Bus Bombing in Bulgaria

Terrorists blew up a bus of Israel tourists in Bulgaria today, killing at least seven people. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately identified Iran as the most likely state sponsor of the attack, and announced that Israel would respond vigorously to the targeting of its citizens.

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Below is a selection of news excerpts about the incident. First, an early breaking-news story from Fox News:

Bus Explosion Targets Israeli Tourists in Bulgaria

A bus carrying mostly Israeli youth in a Bulgaria exploded near an airport Wednesday, killing 7 people, according to local media reports, and wounding at least 27 others, police and hospital officials say. Witnesses told Israeli media that the huge blast occurred soon after someone boarded the vehicle.

The incident took place in the Black Sea resort city of Burgas, some 250 miles east of the capital, Sofia. Images shown on Israeli media showed smoke billowing from the scene — a parking lot at the area’s airport where tourists had apparently just landed.

Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov told Haaretz that explosives were placed in the back of the bus.

A news brief from AGI:

Seven Killed in Attack on Israeli Tourists Bus in Bulgaria

(AGI) Jerusalem — At least 7 people were killed and over 20 others wounded in a bomb attack on a bus carrying Israeli tourists. The explosion (possibly a suicide attack, although it is not yet clear) targeted a bus at the Sarafovo airport in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, as Israeli tourists were boarding the vehicle. It was reported by newspaper Haaretz. According to the website of Yediot Ahronot, the explosion occurred outside the airport terminal.

A follow-up report from AGI:

Israel to Respond Forcefully to Iranian Terror, Netanyahu

(AGI) Jerusalem —Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “Israel will respond forcefully to Iranian terror”.

Benjamin Netanyahu made the statement referring to a bomb attack that targeted a group of Israeli tourists at the Sarafovo airport, in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, today.

Also concerning the official Israeli reaction, from The Washington Post:

Israel Vows Tough Response to Iran After Deadly Bus Attack Kills 7 in Bulgaria

SOFIA, Bulgaria — Israel vowed to strike back at Iran for a brazen daylight bombing Wednesday that killed at least seven people on a bus full of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria.

The bombing was the latest in a series of attacks attributed to Iran that have targeted Israelis and Jews overseas and threatened to escalate a shadow war between the two arch-enemies. Iran has denied involvement in the past but did not comment on Wednesday’s attack.

President Barack Obama termed it a “barbaric terrorist attack” and called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pledge U.S. help in finding the perpetrators.

The blast gutted the bus at the airport in the quiet Black Sea resort city of Burgas, some 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of the capital, Sofia, where the Israelis had just arrived on a charter flight from Tel Aviv carrying 154 people, including eight children.

Black smoke billowed into the sky from the stricken bus after the bomb exploded. Young Israelis said they were just boarding when the blast ripped through the white vehicle in the airport parking lot. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said at least seven people were killed.

“We were at the entrance of the bus and in a few seconds we heard a huge boom,” said Gal Malka, an Israeli teenager who was slightly wounded.

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