The EDL is Looking For Volunteers

This message just came in from the English Defence League.

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The EDL Support Group currently has vacancies in our Visual team.

This is your chance to make a unique contribution to our movement, and to help ensure that our message reaches as many people as possible.

We are always looking to engage with all kinds of people, so it really doesn’t matter who you are — any and every background is welcome. We need different perspectives to help ensure that we develop as many possible new ideas, and that we are in a position to best represent the views of our supporters.

All we ask is that you have regular access to the internet and a willingness to work as part of a team. You must be able to attend demos to record footage for the EDL.


The visual team attend demonstrations and film events, produce youtube videos etc. They also create all the EDL’s graphics. A team member would require the following:

  • Video Recorder/camera
  • Ability to download and upload footage to Youtube
  • Ability to create promo videos
  • Adobe PhotoShop and/or CorelDraw

You must be able to confidently create leaflets, logos etc.

We will have to ask you a few questions (for security reasons, and to make sure that you’d suit the team), but we appreciate that some people may wish to maintain their anonymity. This is certainly not a problem.

We do find that people who are not able to attend demonstrations can help play their part by assisting the EDL as part of the Support Group. The Support Group also require Legal watchers for demos.

So, if you’re passionate about our cause, and feel you have something to contribute, please contact with a short bit about yourself a.s.a.p.

14 thoughts on “The EDL is Looking For Volunteers

  1. The EDL and BFP are dead.

    True NATIONALISTS within these organizations have been gathering info in regards to their pro-Israel anti-(indigenous)British work.

    As a blog used to inform people of what is going on within Islam and the west you seem to have latched on to the EDl-BFP and have been pushing their and your brand of
    Now, what does Britsh Nationalism, the EDL and the BFP have to do with Israel ?
    I don’t see many Israel friends of Britain. I don’t see many Israelis supporting the INDIGENOUS BRITISH, just like I would not expect to see Islam and its army supporting the INDIGENOUS BRITISH.

    You seem to be a PRO-ISRAELI blog now, openly pushing the EDL/BFP as something to save the British when you know that is NOT what they are about.

    Israeli and its people have never stood up for anyone except themselves, commit nazi atrocities upon INDIGENOUS PALESTINIANS. So why would they care about the INDIGENOUS BRITISH ?

    Now I believe your Blog and its writers are Jewish in someway or another and are now not to be trusted.

  2. Enemy liberal governments will take this opportunity to infiltrate.

    Beware. Don’t be too paranoid, but use vetting techniques used by historically successful groups.

    Keep working – and good luck.

  3. @ Silly K, who said

    Now I believe your Blog and its writers are Jewish in someway or another and are now not to be trusted.


    But seriously, me mither would be aghast to think ANYONE considered her “100%-Irish-back-to-the-Kings” child to be “Jewish in someway or another”…

    Sorry, silly, but I’m a first-generation American and my ancestors hailed from Dublin and Limerick, not Tel Aviv.

    Me? I think it’s great you believe that. As I’ve said before, Mossad pays us in all the gefilte fish we can eat…or was it herring?? Have to get my lies right or we’ll never make it in undermining you WASPs.

    What’s this preoccupation with Jews anyway? Never did get that, no matter how many strange folks write about it.

    Now the Baron, WASP that he is, *does* indeed have a poindexter nose, but that’s definitely an English feature – or bug, depending on how you look at it.

    However, his antecedents go back to Mayfield England, thus his last name…duh. He’s got some French in there somewhere – an ancestor who ran a gambling den or some such…

    Get a new preoccupation, Silly K. This one is trivial and mean-spirited.

    I’ll have to break the news to our son that he’s Jewish. So much for singing in the Episcopal choir for him…

    Now my kids from my first marriage, that’s another story. Their great-grandfather was Jewish in Boston when it was dangerous to be so – lots of Sillies back then. Thus he married an Irish girl (there being an abundance of such in Boston at the time) and ‘passed’. He never got the details quite down so great-grandchildren were likely to receive First Communion cards at Confirmation and vice versa.

    You paranoids are amusing when you’re not dangerous.

    BTW, you’re banned. I don’t like your attitude. If somehow the Baron wants to be all Christian-like and let your comments thru, I’ll clean up behind him. Yeah, I’m a Christian, but I’m not as long-suffering as he is.

    Get a life, Silly. But live it somewhere else.

  4. Silly Kuffar–

    Firstly, this blog has always been pro-Israel. Look, there is even a badge in the left column right next to the comment section which says “We Support ISRAEL”.

    Secondly, claiming that everyone who supports Israel is a Jew is a typical antisemitic and fascist contention commonly seen among the national socialists (and muslims).

    Thirdly, the Palestinians are not the indigenous people of Palestine, Canaan, or however you wanna call it. The Jews were there about 2.200 years earlier.

    Fourthly, “The EDL and BFP are dead.”, to me the EDL seems more alive than ever before.

  5. We can hug all the jews we like but they will still call you a nazi, its worked for 70 years so why stop now.

  6. Hi, Silly K,
    How well you name yourself. Nothing for us to worry ourselves about here, then. Sieg heil.

    Rgds, Seneca III.

  7. Silly Kuffar

    read your post…trying to figure your ‘demographic’

    last para…says it all (poor immigrant grammar)

    you really are just another arab/muslim….flying under a false flag (JPost is full of your type….trying to bluff the regulars)….but don’t give up on those language classes now…yah hear

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