Conquering the World Via the Halal Movement (Updated)

Prompted by last night’s post about the Halal Meat App in France, our European correspondent Lexington sends the following points about Halal products:

I believe that opposition to Halal Food Products (and also, non-edible Halal Products in the cosmetics/toiletries industry) should be a core action by the worldwide ’counter-jihad movement’ for the following reasons:

1. It is unnecessarily cruel to animals;
2. It is an infringement on, and violation of, Christian teaching forbidding the eating of food offered to a pagan deity;
3. Most importantly of all: the profits from Halal food slaughter, sales and distribution can, and are intended, to serve as a conduit for the funding of JIHAD, as underlined in the uses of Zakat:

a. Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is, therefore, an essential component of Islamic teaching and practice.
b. Zakat is an annual, obligatory tax on all Moslems on their personal and business wealth.
c. Zakat’s recipients, and uses, are stated in Koran 9:60.
d. One of those recipients is the Mujahideen, those who “Fight in the Cause of Allah” or in the “Way of Allah”.
e. The above phraseology is used throughout the Koran and Hadiths (Bukhari, Muslim predominantly) as the reference to Jihad.
f. Jihad is defined in Islamic law as “etymologically derived from the word mujahada, struggle, signifying warfare to establish the religion” (‘Umdat al-Salik) and this is underlined in the section on Zakat by specific reference to Koranic and Hadith passages which unmistakeably speak of warfare against all non-Moslems.
4. Bringing the facts of Point 3 to the attention of the general public serves to explain the inherently violent AND inherently seditious and political nature of Islam;
5. Open opposition can serve to stop this major source of funding terrorism and Islamisation of the West and its peoples. This opposition to Halal should be a concerted, public and uncompromising activity. Hundreds of comments in the British, European and American newspaper online sites express peoples’ objections to Halal food slaughter and that food products are deliberately left unlabelled so people cannot exercise an informed choice. How much greater would be public opposition to Islam if people knew that, by consuming, unwillingly or unwittingly, Halal food, we are thereby funding our own enslavement or deaths?

As the Grand Mufti of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Mustafa Ceric) stated in 2010 to the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “We shall conquer the world via the Halal movement”.

— Lexington

Update: Lexington replies to laller’s comment:

I agree that both ritual slaughtering methods, Halal and Kosher, should be banned; the reason for highlighting Halal is reflected in the post’s title: Halal is used as a major conduit for fund-raising which may, and IS, applied for Jihad.

In GoV’s Halal Meat App in France article, the Politically Incorrect site links to a TV-Kanal 5 France programme which documented the increased risk of contamination of ground/minced food by the Escherichia coli, a deadly bacteria, through Halal and Kosher slaughter methods which are allowed, despite EU regulations, as a deference to Islamic and Jewish ‘religious practices.’ A toxicologist, Jean-Louis Thillier, mentions deaths from this bacteria as a variant of the Creutzfeldt-Jacob illness and dementia is one of its symptoms. Only a few days ago, the British press noted the increased level of dementia in the British population. Given that Britons have been fed, unknowingly, halal food for over a decade (in some schools, halal food has been on their menus for over 17 years), and that the previous Labour Government granted visas to thousands of halal butchers, I believe that halal slaughter should be more closely examined for its medical risks on the general population.

GoV did an earlier article on Halal food, in which the excellent Quebecois site, Pointdebascule Canada, extensively documented the link between funding Islamic terrorist groups and Halal food via the Islamic Certification process. Mosques and/or Islamic organisations serve as certifying bodies and they charge fees for confirming that meat is slaughtered in compliance with Halal. This Certification, and the resultant food sales and distribution, is a multi-billion dollar/pound/euro source of revenue because so many non-Moslem bodies — schools, daycare centres, military establishments, government offices, private businesses, fast-food outlets, restaurants etc — offer halal food (usually without informing the eating public and sometimes without a choice of non-halal).

What I have done, in citing the Koran and Islamic law (from ‘Umdat al-Salik) is to draw public attention to WHY those funds so often are found to be aiding what media refers to as ‘terrorism’ and what we know is Jihad.

As for the theological issue, the words of Jesus and St Paul are not contradictory; they are dealing with two different issues. Liberty and love are part of Christian belief; to eat food sacrificed to a deity which calls for the forced conversion, persecution or ultimately, the slaughter of non-adherents, is a contravention of this.

— Lexington

13 thoughts on “Conquering the World Via the Halal Movement (Updated)

  1. Where is PETA on this? Why are they so silent when they are noisy (and nosy) about Kosher meat, and other non-Halal meats?

  2. I totally agree with point number 5. You need opposition to the slaughter practices. Just as I stated in a previous thread, opposition can be easily gained by information.
    I stopped shopping at markets that used the “pink slime” in their ground beef products and, I would never buy a food product from a cart that said their meat was “hallal.” You must also inform your public to exactly what “hallal” meat means.
    The producers will go bankrupt if you do this properly…
    I do believe this is the only way to fight it but, it takes organization and a national press to educate the public.
    Are you organized enough to do this? Ask the BFP…

  3. I think people should be careful about using the first argument unless they are willing to include Jewish ritual slaughter as well. Hypocrisy is an easy charge to level.
    The second argument is ridiculous. Sure, try a religious argument, but please bear in mind that it’s easilly countered by quoting Jesus: “It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man.”
    The third argument I’m unsure of. Is the income from halal slaughter really considered zakat? I mean, zakat is a muslim-only “tax”, so how can money gained from selling a service be considered zakat?

    I’m all for banning halal slaughter(and Jewish ritual slaughter), but the arguments here seem quite weak to me and easily countered.


  4. “Where is PETA on this? Why are they so silent when they are noisy (and nosy) about Kosher meat, and other non-Halal meats?”

    You could easily find that out for yourself (if you wanted to), just by Googling “PETA Halal”. You’ll get more than four times the number of results as for “PETA Kosher”, including two pages from the site itself.

    Do at least minimal research before you go around ignorantly impugning the motivations of others.

  5. @Findalis – they aren’t silent on it at all – a quick google search of ‘PETA Halal’ gives you their position. However, PETA’s PR activities are such that they aren’t taken seriously by a good deal of the establishment. It would take a big organisation such as ASPCA (or RSCPA here in England) to take a position on it…

  6. I’m not sure #2 is real – it’s more of an “if it bothers you or the ones you are eating with, don’t”, rather than “avoid it”. Love is at the core, not rules.

  7. The problems with halal slaughter are numerous and manifold. Here’s the cliff notes version:

    In some Western countries, halal food becomes an immigration scam perpetrated against a completely innocent non-Muslim populace.

    Only Muslim butchers are permitted to perform halal slaughter, and these Muslim butchers are imported from hard core Muslim countries. At the point that the immigrants become legal long-term residents, the Muslim butchers QUIT their jobs – thus requiring that more Muslim butchers be imported from hard core Muslim countries. Rinse and repeat.

    The danger here is that Western countries whose citizens have been disarmed are importing young Islam-faithful non-empathetic Muslim men who are quite used to slaying live large farm animals in cold blood. As Muslim butchers are imported, the incidence of halal human murders increases – a fact that is actively hidden by the Western press who label halal murders as knife slayings.

    The zakat income from halal slaughter is derived from the certification process where imams charge fees to certify food as halal, and then imams participate in zakat. If you eat halal meat, you are supporting the Muslim religion in all its glory as well as immigration fraud that will result in very real halal murder – now and in the future.


  8. There is no reason, motive or justification whatsoever for westerners to ban the production, sale or consumption of kosher meatproducts, only because the scenes from of islamic slaughterhouses are so incredibly disturbing and obscene.
    In the first place: non jews do not have to eat it, and the jews are certainly not surreptitiously trying to sell us kosher meat in order to waging a war against us with the proceeds.Secondly, jews have never argued for equal religious rights with the objective of doing away with ours. So, if we do not have to eat their meat if we do not want to, why should we concern ourselves with the kosher proces of slaughter? Do we not trust the jewish shochets to be at least as compassionate as our own butchers? Do we not know that religious jews are usually pretty finicky and precise in all things moral?
    Surely, as far as the cruelty to animals is concerned: if I were on a wagon bound for market it would not particularly reassure me to know that it wasn’t a shochet awaiting me, but an efficient western slaughterhouse, and that they were going to slam a pin through my brain first, before killing me
    A shoget – a kosher butcher – is in no way comparable to an islamic one, and the jewish method is no crueler than our own.
    Let´s respect the rights the jews have shown themselves to be worthy of and let´s censure the muslim newcomers, even though they call their ways religious.. Let´s be brave enough to acknowledge that all religions are not equal

  9. I have begun sending a personal note to major grocer headquarters to this effect:

    “Please forward this message to corporate leadership. I would like to call your attention to a growing concern over the Halal Foods movement. We are all familiar with the seasonal aisle and sections of our stores for Kosher foods. But before stocking your shelves for this culture please be fully informed of its cruelty to animals and that, historically, profits go to fund military offenses against lawful peoples.

    You may read an overview of Hala foods at this website
    or simply Google ‘Halal’. Thank you for your consideration of this issue in future marketing decisions.”

    UNFI and Kroger Still to do is Safeway and Walmart and Publix. UNFI was not an online form like Kroger instead I sent nice Hallmark stationery note card to Providence, RI.

  10. For a Christian to eat halal meat is in essence the same as a Muslim taking communion.
    If you are a religious person, and you have decided to be honest with yourself, then you will say that all religions are not equal.
    Judaism is a holy religion, Islam is profane.
    Christians are insulted by the compulsion to eat halal food– which is sacrificed to a spirit of the world.

  11. Goethechosemercy said:

    “For a Christian to eat halal meat is in essence the same as a Muslim taking communion.”

    My analogy would be, to have Christians join Muslims in their afternoon prayers, because they happen to live closer to the mosque than to the church.

    An analogy for the non-religious? The partaking of the meat of the Mutton Mafia is a way that you get to submit to a hip new cult, and even make a daily donation, without even knowing it!

  12. Look, if you want something to happen here you have to follow the lead of Mzungu. You have to send a written declaration to your local market that you will no longer buy beef in their market.
    That is the only way to stop it. And, rather surprisingly, that action is quite effective.
    I wanted the “pink slime” out of my food and I got it.
    You too can ban hallal food. You just need to make an effort. The first step is demanding that food products are labeled as such. Once you do this you can then wage a war against them.

  13. @laller – Regarding…
    2. It is an infringement on, and violation of, Christian teaching forbidding the eating of food offered to a pagan deity;
    You say “The second argument is ridiculous.”
    However, Article 9 Human Rights Act. regarding Freedom of Conscience – should give us the right to religious and secular freedom, ie to not be forced to participate in religious rites. Dedicating this meat to a god violates this right: hence there is forced participation in another’s religion without consent. Also Sikhs & Christians are specifically instructed not to eat this meat, so where is their religious freedom?
    UK Human Rights Blog

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