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Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/5/2012A man in Pakistan was attacked and killed by a mob because he was suspected of desecrating a Koran. After beating him to death, the enraged mob burned his corpse. The man, who was in police custody at the time, had been accused of throwing pages from the Koran into the street.

In other news, Iran says that it is ready to attack US bases in the Middle East. Also in the Middle East, 74% of Turks say they are opposed to war with Syria.

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6 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/5/2012

  1. Reading between the lines of the folowing BBC articles, it appears that Islamic pedophile networks are setting up privately operated children’s homes in heavily Islamized parts of England and using them as pedophile brothels, with kuffar children being brought in from other areas and forced into sex slavery. This needs more publicity.


    “The leader of Rochdale Council says children should no longer be sent to care homes in the borough because their safety “is not being guaranteed”.

    There are 41 children’s homes in Rochdale, which house vulnerable children from all over England.

    Colin Lambert says the council has no say in what happens to children in homes who come from outside Rochdale.

    Nine men were recently convicted of abusing young girls in Rochdale, one of whom lived in a care home….”


    The government has published plans to combat the sexual exploitation of children in care homes in England by gangs.

    The move acts on recommendations made by the deputy children’s commissioner in a report on sexual exploitation.

    The conviction this year of nine men in a child sex ring sparked concerns about the safety of children’s homes.

    Children’s Minister Tim Loughton said: “These are big changes to a system, which has been letting down too many.”

    In May nine men were jailed for being part of a child sex ring in Rochdale – one of the girls was in care at the time and all were said to have been known to social services at some point.

    There are 2,074 registered children’s homes in England, Ofsted records
    These homes offer 11,765 places
    There are 16 secure children’s homes, providing 281 places
    Around three quarters of homes are run by private operators
    Annual fees per child can total £200,000
    There is a high density of children’s homes in Margate, Rochdale, Blackpool and Worthing – large properties in these areas tend to be cheap
    45% of children in care homes are outside of their home borough
    Police figures show an estimated 10,000 children go missing from care every year
    Government official data records just 930 children

    Ministers also pledged a wide-ranging review of all aspects of the quality and effectiveness of children’s homes, including management, ownership and staffing.

    A working group will consider…. whether areas such as Rochdale where there are high concentrations of children’s homes are really the best “places for bringing up our most vulnerable looked after children”…

  2. @ “Why So Many People Think Obama is a Muslim”

    Hmmm – If it walks like a duck ……..

  3. European Parliament Vice President Anni Podimatà did not take kindly to David Cameron’s comment yesterday that he would shut down UK borders should Greece leave the euro zone.

    If I remember correctly, he said he would only bar Greeks from entering the UK–worried that they would bring a smattering of Western civilization and genes to Britain, no doubt. So Anni needn’t worry: the gates are still wide.

  4. Cameron is a globalist, a traitor to the electorate that put their faith in him. There is little chance that he will keep Greeks out of UK. It would be a double-edged sword, if we/he can keep one group out with success then we can apply that to ANY group, therefore why not do what every clear-thinking Briton wants,
    keep ALL future Moslem immigrants out. If he says he can’t it would clearly mean he WON’T and therefore
    proves the globsalist/ anti nation state agenda of this traitor.

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