Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/3/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/3/2012Taliban terrorists exploded a bomb outside a heavily fortified guesthouse in Kabul, killing at least seven people. The attack targeted an accommodation often used by important visitors from the USA and other Western countries. It came just after President Obama stated that the war in Afghanistan is almost over.

In other news, the Council of Europe said in a report that the EU’s austerity measures are causing an increase of racism in Europe.

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/3/2012

  1. Having established the nazi connection, today’s Dagbladet makes a point of Hitler’s seeing himself as a messiah. That must have been really fitting to the Jerusalem mufti who saw in him a willing tool to fulfill his idol’s command. A Hitler with a messiah complex came in handy.

    What happened after the war, when the extermination camps – established by the Hitler system – were brought to an end? Did somebody else keep the idea alive? Qaradawi keeps saying that there should be another Holocaust so the job could be finished

    The mufti was given by Hitler’s system, the grand title Grossmufti of Jerusalem.

    Where are the lines from a conquered Jerusalem to today’s Third Reich, and Oslo? Some other prominent imam pronounced from the Temple Mount (2005) that they would attack Scandinavia, and first of all, Denmark and Norway, because these two small countries would be easy to conquer. And Oslo would be renamed “Medina”. That is what this imam proclaimed from the Temple Mount.

    Would it be fair to say they are successful at their task? Today, the multiculti fans are celebrating The First Immigration Majority area of Oslo. Nine of Ap’s representatives in the Oslo city council are immigrant muslims. And the work on separating Church from State is on the rails, as well as eliminating the cross from the flag. And other such details..

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