The Protocols of the Norwegian Academy

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion seems to be enjoying something of a comeback in Norway. Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the affair from (Update: I forgot to mention that this is a translation of only part of the original article):

This is pretty horrific stuff from Galtung

Den nye verdenskeiserPeace Professor Johan Galtung has received sharp criticism from experts on anti-Semitism and conspiracy theory as a result of his latest article. “A sad exit from the Norwegian academy,” says Terje Emberland, director of the Norwegian Holocaust Centre.

In a recent article published on the website Humanist, the internationally renowned peace researcher Johan Galtung (81) writes that the directors of the three largest media conglomerates in the U.S. are Jews, and that large numbers of American newspapers and movie are “pro-Israel”.

Galtung refers to a website where one finds a re-edited article originally published by National Vanguard. The National Vanguard was originally founded by the famous national socialist William Pierce.

Galtung also writes that he recommends that everyone should read the controversial publication “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, which throughout recent history has been highlighted as a secret plan of Jewish world domination.

“That he suggests that the Protocols may contain an element of truth about the Jews’ position in the world is something I react strongly to. This book has been revealed as a fabrication time and time again. It is shocking to hear anyone recommend this,” religious historian and senior researcher at the Holocaust Centre Terje Emberland says.

“Uses background information from a Nazi”

The editor of Humanist, Didrik Søderlind, explains in an editorial clarification why Humanist decided to publish the post, and that Galtung’s source for these claims he makes in his article is an abbreviated version of another online article, called “Who Rules America”.

Emberland also find it shocking that Galtung backs their claims about Jewish control of the media and that he refers to an article published by William Pierce’s website, National Vanguard.

Embelerland describes Pierce as “one of the most important Nazi ideologues in the postwar period.”

“The reference to an article from National Vanguard, which was founded by Pierce, is shocking. Pierce has been a central figure in formulating the Nazis’ battle strategy after the war, the so-called ‘one-man terrorism.’ This is a man whom both Breivik and the Oklahoma bomber referred to,” Emberland says.

Emberland also believes that Galtung shows a very lenient regards for the facts.

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  1. Wow this is actually big news, given who Galtung is. Kudos to ‘the Observer’ and the Baron for bringing this to the attention of the English language world. This needs far wider attention..

    However because I don’t – like most of us out there – understand Norwegian, I can’t naturally verify the smoking gun re Galtung, namely his actual belief that the Protocols of Zion is genuine, as you allude to, in the original article itself. Also at the Observer’s ‘My point of view’ blog, I can’t find the relevant article. The most recent one is ‘A crash course in Counterjihadism..’ also published here at GoV. All we have in English is what you post up here at GoV (or am I mistaken?).

    Any further help here? Namely the smoking gun re Galtung’s endorsement of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as the real deal in English translation.

  2. EV says…

    Please pass this around to Vlad and Tundra Tabloids, et al.

    Hat Tip Ester at Islam in Europe Blog

    Old men and anti-Islamism

    Published on Tuesday, 24th April, 2012

    Men at home over 65, with little education and no children reportedly represent the average reader of anti-Islam websites.

    Klassekampen writes it used Alexa to examine eight sites that allegedly inspired Anders Behring Breivik and his manifesto. It claims its investigations revealed readership groups to websites Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, The Brussels Journal, Islam Watch, Atlas Shrugged, Tundra Tabloid, Vladtepesblog and The Green Arrow showed a clear pattern.

    When presented with the results, Andreas Malm, journalist and author of the book ‘The Hate against Muslims’, told the paper, “The typical profile of conspiracy theorists are elderly, lonely men, who become obsessed with a particular question, and who may be attracted to anti-Islamic conspiracy theories.”

    “There is a preponderance of older men, often unemployed, who may feel ostracized from society, and seeking for an explanation and a scapegoat,” he declared.

  3. So the lefties a Nazis? I know the National Socialists did their best to destroy the Jews. Seems like the guardians of equality,multiculturalism and tolerance are here to finish the job. Sadly the world has slipped back into the 1930’s. The nationalists, the new depression, the ethnic tensions, the left and right wing clashes, the uncertainty.. I hope to God we don’t repeat history anymore than we already have.

  4. Anonymous @1:58am —

    I don’t know if there is anything else in English. Here is the Humanist page with a Galtung piece that may be the one referred to. That’s where I borrowed the illustration for this post.

    The machine translation of the article is not that informative, although Galtung does mention the “Protocols”. His piece may or may not be as bad as NRK says it is; we’ll just have to wait for more English-language material.

  5. Oh Lord will it never end?

    How many Jews left now…and they STILL rule the world. They must be geniuses.

    Oh. Wait, I remember now: it was supposed to be us Irish who ruled the world but those darn Joooos tempted us with whiskey and sent us wandering down the path of forgetfulness.

    Yeah, blame them, Uncle Seamus.

  6. I meet to often anti-zionists around internet, and i’m really disgusted from those people (anti-zionists).
    The left a nazi? Commonly people think that nationalsocialism is a far-right winged ideology, while in true is a left winged ideology. Same for fascism.

  7. It depends I suppose. I am not anti-zionist per se, and I know the kind of people you are talking about, but there is no need for us (America) to be supporting them. Prophecy always come true whether we will it or not. And if it is fate that they are protected by our presence, no words of mine will ever change it, and thank goodness for that.

  8. SOLSHENYTSIN wrote that the ‘Protocols’ were the work of a genius, Henry Ford said : ‘Just look around and see they are true’ and USA-intelligence already concluded in 1917 that the ‘Protocols’ were authentic. This information was classified until 1970-something. Everybody with eyes to see knows that they are the agenda, that every word is true.

  9. “In the spirit of his classic 1974 essay “Repentance and Self-Limitation in the Life of Nations”,[9] Solzhenitsyn calls for the Russians and Russian Jews alike to take responsibility for the ‘renegades’ in both communities who supported a totalitarian and terrorist regime after 1917. At the end of chapter 15, he writes that Jews must answer for the ‘revolutionary cutthroats’ in their ranks just as Russians must repent ‘for the pogroms, for…merciless arsonist peasants, for…crazed revolutionary soldiers.’ It is not, he adds, a matter of answering ‘before other peoples, but to oneself, to one’s consciousness, and before God.'[10]”

    “Pipes writes, ‘If there is a discussion in Solzhenitsyn’s book of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Russian forgery that for a century now has been fomenting murderous anti-Semitism worldwide, including in Nazi Germany, I missed it.'[22][23]”

    Two Hundred Years Together

    Chukovskay: Your book left me wondering – in fact, it is the same question that you put to yourself: Can a people be judged as a whole? If a person was born Russian, Jewish, or Kazakh, is he obligated to answer for an entire nation for the rest of his life?

    Solzhenitsyn: Although people do judge of nations on the practical level, there is not a sufficient base for this. Such judgment is wrong on a responsible, spiritual level. Nonetheless, people conveniently pass judgment on any categories: “Say, women are so and so.” But how can you possibly judge of all women at once? Or: “Old people do this and that,” or: “Britons are like that.” People just make such judgments pragmatically, but they do not standup to strict, spiritual judgment.

    Chukovskay: Book 2, however, left me with the impression that sometimes you are inclined to talk about a nation as a whole.

    Solzhenitsyn: No, I do not pass judgment on a nation as a whole. I always distinguish between different social strata of Jews. You can observe this throughout Book 2. There are those who rushed headlong into the Revolution; others, quite the contrary, tried to hold back themselves and their young, and uphold the tradition. Still others were the work-horses of the enormous Soviet military-industrial complex – the plodders. I do not think that I pass judgment on a nation as a whole. I believe that it is not up to humans to make such judgments on a high spiritual level.

    “Russian Jew. Jew. Russian. How much blood has been spilled, how many tears shed over this; what untold suffering there has been, and at the same time how much joy in spiritual and cultural growth. There were, and there still are, many Jews who bore this brunt – being a Russian Jew and Russian at the same time. Two loves, two passions, two struggles – isn’t this too much for one heart?”

    2003: Interview with Solzhentisyn about “200 Years Together”


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