Away From My Desk

CorrespondenceI had to go away overnight, and have just returned home. Dymphna had intended to put up a post last night to explain the absence of a news feed, but became to ill to do so.

I’m beginning to wade through the email now. I’ll get a news feed together for tonight, but there may not be much else before tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Away From My Desk

  1. A very good article, 100% right,
    suggesting the author understands
    Islam. A lot of the comments are
    rather out of touch with reality.
    The question is, will there be a
    strong counter movement or will we all subside into lethargy, in the
    nonsensical expectation that ‘somebody will do something soon’.
    Certainly this struggle will have to have a physicality which means a lot of us will have to drag our backsides off those couches and away from the ‘lying box’. I am an optimist but also a realist, sadly my bet is on a long and excruciating death for Europe.

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