French Mosque Bankrolled by the King of Morocco

Mohammed VI — check

Thanks to the largesse of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, Muslims in France will now be able to complete a luxurious mosque and madrassa complex in Blois.

Here’s the story from Alerta Digital, as translated by our Spanish correspondent Hermes:

Alerta Digital succeeded in getting access to one of the checks issued by king Mohammed VI: Morocco is financing the building of mosques on French soil

According to Article 220 of the Moroccan criminal code, Christians who proselytize in the Moroccan kingdom face penalties of up to six years behind bars, churches are closed, and foreign Christians are expelled if they dare to display their faith publicly. Moroccans have no right to convert to another religion, and according to the constitution, a Christian is not allowed to acquire Moroccan citizenship.

Meanwhile the building of mosques in France and their control by Morocco (and other Muslim countries) increases. This is about a territorial conquest of the zones under Muslim colonization which are multiplying mainly in France, but also in cities in other European countries.

After the building of the great mosques in Clermont-Ferrand and Saint-Etienne, which were financed by Morocco, now it is the turn of the town of Blois. A mosque and a madrassa in being built on a 1500 square meter plot of land. The king of Morocco donated €787,000 to help finish the building of the complex.

The building of the “Bilal cultural and religious centre”, begun two years ago, had been at a standstill. The first €600,000 collected by the regional Muslim community had been entirely spent. On the occasion of a private visit by the King of Morocco to one of his numerous properties in France, he was handed a report explaining the details about the project and the difficulties the project was going through. The king’s reaction was positive and he donated the money needed to complete the project

More than 30,000 Muslims live in that region: Moroccans, Algerians, Turks and Africans of different nationalities. The foundation stone was laid on December 11, 2009. The mosque will have an area of 1500 square meters, including a prayer hall of 450 square meters and a minaret 9.20 meters high.

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  1. Association Vivre Ensemble? Now, that’s a euphemism if ever I read one!

  2. Didn’t know there was an association “Vivre Ensemble” which is a term supposed to be an obligation you are intended to accept without any argument.

    Vivre ensemble – Living together, accepting the demands from intruders

  3. High circles’ Christmas in Morocco

    La France, Pays des droits de l’Homme, the Land of Human Rights, now has a

    New, minister of Women’s rights in the French government, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem,
    by His Majesty(…) the king, the Moroccan, whom she calls “His Majesty”

    Why choose a minister of a single French citizenship, when you can have a two-in-one, French and Moroccan?

    Btw, who decides who is going to be a minister of a government in France?

    A “minister of Women’s Rights”, a step forward, or many miles backwards, in Europe 2012?

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