Fjordman: Inside the Brussels Conference on Free Speech and Human Rights

Brussels 2012: Panel discussion

Fjordman has published an account of the Brussels Conference at FrontPage Mag.

To accompany Fjordman’s essay, Vlad Tepes compiled this video of conference highlights:

Steen kindly supplied a number of photos for the article, and they may be seen by visiting FrontPage.

Excerpts from Fjordman’s account are below:

After the meeting was concluded, Richard Howitt, a Socialist Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from England, demanded an investigation after so-called right-wingers allegedly “hijacked” the parliament’s facilities for a “hate” meeting involving people such as Tommy Robinson from the English Defence League (EDL).

Howitt challenged the European Parliament to probe what he called this “mis-use” of its premises, adding that “I have written to the president of parliament to complain about the use of our facilities to raise funds for such hate organisations.” For the record: No organization, neither the EDL nor any other group, engaged in fund-raising at the conference. Howitt’s statement was an absolute falsehood.

Richard Howitt has been a member of the Labour Party’s policy-making National Policy Forum since 1994 in Britain. On his own website, he states that among his main priorities are “using EU powers to fight discrimination and promote equality in all fields” and to work for the full EU membership of Muslim Turkey. He represents the true face of Eurabia.

The EU Parliament’s current president is Martin Schulz, a German career Socialist of over four decades who since 2004 has been the leader of the Socialists in the European Parliament.

As Lars Hedegaard commented dryly, MEP Richard Howitt is happy to meet with Muslim supporters of terrorism, but he wants peaceful supporters of liberty to be rejected by the European Parliament. Howitt has accepted visitors associated with the terrorist organization Hamas. Besides, the facilities had been made available for this meeting in a perfectly legal manner by the Belgian MEP Philip Claeys.

What impressed me the most about the audience at the event is that a depressingly large proportion of those who attended have experienced demonization in the press, sometimes legal harassment or had their careers impeded because of their politically incorrect activities. This clampdown on those who protest against Islam, mass immigration and Multiculturalism may well grow even worse in the future, as problems pile up and those most responsible for creating these problems in the first place look for some convenient scapegoats to blame for their mistakes.

Many of those who attended knew fully well that they might be targeted with more personal attacks and hate campaigns from the forces of Islam and their Western apologists, but they nevertheless remained steadfast in their commitment to this work. I have been continuously impressed by the dedication and personal courage these individuals and groups have displayed for years. They continue, despite the high personal costs.

I talked to a couple of friends after the meeting had been concluded. We agreed that it had been a major success. More people attended this meeting than any other since the previous Brussels meeting in 2007, and many of them were intelligent and highly motivated individuals from different countries. That displays real passion and determination.

One of my friends suggested that these people might be mentioned in the history books 50 years from now, and in a more positive manner than they are talked about in the mass media now. I’m not sure whether this is true, but you never know. It’s more interesting making history than reading about it.

All in all, I left Brussels with a renewed sense of optimism. I saw a lot of quiet courage on display. Those who participated knew that we have a large and growing proportion of the European public behind us. People are fed-up with being told lies about the alleged wonders of mass immigration and multiculturalism when our cities are sinking beyond the control of our laws and numerous suburbs no longer form a part of European civilization. They know that they are being lied to when their mass media and politicians claim that Islam is a religion of peace and a natural part of European civilization. It is not, never has been and never will be so.

The tide of public anger and frustration with dishonest political elites who no longer represent our best interests is rising. The ruling elites are trying to stem this rising tide through “racism” charges, intimidation and “hate speech” laws. This will only work for a while. Eventually, reality will catch up with them.

We will win this in the end, but the struggle could become longer and harder than most of us would like before this is over.

Read the rest at FrontPage Mag.

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  1. Muslims themselves have no intention of ever becoming part of Europe. They are the anti-Europe, opposite in every way. They already run their little fiefdoms, “no go areas” according to sharia. As these coalesce into bigger and bigger blocs fed by fecundity and insane levels of immigration, Europe ain’t seen nothing yet. Look to Lebanon to see how well the transition stage goes for non Muslims, and Egypt for the final result. If the situation weren’t so dire, it would be hilarious to see Eurolefties like Howitt laboring under the illusion that their infidel shameless selves will be allowed to continue running things by what they imagine are their Muslim tools once the tools gain the upper hand as a dangerous large minority. Groveling like dhimmi or offering to convert won’t save the Howitt and his ilk. Just as communists did, Muslims will put leftist betrayers of their country into body bags first as they are forever untrustworthy.

  2. What Tommy says is commendable. The fact is that he needs boots on the ground to spread this message. Do the EDL and the FBP have people willing to go door to door?
    That is the only way they will win.

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