Islam Reclaims Barcelona Cathedral

A Spanish outfit called Observatorio del Islam put out this brief video about an incident that happened in Barcelona. WebIslam, which is the publicity arm of the semi-official Islamic Board, put out a video showing Muslims praying in front of Barcelona Cathedral.

Needless, to say the Islamic Board claims it had no intention of offending anybody’s religious feelings. It maintains that the Cathedral just happened to be the most convenient place for the faithful to pray.

Observatorio del Islam notes that “WebIslam is a radical Islamist website funded by public money, where government banners are still being displayed.”

The original video already had subtitles (in French and English) of the audio. Our Spanish correspondent Hermes has translated the text portion, and Vlad Tepes has added the subtitles:

7 thoughts on “Islam Reclaims Barcelona Cathedral

  1. The title is a bit erroneous, since the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia in Barcelona never belonged to Mohammedans, so it cannot be “reclaimed”. I think you are confusing the Cathedral of Cordoba (which was once the mosque of Cordoba…but only AFTER the Mohammedans seized it and converted it from the church of St Vincent). There is in fact a movement to allow Mohammedans a space within the Cathedral to pray, but it has so far been unsuccessful(Deo Gratias).

  2. Q.R. —

    You are mistaken. The title is correct.

    I am not at all confused; I am quite aware of the significance of Cordoba, and the difference between it and Barcelona.

    Under Islamic law, all the territory that was once ruled by the Caliphate as part of al-Andalus is still under the jurisdiction of the waqf. It has simply been unjustly usurped by the kuffar.

    When Muslims gather in corporate prayer, they are claiming that prayer space as a portion of the territory under the control of the Ummah. In this case, then, they are reclaiming the space, since it was already theirs a thousand years ago.

    No territory that was ever conquered by the Ummah ceases to be Islamic property. When occupied by the infidel, it must be reclaimed. This is what is happening in Iberia now.

  3. I have a question for those more knowledgeable; what is the Islamic obsession with Al Andalus about? I mean, after all, the Balkans, Crete and Athens were (at the least nominally) Islamic as well much more recently; and Sicily and Malta can be included as well. What exactly is behind this bizarre, almost fetishism, of medieval Spain, when one can note that most of the truly great Islamic (as in Muslim or non-Muslims under Muslim rule) scientific thinkers lived in Abbasid Baghdad or were Persian?

  4. Remember that in Islam, all non-Muslims do to defend themselves is considered “unjust.”
    Justice is obtained not through courts, but through conquest.
    And re-conquest is what is happening here.
    Let the next Reconquista begin!
    The Mohammedans reaction to the word “Reconquista” is really intense.
    We should be using it more often.

  5. Is the cathedral sharing Idea not what happened in Cordoba at the end of the first millenium and eventually they kicked out the christians.Was it not under the rule of Abdul rahman?
    Tell them to get lost altogether.It would be like sharing your church with a satan worshiper.

  6. This is why Muslims must not be allowed into civilized countries. They come to conquer or reclaim.

    The time has come to route the barbarians from civilized countries.

  7. Is somebody compiling a summary of all instances of this Islamic “silly infidels LOL” pattern?

    “No, infidels, we just happened to pray in front of your cathedral, there’s nothing to it, don’t be so paranoid”

    “He was not trying to get into the cockpit, he was looking for the toilet”

    “He was not chasing Christians with his truck, maybe he got scared”

    “I want to shock. I’m an artist and this is my profession. I need to survive.” (by Muslim “artist” Mark Sinckler, of 7-7 angels bus fame).

    And countless more.

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