Marine Le Pen: Outlaw Anti-White Racism

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front in France, has spoken out against the new Socialist government for its inability to address — or even admit the existence of — anti-white racism within the culturally enriched community in France.

Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for translating this article from Alerta Digital:

Marine Le Pen asks for a law against anti-white racism
“Anti-white racism against the native French is causing havoc”

Last Wednesday, in a program organized by LPC, Le Monde, AFP and France Info, Marine Le Pen attacked the justice minister and asked for the establishment of a law against white racism.

The president of the French National Front said it was “astonishing” that the post of justice minister was given to Christiane Taubira, who described herself as an “independentist” and a “communitarist” (she criticises any kind of ethnocentrism or sociocentrism, any kind of self-concentrated group which implies a self-validation and a tendency to self-centrism). When asked to explain her statements, Marine Le Pen explained that the law known as “Taubira” was communitarist in its view of slavery as a crime against humanity because it deals only with he transatlantic slave trade, and it does not mention the Arab Muslim slavery.

“People live in fear,” she added, citing people who wrote her messages such as “I was systematically attacked because of being white, because I’m French, and they insult us with graffiti on walls.”

On the other hand, the president of the FN, legislative candidate in Pas-de-Calais, said that Christine Taubira “is absolutely incapable of fighting against the anti-white racism” and claims that the PS [Socialist Party] is also incapable of fighting against anti-white racism, because they simply deny it exists. And the UMP (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire) is incapable of fighting against the anti-French racism, which is causing havoc in the suburbs.

Marine Le Pen exposed some cases of anti-white racism in France: “Dirty white, white-faced… that’s what millions of natives hear every day,” she said.

“Go to the suburbs, walk for a while, come out of the TV studios,” she said to the journalists who were interviewing her.

Le Pen expressed her disappointment that her opponents “did not take the measures needed to fight this new kind of racism,” and she insisted on the need for a law “against anti-white racism”.

10 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: Outlaw Anti-White Racism

  1. ALL Western nations need to introduce legislation to protect their ‘white tribes’ which could then counter the fascist MC and PC laws, which the need for only a couple of decades ago, would have been unimaginable in the minds of the ordinary citizen.

  2. Marine Le Pen is one of the few figures who gives me hope for my European kin. She’s not afraid to say it like it is and she has a large amount of support as well. I think the winds of change are finally coming around as situations worsen across the West. Long live Le Pen and her cause.

  3. Taubira has become the face of militant anti-white violence. Every night there appears a new group des jeunes rioting, threatening any remnant of Western pride, any semblance of whiteness.
    With Sarkozy the state at least would occasionally threaten les racailles. Now, the government is making it quite clear that France belongs to the immigrant, the invader, and not to le francais de souche.

    That someone like Taubira could even assume the office of the Minister of Justice shows that France is no longer a living body but a bloated corpse, whose interior decay ravages and whose surroundings corruption face. To heal “France,” that political ruled by La Ve République, is an impossible proposition. There must occur a rejection of the current body and the construction of a new.

    I applaud and support vehemently Madame Le Pen’s proposal. Whatever aid comes aux francais would be welcome, as a flame to a man freezing in the arctic. Nonetheless, it would only address an effect, and not the cause, of white persecution.

  4. It’s certainly encouraging that, finally, a public figure is telling it like it is. Somehow I doubt, however, that this is such a “new kind of racism”. I think it’s been around for quite some time. I know it has here in the States.

  5. Let’s skip the legislation. Let’s instead stop non-white immigration into Western countries.

    Where will we go when our countries are minority white?

  6. Got better idea.

    Governments need to stop intervening in what should be an issue of free speech and free association. Governments should recognize people’s right to discriminate.

    The law should come into play only if someone actually ACTS to harm another. And even then the “intention” (i.e. “Hate”) is irrelevant. Murder is murder, battery is battery, assualt is assault, vandalism is vandalism and Incitement is incitement. The reason they scumbag committed should be irrelevant.

  7. To be able to install his Change, Hollande demands that the French people vote socialist at the legislatives in June.

    The question now is, will the French vote socialist, or will the upcoming elections turn out in a different way from the presidential which was a very close race where many of the Hollande votes were protest votes from Le Pen-ists?

  8. Deputy Jacques Myard
    visits Arab land

    At he market

    “A young adult in a djellaba on a scooter approaches commanding:

    “You’ve got nothing to do here. This is Arab land. This is land belonging to the muslims. This is not French territory.

    You’re racists, sionists. You’ve got to leave.”

    He was adding, to those who shook my hand

    “Don’t shake hands with him. He proposes laws against Arabs.”

    – Referring to my action to forbid the niqab or the burka –

    “If you shake his hand, I’m gonna set you on fire!”

    – Where did this take place?

    A French politician visits Sartrouville, just outside Paris, France, Wednesday 30 Mai 2012, in company with other politicians, before the June elections, to meet the local people at the market.

    As the group of politicians tried to dialogue with the locals, the individual kept harassing them, and even treating one of them, Moïse of African descent, like a slave.

    (- Taubira…? An Arab treating an African like a slave, in France, in 2012?)

  9. mistertango sad to say that the most pathetic of the western world socialst free canuckistan is now headed in the same direction a mess started by the french goof ball pierre trudeau who did his best to undermine english canada you have to be east indian , chinese etc to move to the front of the line 4 civil service jobs one example a good tradesman would probably make 80 thou a year the city of toronto appointed a muslim radical to position on the diversity making 300 k per year yes friends liberal cady asses canada is well on its way to third world status our great country has been ruined by a bunch of socislist traitors

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