Korans for Everyone!

Ibrahim Abu Nagie is a Palestinian Islamic radical living in Germany. He is spearheading a campaign to give out 25 million German-language Korans, so that all non-Muslims in Germany might become familiar with the word of Allah.

Nagie is a member of a Wahhabist organization that is already being monitored by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this German news video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A more recent report in English is available here.

Hermes has arranged the video transcript in article format:

The so-called Salafists want to hand out 25 million Korans to people all over German-speaking territory, an activity which has caused quite a stir in the whole country, mostly because the man who promoted this action has been for years under scrutiny by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Critics of this initiative speak out mainly not against the distribution, because it comes under the freedom of religion.

What many are concerned about is the radical nature of Salafism, Islam Scholar Ralf Gathban says: “The Salafists… this is the other name for the Wahhabis. This is the Wahhabi branch, a totalitarian ideology with fascist elements, which divides mankind into two groups: the good and the bad. The good are the Muslim believers and the bad are the rest of mankind, and this latter group must be proselytized, or conquered, or even killed. These are the given options. And even when they affirm here in Germany that they oppose terrorism and so on, the ideological background is there, and it does not rule out that one of their followers might eventually drift and engage in terrorist activities, something which has already happened.”

Ibrahim Abu Nagie is a preacher in Cologne. The Palestinian-born is believed to be an influential exponent of Salafism, that branch of Islam known to be a very conservative and radical one. With the campaign called “Read!”, in which he establishes as goal the distribution of German translations of the Koran to non-Muslims, Salafists push forward to this day an unprecedented campaign of proselytization. Anybody can order a Koran in through this website, copies have been distributed for weeks now at info stalls in many German towns. Mutlu Guenal, Abu Nagie’s advocate, cannot understand the preoccupations of the administration.

“I give you the example of Petra Pau, the vice president of the German Federal Parliament. She is also being monitored by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. This is also something exaggerated. I can’t figure out why is Mr. Abu Nagie being monitored by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Perhaps it is that some people must be given some work to do.”

Some journalists have already made critical reports about the effort to distribute Korans, which resulted in the appearance on internet of a video in which a reporter from the Frankfurter Rundschau and from Tagesspiegel were identified by their names and publicly threatened by Salafists.

The cases already made known will be subject to preliminary penal proceedings, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said on Friday.

The ministry takes very seriously the Salafist efforts. It was absolutely not acceptable that journalists were threatened, and press freedom was obstructed.

However, the Interior Ministry makes distinction between the necessary surveillance of radical Salafist Islamists, and the distribution of free copies of the Koran, which comes under the freedom of religion.

13 thoughts on “Korans for Everyone!

  1. This is a wonderful thing. The more civilized folk who learn about the filth, violence, hatred, and pure evil that is in the Koran, the better.

    If folk had read Mein Kampf, I believe Hitler would never have been elected.

  2. For people unfamiliar with the Quran, reading it cold from the first Surah to the last will be mind-numbing. There is no context, there is no chronology, it is filled with internal contradictions, and it is highly redundant. The story of Moses is told 39 times. If handing out Qurans to every German accomplishes anything, it will convince the majority that Islam is an evil ideology that condones wife-beating, polygamy, hatred of Jews and Christians, and making war on ones neighbor. Eighty percent of Muslims recite the Quran in Arabic — a language they don’t understand. The recited Arabic may sound pretty or heavenly, but it is the actual text that is supposed to have profound meaning. It doesn’t. The more people are exposed to the reality of Islam (rather than the vocalization), the more they will reject it. That goes for Muslims as well as non-Muslims. As far as the project to give Qurans to all Germans is concerned, I would say “Bring it on.”

  3. Is it ok to throw the Quran in the garbage when its dumped on your property? I”d use it to start a campfire for my next cookout. I think all those Qurans would make it easier for the Germans to hold a big Burn the Quran day to show what they think about Islam and sharia law in Germany.

  4. Uses for the Koran:

    Bird cage liner
    Chew toy for Fido
    Compost projects
    Target practice
    Example of badly written fantasy novel.
    Example of a book written by the Devil. Side note: Howard Bloom in his book “The Lucifer Principle” wrote that if the Devil created a religion it would be Islam.

    BTW don’t expect Lefties to actually read it. They aren’t into facts – hence their love affair with Che, Marx, Castro and Islam.

  5. The trouble with the Koran is once you start reading you just can’t help putting it down.

  6. ChrisLA – you are absolutely correct on all accounts. I am a firm believer in the addage “knowledge is power”. I have met many converts to Mohammedanism, and never in my life have I ever met (or heard of) someone reading the Qur’an and having some light-bulb/epiphany moment where they think “This really is the truth!” and convert. Usually, it’s the opposite, wherein a Mohammedan coaches/grooms the convert in moments of weakness, such as family issues, prison, University stess, or as we have seen, the convert is simply drawn to the prospect of committing violence in the name of religion. So, the Qur’an printings may give Abu whoever a nice warm-fuzzy feeling thinking this is bound to lead to the conversion of Germany, but at best it will do exactly what you say and give Germans an understanding of who the enemy is. But most likely they will end up in garbage bins or in any number of handy uses the posters above have creatively come up with.

  7. Sheik —

    Mind your language. I fixed it this time; next time will be a plain delete.


    sheik yer’mami said…
    6 There is no difference between Wahabism or Salafism, Wahabis are proud Salafists and all read and act according to that dirty book, the Koran.

    “Islam is Islam, and that’s it”- as if that reminder was necessary.

    The reason why the German gubmint gets the jitters is this:

    The reason why the German gubmint wants to stop large-scale Koran distribution is that some Germans might throw it in the trash, and since everyone knows that Koranimals go [crazy] when kafirs dump that dirty book the consequences could be calamitous…. this according to Volker Kauder from the Christian Democrats (in German from PI more]


  8. all i can do is shake a fist, burn a flag, throw some stones, slap somebodys picture with an old sandal,abuse a goat, beat a wife….and rant…..aloha snackbar

  9. The funny part is this: the book has “LIES!!” written in huge script on the front. Really! In German it’s the imperative for ‘read!!’ but many Germans know English so well that they see it the way we would.

    How appropriate 🙂

  10. Reciprocity! 25 million Bibles to be handed out in Muslim countries! Or the same punishment for the Muslim proselytizer as a Christian would receive in a Muslim country! When refused and told we’re “offensive”, kick up a massive fuss and publicity about the one-sidedness of what is a supremacist hypocrite religion that for too long has gotten away with preaching: “What’s yours is mine, but what’s mine remains mine”. Stop Islamic creep by Islamic creeps who refuse reciprocity.

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