The Halal Meat App

Thousands of Western “Islamophobes” are distressed by the growing problem of halal meat offered for sale in supermarkets without being labeled as halal.

Now, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, halal meat can be detected — if you live in France, that is.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this brief article from Politically Incorrect:

France: An App for Halal Meat

Our neighbors across the Rhine are known for finding practical solutions to life’s problems. As PI reported, the country was horrified to realize how high the percentage of halal-butchered meat has become. Until now, the layperson could not identify that kind of meat at the supermarket counter. That is history. There is now a free app with which it is possible, using the slaughterhouse codes, to find out whether an abattoir operates “with or without stunning the animal.”

It is true that this apparent improvement does not affect the food supply. We may wonder whether the labeling requirement for idolatrous meat products announced by President Sarkozy will have a further effect. The app is free and supported by donations.

By the way — as of the time of writing, the PI link given above does not work. I’m told this is due either to a DDOS attack, or a successful attempt by Muslim hackers to take the site offline.

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  1. We have just recently gone through a “pink slime” outrage in the states. Pink slime is an additive to ground beef made up by beef scraps once only suitable for pet food due to its high bacteria count. Some genius figured out a way of treating the scraps with ammonia in order to make it acceptable to the FDA. Ground beef does not have to be labeled containing the pink slime.
    A major news org; I think it was NBC, did an expose and the reaction was palpable. In the few weeks since then one of the companies that produced pink slime has gone out of business, bankrupt… (Customers, like myself, refused to buy ground meat at the markets where it was added to the product.)
    I mention this because it is up to each consumer to demand that hallal meat be labeled as such so consumers can reject it. I am pretty sure that the practice would be greatly reduced if the consumer knew what was going on.
    As I stated several weeks ago, just about every food cart on the streets of NYC have a sign that their meat is hallal. I choose not to buy from these vendors. I think if more attention were paid to this issue we would drive the hallal merchants out of business.

  2. There are three good reasons to never purchase hahal meat, any of which are worth going to another store for:

    1. Killing animals while they are aware is a way of capturing their psychic energy. Not at all a blessing for the animal, the halal ritual is nothing but the old magical way of gaining power, if done properly.

    And don’t confuse this with what Jews do, it’s not the same, one is a blessing, the other, an act of black magic (power grabbing PG).

    2. Economically, halal meat may be bringing in more money than the mosque offering plate. So the mutton mafia is not going to back down easily. I hope this isn’t as bad as I think it is.

    3. And most obvious, the unnecessary suffering of animals due to these callous and ignorant people who have no compassion for animals. Where is PETA when you really need them? Where are progressives when you need them? Ehh.

    BTW, what happened to the little box we check for follow up comments?

    You New

  3. Re. attacks on It’s not hacked or offline, but apparently under attack by causing heavy load. You have to try several times, or sometimes return at a different daytime. The problems began around the time of the Aarhus meeting.

  4. Anonymous said…
    And don’t confuse this with what Jews do, it’s not the same …
    Disagree. And regardless of what you want to call it, Jews, too, have to comply with the law, which says no slaughtering of animals while conscious, period. There cannot and must not be double standards. In practice though we do have these double standards here in Germany, which is unbearable. It will be dealt with along with all the other nonsense, in one way or another.

  5. Quote:
    And regardless of what you want to call it, Jews, too, have to comply with the law, which says no slaughtering of animals while conscious, period.

    The difference is, K., that Jews DO comply with the law and Muslims DON’T.
    Jews do not sacrifice animals to a profane god.
    Muslims do.
    More than a dime’s worth of difference there, I assure you.

  6. “Just start selling Hallal pork products. That will make things more interesting.”

    🙂 How amusing. Who’d ever think about that?

  7. I’m currently giving Waitrose a mild thrashing for not telling me that most of their lamb is Halal.

    Their defense is that all their Halal-killed animals are in fact stunned.

    I’ve asked them to prove that the animals stay stunned until death, since several not-necessarily-reliable websites say they’re only lightly stunned & then regain consciousness as they bleed out.

    Does anybody have anything definitive on this?

  8. @goethechosemercy

    Not sure if it got correctly transported that I was talking about my home country, Germany. Law here actually imposes two restrictions on ancient rites which are regarded as core aspects by several religious groups including Jews: The slaughtering method we’re talking about, and circumcision for minors who are not empowered to make an educated choice for themselves. These things are in fact illegal, except that in the case of slaughtering special exceptions are granted to certain religious groups, and for circumcision just nobody dare touch anyone and enforce it because of historical sensitivity. I assure YOU that this cannot and will not last forever.

  9. WHY on so many HALAL articles is time wasted by those commenting about kosher which is not threatening to take over our food chain? The Jews are wanting Kosher for themselves… it is an end in itself… whereas Halal is a means to an end… the first step on the ladder to Sharia Law, Islamic Finance and Islamic rule.
    This is not just an animal rights issue! WAKE UP!

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