2 thoughts on “Have a Happy, Peaceful Ramadan!

  1. Why can’t they do it like Kwanza – one day and then it’s done?? But nooo, Mohammed was a man of extremes, always. So we get to witness ‘holy days’ where no one agrees when they start exactly, and millions of hungry ppl cheat a little, hoping not to die for their sins.

    Vlad Tepes is right to treat this as a joke: it is not a mature “religion” in the ways that anthropologists judge such things. Looking at Islam for any length of time is akin to gazing at a Mobius strip…

  2. Kwanza? Memory may not serve but wasn’t that only started in the US about 30-35 years ago and had nothing to do with Africa, since the seasons they celebrated were all wrong. For Africa. That didn’t stop every politico or educator, in our very Free and lovely Northern Countries, did it? And didn’t the guy who started the Kwanza BS, wasn’t he a murderer? Or at least a fellow of ill repute? Before we go into paroxsyms, (sp?) of Kwanza delight which is only six months away, I ask everyone who knows more than I to tell us about Kwanza so we are prepared for the MSM to tell us what they think it is. Maybe they will finally Jump the Shark on this one. Probably depend on the election.

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