No Asylum for Apostates

In the old days, when a foreigner sought asylum in a Western country he was attempting to escape from a brutal dictatorship, usually a communist regime. A defector from a hockey team or a ballet troupe in an East Bloc country would typically slip his handlers in New York or London and be granted asylum in the host country.

But not anymore. “Asylum” is now what is granted to virtually any nondescript from the Third World who lands in a European country and destroys his identity documents upon arrival. If you’re from a Muslim hellhole, and can manage to get to Geneva or Stockholm, you are all but certain to be granted asylum privileges. At the very least, you can expect your case to drag on for years while various bureaucracies play ping-pong with your paperwork, during which time you can disappear into the undocumented underground among your ethnic fellows in their urban ghetto.

It would be better for all native Europeans if the “asylum” concept were abolished entirely. Since that isn’t in the cards, it ought to be applied fairly and equally for all new arrivals. No one will be surprised, however, to learn that Muslims are treated differently from non-Muslims, and that Christian converts from Islam receive especially unfavorable treatment.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a report about an apostate from Islam who was denied the sanctuary that so many adherents of his former religion are routinely granted.

The translator includes this note:

This article from Utrop (an immigrant newspaper) concerns an Afghan asylum seeker who converted to Christianity and was attacked as a result of his conversion by another Muslim at an asylum centre in southwestern Norway about a year ago.

The Afghan has now been ordered to leave the country. The reason given by the Norwegian authorities for the failed asylum application is that they don’t believe his conversion is sincere.

The translated article:

Christian convert ordered to leave Norway

The Afghan male who was attacked at an asylum centre in Jæren lost his bid to remain in Norway

By Aon R. Naqvi

Last summer several newspapers wrote about “Ali” the asylum seeker at Hå reception center in Jæren who received second degree burns to his neck and left shoulder after another resident threw boiling water on him.

“Two Muslim residents asked me why I didn’t fast during Ramadan. When I failed to answer them, they started discussing. One of them told me that he knew I was a former Muslim and that I had converted to Christianity. He told me that they had to perform Jihad,” the Afghan said after the attack.

Gulating Court of appeal has now reversed the original judgment against the Somali who carried out the attack due to lack of evidence proving that the perpetrator acted intentionally or negligently, the Christian internet site, Korsets Seier ( writes on their web site.

The long arm of the law

Ali, who does not wish to reveal his identity, won the first round in the courts. The offender was originally ordered to pay Nok 40,000 in damages and was given a suspended sentence.

“During the trial in the district court, the public prosecutor argued that it could not be proven that the attack was deliberate. However the two lay judges who formed the majority in the court found that the defendant had acted intentionally. The verdict was appealed by the attorney general and the defendant.”

The Irony of the law

“Ali’s” bid to stay in Norway was also rejected and the Afghan now has until Friday April 20 to leave the country.

“The Immigration Board of Appeals (UNE) doesn’t believe that Ali is a true Christian. They believe that the conversion was an attempt to secure a Norwegian residence permit. Neither the baptism at the Church in Bryne or ‘the alleged conversion’ is deemed to be sincere according to a unanimous verdict from the UNE,” writes Korsets Seier.

The decision was heavily criticized by the local Pastor, Håvard Sandve. The lawyers at the UNE have no understanding of what religion is and what it means to convert.

“They have ignored everything I told them about the man, and I have known him for a long time,” he tells Stavanger Aftenblad.

Feels betrayed

According to the man’s lawyer, Liss Byrkjedal, the Afghan feels let down. Byrkjedal is adamant that he has a firm and clear Christian conviction.

“I thought Norway was a country in which human rights were respected. They have denied my case and rejected my application for asylum. How am I supposed to fight them?” the Afghan asks

4 thoughts on “No Asylum for Apostates

  1. The irony here is if “Ali” said he were homosexual, the authorities would have bent over back-wards for him. Unfortunately, Christians– that is, REAL Christians who actually believe in Christianity (such as converts, who usually come with a particular zeal in their new faith) as opposed to nominal/cultural ones are a real threat to the socialist/secularist system.

    The authorities are absolutely working from a playbook here. But on the brighter side, I’m sure another EU country (possibly Italy or Poland) will end up offering him asylum.

  2. 1. It is NOT true that the authorities will give homosexuals asylum easily. It is far easier to go to church a few times, than it is to have anal sex – even I could pretend to be a christian with no trouble. I saw a documentary on TV about Iranian homosexuals who were living in squalid conditions in Turkey for years whilst applying for asylum in Canada.

    2. When an apostate seeking asylum in my country was on the verge of deportation back to Afghanistan (he was incarcerated, with deportation occurring a few days in the future), I wrote to the minister in charge (who I knew from my student days). I gave him all the reasons why the man should not be deported. I didn’t think a personal contact like that could be influential, but a few days later the deportation process was stopped, and he was released.

  3. Somalis are the ones who bring the highest numbers of family members to Norway

    Some bring up to 8-11 family members to Norway.

    Still they find the time to spend in cafes. Here, at the Caramel Bazaar, a new shopping center taylor made to provide for Somalis in Oslo.

    The communes, for their part, have difficulties providing housing for these numerous families

    If they had been real refugees, or asylum seekers, had they been fleeing war, they
    would have fled to Somaliland

    “Somaliland is the size of England and Wales with an area of 137 600 km² (53 100 sq miles).”

    Instead they leave Mogadishu, only to make a new Mogadishu in Oslo

  4. “…Instead they leave Mogadishu, only to make a new Mogadishu in Oslo…”


    “RAAAAaaaaayyyyyccciiiiissssstttt!!” he moaned, pointing a shaking finger…

    Why can leftards never wrap their pestilent little brains around such a simple fact?

    When Europeans left Europe to colonize other places, they quickly set about making the new place resemble the old one as much as was possible.

    One need only consider the US, Australia, and the “old” South Africa (among others) to see exactly what I mean.

    How is it then that folk cannot see that the same applies to most everyone from most everywhere?

    On the rare occasion they ARE forced to acknowledge this reality, they then proclaim that to resist such a transformation is also “ray-cist” – as all cultures are equally worthwhile and valid, and we’re supposed to “Celebrate Diversity”

    Don’t even get me started on all the “Indigenous Peoples’ Rights” crap, which apparently applies only to non-Europeans… Clearly the Indigenous People of Europe have no such rights…

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