Mohammed Did, But The Guardian Didn’t

Child Bride

Green Infidel just sent us this depressing but predictable incident involving the comments section of the Grauniad:

Earlier today I was surfing on The Guardian’s website. I thought you might be interested in some aspects of how the newspaper operates — namely its moderators… Seems a simple 2-word comment — “Mohammed did” — is now too much for them to accept.

I caught the comments below this morning. Fortunately, because a few minutes later they were gone… Unfortunately in my rush, I forgot to do a print-screen, however I copied the text, to store a record of what is “not acceptable” on The Guardian website.

On a typically senseless Guardian article commenting on the grooming gangs:

9 May 2012 11:16AM

“Practising Muslims certainly aren’t supposed to have sex with children”.

Mohammed did…

To which an offended Muslim gives the (predictable?) response:

9 May 2012 11:25AM

Response to hhhmmm, 9 May 2012 11:16AM

I’ve reported this. I hope it gets moderated.

The result? Both comments nowhere to be seen… Saying “Mohammed did” — in reference to his appetite for sex with children (presumably Aisha) — is now out-of-bounds at The Guardian.

Green Infidel has made a short blog post about this: “Mohammed did” — 2 words too much for the Guardian.

4 thoughts on “Mohammed Did, But The Guardian Didn’t

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