing a rigid repressive dictatorship. How do such people become heroes, and why is a picture of such a person hanging on a wall as a role model in an AUF office in 2011?

And then there’s Mikael Wiehe. In an op-ed on May 3, 2007 in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter he wrote:

“In the last 40 years Cuba is the country in the region that has done most to safeguard human rights.”

This is pretty hard-core stuff, and it gets even worse: On his album Ta det tilbaka (“Take It Back”) from 2010, he is rightly critical of the financial industry’s greed and its complicity to the financial crisis in 2008. He writes:

«Hater du dom jävlarna, som köper upp och lägger ner. Vill du skära dom i bitar och slå inn dom i paket? Drömmer du om hovuden som ligger i en korg? Vill du sätta upp en galge på närmaste stora torg?»

[“Do you hate the bastards that buy up and shut down? Do you want to cut them into pieces and beat them into parcels? Do you dream of the heads lying in the basket? Do you want to erect gallows in the nearest big square?”]

What is this? It’s good old fashioned Leninist hatred. It’s like reading the justification given by Beria, the chief of the NKVD (later the KGB) to Stalin — which the latter agreed to — to the killing of Polish leaders, including those murdered in the Katyn massacre in 1940. Should Wiehe be allowed to write this? Of course he should. Should he be allowed to sing it? Yes, definitely. But is it really appropriate to invite such a museum custodian and friend of dictatorships as the main guest to the official one year commemoration event of the July 22 tragedy?

On the same day, at about the exact same time that Wiehe sang on Utøya, one of the leading political dissidents in Cuba lost his life. His name was Oswaldo Payá. He was killed in a traffic accident. His daughter has hinted that the regime was responsible for his death. This was of course beyond the control of the AUF and the other attendees on the island, but one thing that definitely wasn’t beyond their control was inviting someone who praises that regime.

They should refrain from doing so again. What they could do is to publicly support the proposal to give Payá next year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Vaclav Havel has previously nominated him for this prize. Payá was awarded the Sakharov Prize in 2002.

Maybe the AUF should reconsider their views on dictatorial-ideological grime when they are ready to do some introspective contemplation. If not, then all the talk about the so-called ‘July 22 generation’ being sentinels of democracy and openness will take on a rather hollow sound. We shall never be naïve, exhorted Stoltenberg, but that means that we need to be informed. Norwegian youths — and many others for that matter — know discouragingly little about the savagery of communist dictatorships. They are fortunately better informed about the evil of the fascists and the Nazis, despite the fact that the piles of innocent corpses murdered by communist regimes are at least four times as high.

Why is this so? There are many reasons for it. Many of those in leading figures in this country prefer silence. One only needs to look at the textbooks of our unity school to see how underreported and neglected these topics are.

11 thoughts on “Norway’s Love Affair With Communist Thugs

  1. There’s little to be gotten from introspective examinations if the will to kill is your idea of ‘heroico’. It’s not just a bent ideology at work here; it’s a bent mind, every bit as bent as Breivik’s and Che’s, in the service of a bent ideology. Those who can kill for an ideology (Che), do. Those who can’t, worship. There’s a circle in hell for each.

  2. “If in doubt, kill him.” –Che Guevara

    Speaking of leftist violence, the Norwegian government continues to subsidize several leftist youth groups who routinely engage in violence against political dissidents in Norway.

    Legal, recognized organizations like SIAN (Stop Islamization of Norway) and MIFF (With Israel for Peace) need only announce a public demonstration, typically a small event of 10 or 20 people, and literally hundreds of leftist youths from these groups will show up in a “counter demonstration.” Not content with merely demonstrating, these youths use megaphones and chants to drown out speakers, as well as throwing rocks, bottles, and fireworks, physically attacking demonstrators, and stealing property. They have also organized “meetings” with right-wing activists under false pretences and then beaten them when they showed up.

    In effect, these leftist youth groups function as a quasi-private militia for the ruling parties who use threats and physical violence to stifle political dissent throughout Norway. These are not minor, isolated incidents: these attacks take place every single time an organization opposed to the ruling parties’ policies tries to hold a public meeting or demonstration. Without heavy police protection, such events simply would not be possible.

    Bizarrely, these routine outbreaks of violence in oh-so-polite and “peaceful” Norway are not only allowed by the politicians who fund these thugs: the politicians never even mention these incidents. There is an unspoken consensus on the part of politicians, opinion makers, and media that this treatment is what “racists” (i.e., anyone who questions Islam, immigration policies, or the government’s open hostility towards Israel) deserve.

    These leftist groups have also been involved in serious incidents of fraud, embezzlement, and theft, for which at least two of them, including their leadership, are currently under investigation. One of them in particular, Blitz, is widely known to sell drugs to kids from a school near their headquarters in Oslo. Yet they are all allowed to continue with business as usual. As far as I am aware, there has been no serious discussion of cutting the funding to any of them, let alone disbanding them.

  3. This behaviour underscores the protean nature of modern socialists/cultural Marxists. They are immune to hypocrisy and are case-hardened against logic, they simple abuse human emotion for their own end.

    In his book ‘Defying Hitler, Sebastian Haffner observed how Hitler had abused the natural ‘comradeship’ that develops between people for his own ideological purposes. This is what the socialists are doing to us now.

  4. Che Guevara was a pathological, compulsive serial killer who had the power of the Cuban government to carry out his proclivities. He didn’t take baths, and was about as repulsive a human being as can be imagined. Even Fidel Castro got fed up with him, and sent him out of the country to die a “hero’s” death.

    Does this reality have any effect whatsoever on the admiration that leftists have for Guevara?

  5. The Spirit of Vidkun Quisling is alive and well and living on the Norwegian Left.

    Min Mor, Gud hville henne, vare Norske jente.

  6. Uncle Cephas —

    Normally we insist on English-language comments only. However, based on the Google translation of the last part of your comment, it means “My mother, God rest her, was a Norwegian girl.” Or something similar. So I let it stand.

  7. Let the Roma camp at Utøya?

    The Roma people have been occupying territories to set up camps in Oslo, since March, in addition to that group who this summer occupied space in front of the Sofienberg Kirke, church, in Oslo.

    They “work” daytime, as beggars in Oslo.

    Authorities are making no move to have them leave, and in today’s VG one reader proposes that The Very Best Of Do-Gooders let the Roma have Utøya for camping

    The Folk er folk, People are People, are fully intent on making these Roma benefit on the Norwegian taxpayers, and who knows, have more thousands of the same arrive in Norway once their “rights” have been established in Norway.

    Utøya vs Roma people is, unfortunately, the ultimate example of how the forces are working to destroy The West from within, are working on Norway.

  8. Cobble stones in Oslo

    “Not content with merely demonstrating, these youths use megaphones and chants to drown out speakers, as well as throwing rocks, bottles, and fireworks, physically attacking demonstrators, and stealing property.”

    You might think that there are unwanted reasons for laying cobble stones in the streets of Oslo, like they have been doing recently… Handy for demonstrations?

  9. Fatah and their AUF comrades
    July 2011

    “Fatah Youth declares its consternation about the terror attack. There are no words to describe an attack against people that have been our comrades in our struggle for freedom and independence.

    Very few people have stood by our side as much as the Norwegian people, and particularly our AUF comrades.”

    “It was a summer indoctrination camp run by Norway’s ruling Labor Party for up-and-coming children of the ruling elite.”

    – Mustn’t spell out the words infiltration, and indoctrination!

    “February 10, 2012 at 10:48 am

    This page is blocked on Norwegian facebook. Why?

  10. Celebrating St Olav
    with Honored Guest
    PLO Queen Hanan Ashrawi
    at Stiklestad, Norway, Olsok, 29 July 2012

    Historian Roy Vega was present amidst more local celebrities(…) from the Oslo Agreement, thinking something is not right

    Anyways, the Hell Center is nearby, and the nearest to the Trondheim airport. The name of the town is actually, Hell. The historian wonders if this may have been a more suitable location for a multicultural event that the authorities have turned this celebration into.

    Contributing further to the real English meaning of the name, is the Norwegian meaning of the verb ‘å helle’, going downwards, to empty. A lot of connections could be made here, but I’ll stop at this.

    So, what will the future bring, with such guests of honor at the celebration of an historic event like the battle for Christianity at Stiklestad on 29 July 1030?

    Stiklestad Church was raised in 1180

    Nidaros Cathedral is situated in the city of Trondheim, former Nidaros.

  11. Conspiracies

    Muslim Brotherhood: “Yes, We Will Be Masters Of The World”

    by Raymond Ibrahim • Jul 28, 2012

    Wow..That’s heavy stuff. Straight forward, just like that. What might experts like Øyvind Strømmen, Lars Gule and other experts from the Oslo Court, after the Utøya case, say to such a statement? Just the idea..!

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