The New National Socialists of Hungary

Pax Hungaricus

The EDL is often referred to as a “neo-fascist” organization. The members of Pro-NRW are called “Neo-Nazis”. Tea Party people are “Nazis”.

Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!

Just about any right-of-center party or organization that criticizes mass immigration is seen as “Nazi” or “fascist” by the Progressive bien-pensants who control public discourse in the West.

And not just the Left, but also conservatives of the more timid variety show a dismaying tendency to fling “fascist” at anyone on their side of the fence who dares to discuss race or ethnicity using anything but the most politically correct shibboleths.

So, just to clear away some of the fog, let’s take a look at some real fascists. These Hungarian fellows give the fascist salute. They rail against “international Jewry”. They even refer to themselves as “national socialists”, so calling them “Nazis” is exactly accurate.

The Hungarist Movement was created by Szálasi Ferenc, and reorganized as “Pax Hungarica” in 2008. Hermes has translated several Hungarist videos and a promotional web post. The translator includes this introduction:

The viewer’s discretion is advised on the final video.

It is truly extreme and shocking to the point that Jewish readers may not be prepared to see it. And the most frightening thing is that this video is just four months old! If fellows like this, and not just from the Right, but also from the Left, succeed in coming to power, our actual politicians can start digging their own graves.

How right Lars Hedegaard was. How could things become so dire? How could politicians be so corrupt and castrated so as to let things go so wrong?

Because whatever mess happens, it will be their fault. They were in charge of the governments; they were the ones at the steering-wheel, they were the ones who should have prevented the crisis which, just as in Weimar, led to the Second World War.

But perhaps everything is orchestrated, after all… Masonic lodges, Bilderberg, etc… Only a few chosen ones know the truth about all this, we lower mortals just wonder at how mad the world is becoming…

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes subtitling and uploading these videos:

An appeal to Hungarians to join Pax Hungarica:

2012-05-6 Sunday 09:12

The “Pax Hungarica” Movement was created in 2008; that’s why it is to be considered as a rather young movement. Since then, it has been proved that only this movement is able to represent the Hungarist ideas which were brought to life more than 70 years ago. That’s why we do not see the year 2008 as that of the birth of a new movement. Both our supporters and our enemies begin to realize that the Hungarist Movement created by Szálasi Ferenc and reorganized 4 years ago has begun its hard and strenuous fight.

Our movement stands on solid moral, spiritual and material grounds, and we will remain loyal to them. We do not want to play according to the rules of a decaying (political) system which we want to destroy. We do not want gravy jobs and parliamentary seats. There’s only one way ahead of us: the unconditional fight for the victory of Hungarism and Pax Hungarica. Fight under any circumstance and at any price, because we may die, face exclusion of being persecuted because of serving our nation, but we cannot rest even for a second in our fight for Hungarism.

It’s thanks to the solid grounds of our movement that an increasing number of Hungarian patriots feel that they must stand under the banner of Hungarism instead of choosing halfway measures. Nowadays Hungarist cells are forming all over the country and beginning to fight against Darkness (dark forces).

If you feel that you are brave, resolute and perseverant enough, then you also have your place among the warriors of Szálasi Ferenc! Join the Hungarist fight!

So shall the arrow-cross turn the symbol of the new era. We wish to God that the coming generations may see the days when the arrows show the directions towards the four quarters of the globe, towards the national socialist countries of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Transcript, Video #1:

00:01   After 1945
00:06   the ideals…
00:14   …spread again!
00:19   Groups of Hungarists…
00:23   prepare all over the country…
00:26   to defend Hungary.
00:55   if you’re ready to sacrifice…
00:59   everything for your country…
01:02   you’re also welcome…
01:06   among the soldiers of Hungarism!
01:39   Pax Hungarica Movement.

Transcript, Video #2:

00:01   Sooner or later the truth finds its way through
00:06   endurance! Long Live Victory! (Szálasi Ferenc)
00:09   We won’t let it be lost…
00:13   We won’t let it disappear…
00:16   A new man! Hungarism!
00:19   We will protect our race, our belief and our nation.
00:24   Our determination has no boundaries!
00:32   We will not negotiate!
00:37   We will not retreat!
00:41   We know no fear!
00:47   We will not let Arpad’s nation disappear…
00:55   Those wanting to occupy Hungary will succeed
00:57   only after having stepped over our (dead) bodies.
01:07   Our sun will rise (you’ll see).

Transcript, Video #3:

00:01   Hungary, 2012
00:21   The liberal democracies will soon die, but the
00:23   enemies of our nation will do everything in order
00:25   to force their murderous power structure down our
00:27   nation’s throat. We look ahead to stormy times…
00:31   But the Hungarians begin to realize that they need
00:33   a new regime and life. A new ideology in which the
00:36   centuries-old traditions of the Hungarian nation
00:38   converge, and which can lead our nation to happiness.
00:41   This is Hungarism!
00:43   …because it would be self-delusive to
00:46   say that our nation is in any degree free,
00:49   that’s why today we are in no position
00:52   to celebrate anything. Only victories
00:55   are celebrated, and the only thing which
00:58   is both our right and our duty is to lift
01:01   that banner which our ancestors carried,
01:04   and to continue the struggle!!!
01:18   …Bolshevism and liberalism are not ideologies,
01:22   but crimes, which are being conducted by an
01:27   international criminal organization, international Jewry!!!
01:37   You, too, join those who pursue the cause of justice!
01:58   …there was no exception.
02:01   The whole royal army, the
02:04   whole royal gendarmerie and
02:07   the police, all united like a single
02:10   man behind Szálasi Ferenc and
02:13   the Hungarist movement!!!
02:16   WITH US!
02:18   OR AGAINST US!
02:20   At least, we will end what they began…
02:25   The Hungarist movement will march,
02:29   will march towards victory for the rise
02:33   of the Hungarian nation, because we all
02:37   will someday die, but Hungary has to live,
02:41   and it will!!! And our message cannot be
02:45   different from that of the freedom fighters
02:49   of 1944 and 1956: we will never surrender.
03:10   2012 IS OURS!

22 thoughts on “The New National Socialists of Hungary

  1. the left created the environment in which the right could flourish.
    for decades they have written off the the opinions of the masses as misguided and irrelevant.
    i doubt, however, that the “bilderbergers” would desire the rise of nationalist or anarchist movements, that would distort the money flow away from their coffers.
    as for the Freemasons, i think their influence is over estimated, nor would they desire the turmoil we face.
    especially as the outcome is, for the time being, far from clear.

  2. Bilbo is right. The left has shut down and silenced all views percieved as a threat to their own. They have driven people underground, into the arms of extremists.

  3. Two thousand year old way of salutation?

    Just happened very briefly, to see a Greek explain that already in ancient Greece, it was customary to raise one’s arm in salutation.

    If so, why?

    To make sure the one you would be saluting would see from a distance that you were a friend, and didn’t hold a weapon in his hand? Just imagining.

    Anyway, anything to label those who dare oppose the leftist doctrines and silence any start of a discussion. Pavlov, anyone?

  4. Wasn’t it Winston Churchill who said just before he retired: “tomorrow’s new fascists will call themselves anti-fascists”? he must have known what he was talking about!

  5. Maybe I’m jaded, but compared to the current crop of western Jew-haters & Fakestinians, this clown seems tame. How many Jews in Hungary anyway? Perhaps they should pack their bags and move to Israel, the land of bionic walking suits for paralyzed people.
    These fascist idiots have the shortest memories- they don’t remember the carnage and destruction from the last go-round. What, 50 million dead from WWII?
    I have to go now because I’m volunteering at my kid’s school. We’re selling flowers for the PTA. It’s really a cover for my part in the World Zionist Conspiracy.

  6. I tend to agree with Bilbo. The Left created this situation by shutting down opinions of everyone but themselves and punishing those who dared to speak out. The Right also played a part by refusing to deal with issues like globalization, open borders, importing foreign workers, etc.

    All of this is building a lot of resentment among the masses when they are effectively disenfranchised by the ruling political elite.

    If the establishment keeps this up it will reach the boiling point. What happens at that point is anyone’s guess, but I suspect it won’t be good.

  7. Well, Hungary’s neighbours know for a long time that this type of extremism is not at all un-common to hungarians.
    As a matter of fact, I would venture to say that the blow-back against the now defunct Austro-Hungarian empire only came after the Austrians made the major mistake to co-opt Hungary at the “table”.
    In fact, the old style Austrian Empire was a very tame version of EU in Europe.

    These guys are truly dangerous, and people around Hungary are all up in arms about this ascendancy.

  8. I believe most people have forgotten Hungary’s role in World War Two alongside Nazi Germany. Hungary was a fascist state. Many Hungarians served in SS units alongside their German comrades as well in other German Armed forces.

    The die was set then, and continues to be used in garnering a nationalistic political base. Fascism is not from the right, it comes from the left and joins in rather comfortably with Socialism and totalitarian ideals.

    Hence National Socialists, or the more common term, Nazism.

    The rise of this party is not a reaction to what is occurring in Europe, it is rather a product, a spawning from the kind of political thinking that now engulfs Europe.

    The real reactionaries, or Patriots, as I prefer to term them, are those who are now speaking out against what has been happening and no longer can continue, if the will to avoid another war is paramount in those who have helped bring the current situation into being.

    Current political minds need to altered if the political means for saving what is left of European National sovereignity may be utilized to that end.

  9. Ask the Romanians and Slovaks about Hungarian fascism. On the other hand, the demented Jewish NWO tycoons and pols, from the Hungarian-born George Soros through the Milliband brothers, to Job Cohen (Amsterdam) to Mayor Bloombrains to Chuck Schumer to David Axelrod and dozens of others in the U.S. carry a part of the blame. It’s their insanity that good people who happen to be Jews will pay the price for.
    Takuan Seiyo

  10. I’ll take the unpopular position and say I support them. The sooner the EU and the leftist nation-destroying regime falls the less violence it will take to restore western violence. I’m not sure if it can be done without violence but I hope so.

  11. Blogger Julia Gorin considers the existence of a Hungarian fascist party to be redundant. Fascism is embedded in the mindset there; Hungary, like Croatia, sided with the Nazis in WWII.

    Yeah, I know, this is just old 1389 being 1389 once again. I’m a Serbian-American whose ancestors hail from Vojvodia – of course I’m gonna feel that way…

  12. Oops, there was an error in my previous post – it should read “…leftist nation-destroying regime falls the less violence it will take to restore western civilization…”. This is what I get when I revise my post 4,000 times before submitting. 🙂

  13. I will choose fascism over multiculturalism any day. Like chemotherapy over cancer. Stay proud Hungary.
    Rergards, Norwegian

  14. I’m beginning to think that moderate and peaceful methods will never work against the corrupt iron grip of the marxists in Europe. They have millions of imported supporters on their side, and as they keep bringing more, time is running out for some of us. Britain, short of a miracle will be lost to a violent future, maybe France too. It’s no surprise then that this kind of thing is happening.

  15. Every time someone tells me that “Fascists” are ‘right wing’ I laugh out loud. Stalin started pushing that trope in 1942 after Hitler invaded the USSR. Before then, Hitler and Stalin were both personal and political “buddies.” Both believed in central government control of the economy and populace, ran a police state, and had no compunction about eliminating “foes” on a very permanent basis. And, just as Germany and Russia did in the 1790s, they divided Poland between themselves.

    The only significant difference between Fascists and Communists/Marxists is that the Fascists allow small business and small farmers to continue, with State “guidance.” The Communists/Marxists nationalize/communalize small business and farmers. Both are completely totalitarian states with no individual freedom. “Rule of Law” is whatever the “leader” says it is.

  16. When you are at the receiving end of the hungarian fascism you can not be cavalier about it.
    I hate multi-culti with all my power, but the ultra-nationalistic hungarian movement is a nightmare.
    My late father-in-law was rounded up and sent to the Nazi death camps by the hungarian fascists. Only pure luck (and the American troops) saved his life.
    You, guys, have no idea how vicious are the hungarian extremists.
    By the way, nobody can tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about, I survived the real communism myself.

  17. Only 6 million people of consequence suffered in WW11.

    For those who use the iconography of Saturn which include the Star of David, the Black Cube and the number 6, the safety and six,hex,sexual integrity of his Daughter Veritas or Truth appears to be of no consequence and her rape a virtue even.

    Can a Father expected to remain silent and restrained in such circumstances.

    Familial allegory has traditionally been written so that we mortals may understand likely outcomes in a moral context.

  18. I find (real) Neo-Nazi propaganda odd – in one breath they’ll bemoan the Muslim takeover of Europe (apparently all the fault of the Jews), in the next they’ll become lachrymose over the terrible Israeli treatment of those nice Palestinians (likewise).

  19. TO: Simon in London.
    Excellent point, but this is not specific to the (real) Neo-Nazis. I’m always blown away at the complete lack of historical knowledge anyone has when talking about contemporary politics. Left, Right or Center – regarding West, Islam or Israel.

    But back on topic while continuing the thought: Hey, these guys have one topic right – banking (I’ll skip the Jewry stuff). But obviously the more immediate social problem is Islam, paraded in by leftist politicians and brainwashed citizens. Western Civ is being eaten alive.

    And I know everyone here is going to groan and say ‘no shite, Sherlock’. Just stayin’ on topic.

    Go, Hungary!

  20. Very poor post!

    Why “Jihad” watch? The Pax Hungarica Movement is against Islam, they are stirctly Christians. The Muslim Community in Hungary made a “fatva” against the PHM.

    They remembered the Siege of Buda in 1686, when the Turks and the Jews fought against the Holy Alliance.

    They don’t agree with the muslimophil JOBBIK, and don’t agree the secularist, judeophil, pseudo-Christian (they called themselves ‘infidel’ and use a Christian Cross), pro-gay movement too.

    Both of them against the Christian Europe!

    The PHM is dream about a Christian Europe without Jews and Muslims.

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