Did Dutch Intelligence Engineer Wilders’ Downfall?

Geert WildersYesterday a Dutch newspaper reported that Geert Wilders has lost the support of two important members of his political party, the PVV.

Yesterday’s accounts allege that his detractors find his style autocratic and arbitrary. They say that he makes all the major decisions himself.

According to a report by Afshin Ellian in Elsevier, Mr. Wilders has lost his credibility, and his political downfall is expected.

SpiesNew details about this ominous development emerged today. Theodor Holman, writing in Het Parool, points out all the indicators pointing to a “black ops” hit on Geert Wilders set up by the Dutch state intelligence agency AIVD.

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan has kindly translated the Parool article, and follows it with his own commentary:

Nieuwspoort is the best protected bar in the country

I’m not making it up; this can be found by everybody, accessible on the Internet.

I’ll tell you what I think. This was a carefully prepared AIVD defamation action, to slander the PVV. There are a number of giveaways. The failure of the Catshuis debates was one of them.

The demands by the VVD and the CDA [coalition partners in the government supported by the PVV] were extended and changed every time, possibly under orchestration of the AIVD, thus forcing Geert Wilders into canceling his participation.

The AIVD probably thought: the one who breaks [the coalition] pays for the damage. The AIVD was already panicking, which you can see by the deployment of their mole Hero Brinkman.

There are many suspected ties between Brinkman and the AIVD…

Brinkman, an ex-police officer, loyal to his country, but not capable of recognizing the reach of the AIVD, resigned from the party. That would be a major blow to the PVV, as he often was seen as the face of the PVV in the media.

However, voters remained loyal to the PVV.

AIVD watchers report for some time major European interest in The Netherlands, in particular in the PVV. The same watchers reported on numerous blogs that European and Dutch intelligence agents attempted to recruit Kortenoeven and Hernandez.

For Hernandez, as an ex-military man, someone from the MID (Military Intelligence Service) was used, and for Kortenoeven possibly agents with links to Israel. I’m not making this up; you can find it on the Internet. Apparently, a successful AIVD operation.

The entire operation does strongly point to a well-oiled AIVD setup. Exactly at the moment Wilders was to launch his “Europe Referendum” public attention had to be diverted elsewhere.

Hijacking his press conference in Nieuwspoort, the best protected bar in The Netherlands, is highly significant. You are not even allowed to merely be there without a valid passport and extensive documentation. And yet, ‘out of the blue’ two politicians suddenly announced their press conference. In no less than very the same room where the PVV stated its program. Something like that can only be done with AIVD approval.

Précis: we may believe we live in a democracy, in real life we are ruled by Europe and the secret service.

— Theodor Homan

Notes from H. Numan:

Het Parool is a somewhat leftist newspaper, printing mainly news about Amsterdam. It used to be the local Amsterdam newspaper, now operating nation wide. It is seen as a quality newspaper.

The Catshuis is somewhat akin to the White House; it is the official residence of the Prime Minister. It is not publicly accessible, and cannot be seen from the outside. It is located in a very well protected park and surrounded by a moat and wall.

The AIVD is the name of the Dutch FBI/CIA. It stands for Algemene Inlichtingen en Veiligheidsdienst. It is widely seen as one of the best and most efficient smaller European intelligence services.

Nieuwspoort is the official press and media center directly adjacent to the House of Parliament. It also is a bar, but only for members of parliament and their guests. It is definitely the best-protected bar in the country.

Yesterday 2 politicians, Mr. Kortenoeven and Mr. Hernandez resigned their membership in the PVV party, but — of course! — kept their seats.

Readers may draw their own conclusions.

5 thoughts on “Did Dutch Intelligence Engineer Wilders’ Downfall?

  1. Betrayal is the most common of human experiences. Yet each time someone we thought was a trusted colleage or friend turns on us, savaging our character and work, the treachery is like a punch in the gut.

    Despite the historical record on those who get out of line in Dutch politics is sickeningly sad, I thought – I hoped and prayed – that Wilders would somehow be spared. Certainly the record on this – the way the tentacles of the corrupt political elite-monarchial octopus has threaded its way into everything should have been warning enough.

    Time to go back and read the Dutch historian, Arthur Legger, again:

    Why Spinoza Was Not Murdered

    …Again the ruthless reflex sets in. Because that lies at the core of our Dutch character: the social annihilation of the deviating individual –including a neat political murder, every now and then (we never go after a group, that is not done after our very active partaking in the Holocaust)…

    This is just one more ruthless sucker punch…I hope it isn’t lethal.

  2. To be expected.

    The thing is the ruling elite is going to do everything possible to hang onto power including dirty tricks that would make Nixon blush in envy.

    The sad fact is the ruling elite shuts down any and all attempts at change. Look how they treat opponents to globalization, free-trade, open-borders, those who condemn the garbage coming out of Hollywood, etc. They are vilified and their movements marginalized.

  3. Our true Dutch heroes are Geert
    Wilders, Pim Fortuijn and Theo
    van Gogh for the rest of the
    politicians are cowards, subservients and appeasers.

  4. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Wilders was murdered soon, he has become an embarassment to the Dutch
    establishment. It just goes to show it is better to be totally brutal and ruthless when dealing with all
    these bought European governments.
    A good dose of savagery is something these traitors would understand.

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