I’m Baaaack!

DoctorsWhat a trudge through the valley of the shadow of death that was! You know it’s bad when you’re afraid you might live. I sure don’t want to experience that kind of pain and fever again in a hurry.

Our doctor says I probably had “cruise ship fever”, also known as norovirus.

Due to the damage the novovirus caused — without even a cruise to show for all that misery — the second act of the drama was some kind of hiatal hernia revenge resulting from the torture my illness inflicted on my alimentary canal. “Attention will be paid”, it rumbled. And indeed it had my full focus. Like I had a choice? The worst of it was not being able to lie down. Fortunately, it receded just in time to avoid a trip to the Emergency Room.

Act Three is the euphoria that invariably accompanies the cessation of pain. I’m fond of Isaak Dinesen’s observation about happiness. She said there are only three portals into that state, and the first is simply the animal spirits released by the sudden cessation of pain. The Baron says it’s the release of endorphins.

Whatever it is, here I am in Act Three — mildly euphoric and enjoying this rare pain-free state. Or relatively pain-free. High spirits make it hard to sleep soundly — however, that’s an observation, NOT a complaint. I’m glad — gleeful even — to be here playing in the sandbox, and plan to enjoy this freedom as long as it lasts. The secret is to avoid any attempt to prolong the joy past its natural span. Experience has taught me that routinization and ho-hum will descend soon enough.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers. During that episode — both parts — the Baron would come down from his office and tell me about your concerned responses. Those messages were and are a balm… My gratitude to all of you.

Now I wait to see what tomorrow brings.

13 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack!

  1. Welcome back Dymphna!

    May this third stage last a while,especially the pain free part.

    Enjoy your time in the sandbox.

    You were badly missed!

  2. Dont know you. But hope you recover. Medical issues are scary stuff. I would go into a rant on advances of medicine it’s progression etc but will leave it be.

    Just good you are feeling better

  3. Not sure if you guys picked up on this one – its from order-order.com

    Iran’s military chief-of-staff, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi…

    “The Iranian nation is standing for its cause and that is the full annihilation of Israel”.

  4. Thanks, y’all…I am sooo much better. Still flying, as my son used to say.

    One of the surest signs of my own feeling of well-being is the desire to make lists – for essays, for projects, for gardening up-keep – which in this case means catching up with the growth of weeds which are definitely roaring into early summer. Who knew passion flower could devour the whole bed before May was over?? I know there’s a butterfly bush and a Rose of Sharon under there somewhere. And I can see daylily buds peeking out. Whack whack…

    The Baron hides when he sees my “Honey Do” lists arrive on the kitchen table. of course my fibro tendency to cover most every flat surface with ‘stuff’ (“I’ll move it later when I’m not so tired”)makes it easy to kind of, ummm, accidentally misplace those Honey-Do pages.

    Poor man, he’s got all he can do to keep the so-called grass from going all jungley on him. He’s been advised to get a riding mower but he won’t. For one thing, we can’t afford it or its upkeep. For another, he gets honest-to-goodness exercise this way.

    Stage 3 means back to cooking dinner. I’ve missed doing that. Tonight, Asian something…

  5. Glad to see you back, Dymphna!

    Lists are fine. They are also a way of putting into a system all those small and bigger projects you may be planning. A sort of a mental spring cleaning of the head.

    A garden! Isn’t it wonderful to have one. Those little everyday pleasures. Flowers here, buttons there. Means so much to life quality.

  6. When I was 23 I had a horrific case of Bronchitis that somehow morphed into a liver infection. Maybe it was because I went to the emergency room at the local hospital for medicine for the Bronchitis. I literally could not keep a spoonful of water down for over a week. I was nautious ALL the time. By the end of a week, I was dehydrated and wanted to die. I went to the hospital and within 24 hours I felt better. They put me on an IV drip and it stopped the dehydration and the loss of vital salts. I have a healthy dread of stomach viruses for that reason – I’m SO glad you’re feeling better. You have my utmost sympathy for what it’s worth.

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