Muslims Slaughter Christians in Nigeria and Kenya

It was open season on Christian worshippers today in parts of Africa, as Islamic terrorists struck at churchgoers in two deadly attacks in Nigeria and Kenya.

The video below is taken from a CBC news report on the incidents in Nairobi and Kano:

A report from AGI has more details about the attack on the Church in Nairobi, which is suspected to be the work of Al Shabaab. Witnesses in the church believe that a bomb had been placed under the altar by an accomplice:

21 Dead in Attacks on Christians in Kenya and Nigeria

(AGI) Nairobi – There have been new attacks against Christians in Africa where one person was killed and ten wounded, four seriously, when a grenade was thrown at a Catholic church in Nairobi. Police sources have reported that twenty people died in an attack in Nigeria.

According to the daily newspaper the Daily Nation, no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack during Mass at the international Church of God’s Miracles in Nairobi’s Ngara district. Six of those wounded have been hospitalized at the Guru Nanak Hospital while those most seriously injured are at the National Kenyatta Hospital. A number of witnesses have reported that the bomb may have been placed under the altar by one of those attending Mass, probably an accomplice.

No one has yet claimed responsibility but it is thought that the attacks was carried out by the Somali militia Shabaab, linked to Al Qaeda and previously responsible for other attacks against Christians in Kenya.

In March one person died in a similar attack in Mombasa and nine died in attack on a bus stop in Nairobi. Last week the American Embassy warned its citizens in Kenya that attacks were considered imminent.

The attacks on Christians in Nigeria are thought to have been carried out by the Islamic fundamentalist terror group Boko Haram. Also from AGI, here’s a report on today’s attack:

Loud Explosion and Gun Shots at Kano University in Nigeria

(AGI) Kano – A loud explosion shook up the Kano University campus in Northern Nigeria. This is the city that was targeted by the attacks by of the Boko Haram sect during the last few weeks The news was reported by sources of the security forces.

After the explosion, witnesses also heard the firing of gunshots. In the same area there is an outdoor theater which is attended by Christian students.

A second report from Nigeria lists a total of twenty deaths for all the university attacks:

Nigeria: 20 Bodies Found After Kano University Attacks

(AGI) Kano – Twenty bodies were recovered after the attacks by Islamic sect Boko Haram in recent weeks in the university area of Kano in northern Nigeria, a military source reported. At first a loud explosion was heard in front of a theatre hall used to celebrate religious Christian functions when the place was crowded with people. Witnesses said they later heard gun shots, which suggests that the explosion opened the way to an armed commando.

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