The Psychopathology of Islam

Michael Coren and the Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels discuss the inherent psychological differences between Muslim immigrants and their European hosts. These differences contribute to the immigrants’ criminal behavior and their lack of integration into their adopted countries.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and the author of “Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist’s experiences with the Copenhagen Municipality”.

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11 thoughts on “The Psychopathology of Islam

  1. I’ll say it again: God bless Michael Coren. The “money line” comes at 00:14 “we have to, others won’t”. So true in Canada specifically.

    Regarding the psychiatrist’s assessment, I won’t say denial of self-responsibility is a purely Mohammedan flaw, but it is extremely common. I have seen it in the West as well (anyone who watches court TV has most likely seen this as well). My hypothesis is this: denial of self-responsibility is a learned trait that comes at the earliest stages of human development from the way parents interract. When the mother/wife is under constant pressure or fear, specifically of physical harm, from the husband/father, she often learns to cope with making excuses for everything and blame others to escape whatever punishment is coming. The child learns this at an early age and this turns into the “outward logos” as the psychiatrist calls it and lack of personal responsibility. And hands down, this is absolutely part and parcel of the vast majority of Mohammedan families.

  2. qualis rex – but isn’t your argument that it isn’t the muslim thats responsible for his denial of responsibility but the way he’s been raised? even ‘we’ deny the reality of race! the muslim (islam is a brown people’s ‘religion’) is like he is because that’s how he is.

  3. ChristianInfidel says:

    Another invaluable posting by the Gates of Vienna! Thank you and thank you. The video is great, and the list of previous articles by/about Dr. Sennels is a goldmine.

    Qualis Rex, thanks for the thought-provoking analysis. It sits well with me after my first encounter with it, and I’m letting it percolate. For clarification, the term Dr. Sennels used is “locus (of control).”

  4. This is hillarious!!

    I feel like watching The Onion. Good job, amazing make-beleive of ignorance!

    You guys really beat FauxNews because you actually try to pass as intelligent

    Wishing good luck to the kid interviewed there, hope his young career progresses as new findings come along

    The soundtrack at the end also sets the joking tone of it all — that’s what I call artistry! Marvellous!


    In case confused people are reading: When you’re intellectually honest (meaning the heart works in harmony with reason based on good intentions), you don’t take all the black dots in a picture and put them all together to say that this is what a Holy Divine Book of Supernatural guidance is saying.

    If you want to consider the positives as well, please have a look at this:

    The Brilliance of The Book

    Religion IS man-made. All opinions from a person is equal to another, no matter wong or right (how many of us like to quote famous persons?). But all powers aren’t equal, so people inevitably face oppression. The only solution to this … You can figure it out =)

    Ban Syariah if you want! You’ll never be able to do it completely. Here’s a little clip (7:23 – 8:56) why:

  5. This denial of self-responsibility is found among American Negroes born since LBJ’s war on poverty. These people lack introspection and never have to face the possibility that their own behaviour might be the source of their problems instead of racism by whitey.

    I have had a lot of correspondence with Muslims and have not found one who will admit that any Muslim has ever made a mistake. It’s always the kafir’s fault.

    Put out that challenge. Ask for Muslims to post about Muslim mistakes. Ask Muslims to apologize for their errors, atrocities, or even a simple faux pas.

  6. I will take exception to one of the differences Sennels has outlined.

    He says Muslims never feel responsible for anything, whereas in the West, people believe their circumstances stem from their actions.

    True for Muslims, however there’s a huge qualification to be considered for Westerners.

    It’s only libertarians, or classical liberals, who think that their standing in life is of their own making. A very large number of people in the West believe it’s someone else’s fault, society is responsible, the government is responsible, the rich are to blame for it.

    That’s the leftist view, held by many in the West. Even by people who would not describe themselves as belonging to the Left.

    And that’s one of the wide open avenues through which Islam can barge unhindered into the West, for Islam and Leftism are strikingly similar in that respect.

  7. I wanted to post this follow-up after I got over the initial amusement, thinking I could reply my own comment once it got approved. But that’s ok if this features further down.

    Islam and violence are almost like the same word in many people’s minds, right? The facts are staggering, many people of muslim tradition find themselves on the less exemplary side of society. Muslims do discredit Islam big time. The reason is simple: we’ve lost the plot, we’ve distanced ourselves from the Qur’an’s wisdoms. We should stop blaming others (like I just did the sentence before), but everybody else should also stop blaming the muslims when they are not guilty. If any of you truly know God, you’ll know He doesn’t want you to fear creations, only The Creator Most High! So whoever spreads fear, like Mr. Coren needlessly does above (because evidences prove he’s wrong), shows strong evidence to be a disbeliever.

    By the way, regarding fear, here’s a tip: If any of you think that a creation should remain in existence in order for you to be safe, then you’ve committed polytheism! The One God of Abraham (peace upon him) has warned that such wrong belief is bound to hellfire. And Allah knows best

    To contribute just a tiny bit to the bloggers’ ultra-long, carefully collected but heavily one-sided list of “misbehaviors” of muslims, here’s evidence to the exact opposite of what the truth-haters claim about Islam. Here’s somewhat a success story involving street crimes and gang wars in London. Here’s when violence is exactly overcome using Islam.

    Transformation Through Da`wah (14:08 mins)

    For the intellectually honest with a concern for balance and justice, for those above the hate game and the bad-mouthing, you can do the same for just about everything you analyze when formulating a comprehensive view and understanding of something you don’t really know about. Such as in the alleged oppression endured by women because of Islam. Can we find exactly the opposite of what the truth-haters are propagandizing? Can a white European woman with knowledge and experience in Western law, shariah law, and family justice embrace Islam?

    UK Distric Judge Marilyn Mornington (104 secs of the beginning is enough to prove my point)

    Good luck, and may Our Creator guides you to the truth, no matter where it is. It’s not about the ego (me, or you) being right, it’s about being humbled by The Most High.

  8. Hey R D-C: Why do you choose to believe that GOD would reveal his sacred word through the delusional rantings of the mass murderer – torturer – confessed thief – and pedophile rapist Mohammed who ‘married’ a six year old girl (probably five years old in lunar years!) to add to his ‘family’ of many other forced wives and sexual concubines?

    Your dawah falls on deaf ears here.


  9. @Anon – I find your post abhorrently offensive and your reading comprehension abysmal. I said the Mohammedan’s denial of responsibility is a learned trait, just as shaking hands, eating with your mouth-closed etc are learned traits. We choose to adhere to these traits or not; this does not absolve us of personal responsibility.

    Saying Mohammedanism is a “brown man’s religion” is equally offensive and ignorant. By accounts, Mohammed himself was a white man with red hair. Mohammedans come in all colors; just look at the blond-haired/blue-eyed converts in Germany convicted on terrorism charges.

  10. At the crux of Islam is a fatalism expressed as Insh’allah “As Allah wills it”. Why show any initiative when Allah’s plan will unfold one way or another? You can sit in your cave doing nothing, yet Allah still chooses your indolent self to rule over all non-Muslims with their cathedrals and inventions. No education other than memorization of the Koran needed. Just by virtue of being born Muslim, you are among those chosen to rule. Also, as long as you follow Allah’s rituals, with the obsessive praying and washing of feet as though you’ve just come off the desert, you are perfect and anything that goes wrong has to be the nearest infidel’s fault, or if no infidels are handy, the nearest woman’s fault. Similarly, leftists addict people as early as possible to a huge sense of entitlement, that others should care for them. Leftists also admit to no mistakes, ever, especially one’s costing millions of lives. Would love to be a fly on the wall when Muslims and the Left finally get around to blaming each other for all the messes their Unholy alliance creates…

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