A Hot Time in Oslo

A man set himself on fire today in front of the courthouse in Oslo where Anders Behring Breivik is being tried. He attempted to break through police barricades, and demanded that police shoot him. Then he fell down, and police officers extinguished the flames.

One report says he is a “foreign national”, and the Norwegian MSM haves pixellated his face in the news videos, so he is almost certainly a culture-enricher.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from an article in The Local about the incident:

Man in Flames Tried to Enter Oslo Court

A man set himself on fire on Tuesday outside the Oslo courthouse where Anders Behring Breivik is on trial for killing 77 people last year, but there was no evidence the two events were linked, police said.

The man, whose identity was not known, suffered serious injuries, Norwegian police said.

“The man crossed the street and set himself on fire,” Kjell Jan Kverme, head of police security operations outside the courthouse, told AFP. “Police officers pulled off his clothes and put out the fire.”

Commercial broadcaster TV2 quoted witnesses as saying the man had shouted in Swedish: “Shoot me! Shoot me!”

The incident took place outside the large security tents equipped with metal detectors set up outside the Oslo district court for the 10-week duration of Breivik’s trial.


Police, who said they believed the man was a Norwegian citizen, confirmed that he had shouted something but could not confirm what he had said.

Kverme said the man was seriously injured, adding that his motive was not known and that there was no evidence so far to say it was linked to the Breivik trial.

Hat tip for the article: Fjordman.

16 thoughts on “A Hot Time in Oslo

  1. Le monsieur flambé makes a good point. I particularly liked the part of his argument that went,

    “Sizzle, sizzle, crackle, sizzle.”

    He has given me a new lens through which to view this momentous case.

  2. This is most definitely not Scandinavian behaviour

    Culturel enricher, with Norwegian passport, according to the news.

    He is being described as confused, having left personal papers at lawyer’s premises close to the courthouse, “in case something would happen to him”, before setting himself afire. Persons at the lawyer’s offices say they could feel the smell of paraffine after he had left.

    He had not obtained enough handouts at the NAV, social handouts office.

  3. Awarding Pakistanis in Norway
    – 14 August Comittee, in celebration of Pakistan’s national day

    Fooled by start-up Green Norway, young team of Pakistani and Norwegian.

    Pride of performance award, by 14 August Comittee, given to the Pakistani Waleed Ahmed, by Oslo Mayor, will probably be withdrawn due to incorrect information about sales

  4. Yes I viewed the Verden’s Gang video and he didn’t look particularly Swedish to me despite his use of that language.

  5. Whoever told you the man is a foreign national must be deaf or high.

    The police officer in charge at the court gave an interview about 15 minutes after it happened where the only information he gave about the man was that he was a norwegian citizen.

  6. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When a jihadi turns himself into a open pit flame you bring out the BallPark Franks and have a winnie roast.

  7. “The police officer in charge at the court gave an interview about 15 minutes after it happened where the only information he gave about the man was that he was a norwegian citizen.”

    The police obviously have a standing order always to give such statements before any other fact states anything relating to islam, so as to “prevent any suspicion”

  8. Further about Waleed Ahmed

    He indicates something about meeting Obama, saying that the Embassy in Oslo, aren’t fully up-to-date on every Obama’s meetings.

    Ahmed is now studying, somewhere – won’t say where – but has made enough from the business to buy a Porsche, he maintains.

  9. Off topic/On topic

    Assad says riots may spread to Europe

    But, didn’t we already know? That problably was part of the plan all along. Arab spring turns into ice age

  10. 1. He was put in a coma after the incident
    2. He will not be prosecuted, say police, according to Aftenposten

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