Boozing Burka Boys

If you’re a teenage boy who lives in Ontario and you want a quick snort, there’s an easy way for you to catch that buzz without any annoying requests to show ID. Just slip on a burka and pop into the nearest government-run liquor store — you’re good to go!

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Here in Virginia we have a similar government liquor system, the ABC. I wonder if the same trick would work in, say, Falls Church or Loudon County, where cultural enrichment is so thick on the ground…?

4 thoughts on “Boozing Burka Boys

  1. Didn’t I read recently that somebody in a burkha robbed a bank?
    Was it a muslim woman, a muslim man or an opportunist white man or woman donning a burkha as a disguise. This was why people wanted the burkha banned. Somebody wearing a motor cycle crash helmet has to remove it when entering a bank so they are recognisable but anybody can dress up in a burkha.
    On another point, doesn’t the liquor store need to take their staff to diversity training. Aren’t muslims not meant to drink alcohol so why did this not ring a little alarm bell in the shop assistant’s head. Perhaps it did but perhaps she was too afraid to challenge the purchaser for fear of being imprisoned for racism.

  2. Politically correct and rotten to the core! Almost (but not quite) as corrupt as the Obama administration.

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